Mentoring with ChriSOULa Sirigou

Spiritual LIFE Mentoring with ChriSOULa Sirigou

  • Do you want to release unwanted behaviours and liming beliefs that hold you back?

  • Perhaps you’ve become conscious of repeating a negative pattern in your life that sabotages your health, wealth, love or success but you seem unable to shift it?

  • Or maybe you are facing a challenging time that acts like a wake-up call from your soul, inviting you to dig deeper on your healing journey to claiming your gold?

  • And you want someone there to support you, to help accelerate the progress and to keep you on track, so you can see yourself transforming personally and professionally, more fully and rapidly?

If you answered yes, then let ChriSOULa be your spiritual LIFE mentor, assisting you on your spiritual journey where she’ll guide you to how you can choose love instead of fear, and trust instead of doubt, so you can let Soul lead you to your Gold, your highest expression of your truth, your voice, your essence. Soul’s vision for your life is so much more than your mind’s plan for your life, so when you remove that which holds you back and instead trust your Soul to guide you, then you can move into a future that is filled with joy and happiness. When you let Soul and Spirit lead, helping you to choose love instead of fear, you are able to heal any problem area of your life – relationships, health, money or your career. It is as if you are finally plugged in to the compass that will lead you to the manifestation of your dreams.

The spiritual LIFE mentoring programme consists of:

  • One Soul Acceleration Personal Session with ChriSOULa per month. These are intense sessions that will help you to release various fears and limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from moving forward on Claiming Your Gold. You can work on any area of your life, such as your relationships, your wellbeing, your business or your sense of purpose, and ChriSOULa will guide you to how you can let go of that which has kept you stuck in fear, so you instead can choose to create a life filled with happiness, love and expansion. Because you have monthly sessions you’ll go deeper and deeper, releasing old layers of fears, enabling you to connect with the golden light that exists within you – a light that knows how to guide you forward.
  • Monthly Q & A Group Calls where ChriSOULa answers your questions (you’ll send in your questions beforehand. Your anonymity is guaranteed so you can safely ask any questions you have).

the golden muse love yourself


This programme is ideal for a quick, but in-depth, transformation.

3 monthly Soul Acceleration Personal Sessions with ChriSOULa and 3 monthly Q & A Group Calls, plus bonus gifts.

Your investment: £550 Or £190 p.c.m.


This programme is perfect for that extra ‘push’ to keep you on track over a longer time period, supporting you in your transformation and helping you to make lasting changes.

6 monthly Soul Acceleration Personal Sessions with ChriSOUla and 6 monthly Q & A Group Calls, plus bonus gifts.

Your investment: £795  Or £155 p.c.m

1-2-1 Mentoring with ChriSOULa Sirigou – 12 Month

The 12 month mentoring sessions are designed around 25 years of real life experiences and integrative research in the field of education, heart intelligent communication and Colour Analysis where ChriSOULa authentically inspires you

  1. to gradually mining the abundant Gold lying inside you
  2. gracefully empowering you to claim it as yours and
  3. shine your wisdom, voice and bright light out with the world with integrity
  4. attracting Love, Joy and Prosperity into your LIFE. 

This is what you will get for your investment of £1252 today:

Signed copy of Book 

Golden Keys To Prosperity 21-DAY VIDEO COURSE 

& Complimentary E-Book 

12 Monthly Group Mentoring Meetings 

6 x 1-Hour session in person (or online) 

Your Personal Colour & Number Analysis Report 

Your Love and Success Colours 1 Day Group Bootcamp Retreat either in the UK, Greece or the Netherlands

2-Hour Assessment by ChriSOULa to establish your specific needs 

Interviews as a guest on ChriSOULa’s Shows 

You will be invited to Honouring Soul Connections Christmas Party with ChriSOULa and friends 

PLUS: The program gets adapted over the 12 month period and more opportunities will be announced as each individual’s needs are evaluated.