The Colour Mirrors Angels

The Colour Mirrors Angels

The Angel essences are hugely popular with Colour Mirrors fans for the direct and immediate love, support and guidance they offer. In soft, solid colours covering the spectrum from red to lilac and clear, they assist in fulfilling every need or wish of your inner child – or adult. From helping you find lost car keys to covering you with a blanket of warmth and love, from helping you move through fear to guiding you into higher states of awareness and clarity, these angels are accessible, fast-acting and thoroughly dedicated to your well-being and spiritual awakening.

Angels are beings of pure love, grace and benevolence. They are always with you, even when you forget to connect with them. Because of humankind’s experiment with freewill, they will never interfere with your destiny, but they are always available to be called upon and respond instantly when asked for help. Spritzing one of the Angel sprays is equivalent to calling on them, so do not be surprised if you feel their presence, notice a shift in your energy or find that something which appeared unfinished can now come to resolution. If you take a moment when spritzing to breathe in the scent and open yourself to the angel’s energy, your connection may be even stronger. These loving beings are ready and waiting to offer their gifts if you will allow yourself to receive them.

Red Angel of Miracles and Prosperity

Red Angel spritzerRed Angel reminds you that you are limitless and hold endless possibilities for miracles and prosperity. This essence reconnects you to your zest for life and brings a burst of energy and power. Use it whenever you need help with a practical aspect of your life such as your health or finances.

I am the angel of money and miracles, and I bring life and vitality into any aspect of your life that has been stuck or stagnant. As well as helping you stay earthed and grounded I energise your body, and if you have a sore back I provide support. When you feel floaty and cannot get up and go, I give you an energy boost and help focus your attention on what needs to happen first. I bring a little dose of fire energy to help you overcome procrastination and get you moving, and I support you in letting go of any negative patterns you use to sabotage yourself. When you decide to take action, I help you choose the right path and the right moment to move forward.

Let me show you how to be fully in your body so that you can attract abundance because it is only when your light is anchored that you can draw the riches of the universe towards you. Stay open and remember to ask for my help because when I am around there is always the possibility of miracles. Use my essence to find a state of detached compassion so that whatever you do is empowered and aligned with the highest good. My message is: be here now. My scent is of Christmas and kindness and the joy of being on earth.

Pink Angel of Love and Partnership

pink_angelPink Angel connects you instantly to the part of yourself that is all love and helps you see that love in others. She holds huge love and support for you, so call on her whenever you feel in need. This essence is wonderful for restoring harmony to relationships and bringing love to any situation.

I am the angel of love and warmth, and any time you call on me I wrap you in a soft pink blanket of love and acceptance. I gently reconnect you to the truth that you are loved simply for being who you are. I have always loved and accepted you and I always will. As my love shines upon you, remember that at your core you are love and you are enough. Let me help you open your heart and connect with the abundance of the planet so that you can receive all that the universe desires to give you.

My joy is to create harmony in partnerships and bring groups together, uniting them in common purpose. My gift is to help you see everything and everyone through the eyes of love. I help you remember that softness is not weakness and gentleness is not a flaw. My scent is of beauty, pink roses and summertime.

Coral Angel of Manifestation and Magic

coral_angelCoral Angel connects you with the wonderment of magic and helps you manifest whatever you desire in your life. She creates a safe space so that you can let go of control and go with the flow. This essence supports you in finding deep levels of self-acceptance and self-love and helps put an end to abuse and bullying.

My job is to remind you that you are beautiful, loveable and precious. I ask you to see through the lens of self-forgiveness and self-love and remember that your journey on the earth can be as soft and loving as you choose it to be. When you look at the world through my eyes you will see the value and perfection of all creation.

I help you believe in yourself enough to stop anyone from taking advantage of you or denying your worth. Now is the time to manifest your heart’s desires because when you use my essence, you come to a place of such self-acceptance that you know you deserve whatever you desire. My soul purpose is to remind you that you deserve every good thing in life. You are enough. You are loved. My scent is the warmth of joy and the bliss of pure love.

Yellow Angel of Joy and Wisdom

yellow_angelYellow Angel helps you tune in with your inner wisdom and guidance and is an excellent support when you require focus and concentration. This essence connects you to the fun and playfulness of your magical inner child, supports you in letting go of fear and helps you make space in your life for joy.

When you use my essence, the radiant light of joy shines on you so that you can remember how to be happy and silly and playful. I am here to help you let go of stress and confusion so that you can step lightly through life with a smile and a light heart. I awaken your inner confidence so that you can enjoy who you are and what you do and stop trying to be something you are not. I bring comfort, ease your fears and soften your solar plexus when it is tight and tense. When you are stressing over studies or exams I help you relax and recall the information you need to know. My joy is to see you remember your inner strength and light. I help you switch off when your mind is over-active and return to a state of peaceful contentment. My scent is sunlight on yellow roses and my energy is carried on the laughter of children.

Gold Angel of Ascension

gold_angelThis essence is expansive and empowering. It instantly balances your solar plexus and connects you to your ‘I AMness’. It strengthens your energy field and brings it back to its natural state, removing any interference. Feel your feet on the ground and your light expanding as you breathe in this scent. Gold Angel connects you to your Divine self and the new golden earth, where all is one and you are an integral part of everything. As you expand into that awareness, fear and confusion dissolve and you become clear and powerfully present with what is. When you are this Divine and you claim it, all smallness disappears and everything you see reflects your authentic, powerful Divine self.

I am embodied light and power. I ring like a bell of truth in your heart as you connect with me. I remind you that you are this powerful, this beautiful, this glorious, this beloved. I remind you that you are a way-shower for others, a beacon of light, a golden glow of warmth. I bring strength and fearlessness and open your heart and mind to new ways of being, free from the limitations of the past. I bring hope to the planet for a new future, one that is bright and golden and filled with joy. My scent is lightly spiced, with a subtle fragrance of sacred incense.

Green Angel of Healing, Trust and Harmony

green angelGreen Angel opens you to a new space of trust and healing where you can create harmony within yourself and your life. It takes you into a space of panoramic awareness and connects you with nature and the plant kingdom. It is brilliant at clearing spaces and helping you disconnect from other people’s dramas. This essence brings a fresh, clear energy to any space or situation.

I am wrapped around your heart to remind you of its strength – because your heart is the part of you that actually runs your reality. You might think it is your mind, but I hold your truth. I know your heart and if you trust me, I will always support you to make the right decision, find the right direction and be in the right place at the right time. I remember what you have forgotten, so I can help you access your memories, even your past lives, and remove the negative energies of memories that no longer serve you. I support you in breathing more freely and expanding your lungs so that you can take in more life with each breath. I clear the energy in spaces and bring spring into rooms that are heavy with winter. I create a sense of spaciousness and expansion so that instead of feeling burdened and restricted, you become open-hearted and free. My scent is green apples, spring meadows and the freshness of a new dawn.

Blue Angel of Protection and Communication

blue_angelBlue Angel helps you relinquish control and speak freely. Feel its wings envelop you and know that it is safe to speak your truth. Whatever makes you feel separate from Source can now be let go. As this essence washes over you it clears everything from your sinuses to your soul and brings clarity to your breathing, your mind and your emotions.

I am your guardian angel. I walk beside you all your life, guiding and protecting you and gifting you with a sense of safety. I support your voice and your ability to communicate. I connect you to your inner Divine and your blueprint, the plan you set up for this lifetime. My help is also practical, so use my essence when you have hay fever or sinus infections. All the little stings and burns of life, I ease and calm for you. All the tears you cannot cry, I help you release. I bring peace to father or authority issues and any difficulties you may have with the masculine side. My scent is cleansing and fresh and rinses away any unhelpful beliefs you are clinging to in the mistaken belief that they are serving you.

Platinum Angel of Oneness

platinum-angelPlatinum Angel carries a pure, high vibration and shines light into all the dark corners of your being. This angel helps you see the bigger picture, free yourself from emotional turmoil and create a beautiful reality with ease. Using this essence helps you communicate beyond your ordinary human senses and connect with beings of light, masters, guides and the star realms. This angel and your higher self together will guide you on your Ascension journey and help you remember that you are not alone.

This essence supports you in clearing issues of separation, reconnecting with the oneness of life, and igniting the light of gratitude in your heart.

My voice is the collective voice of all angels. I am not one but everything, just as you are. In your heart and spirit you know there can never be anything outside of the whole, which is love, which is Divine, which is all that exists. I am here to show you the interconnection of all life and the freedom that comes with knowing yourself to be one with the Divine. I am love in a form you may not have seen before, for I am the love of all the cosmos, so vast that your mind cannot take me in. This is why you must feel me with your heart, for I promise you that there, you are as vast as I am. I exist to remind you that you are limitless light and nothing and no one can diminish you. I help you soar and sparkle and shift your perspective so that you can see the Divine in everything and everyone. Call on me and I will help activate your projects and bring ease to your tasks. My scent is a gift from the Elohim, the creator angels, and it transports you to the heavenly realms.

Lilac Angel of Prayer and Forgiveness

lilac angel of forgivenessLilac Angel brings in the energy of your higher aspects, connecting you to the Divine through prayer and meditation and bringing healing through forgiveness. This angel guides and supports you in any situation and helps you release the past so that you can move forward. This essence is a wonderful support to help you access past lives and brings healing to any issues that are still affecting you in this lifetime.

I am your guiding angel and I speak with the voice of your spirit. Breathe in my essence in the silence and you will find answers to all your questions. I work with the ray of magic and transformation and the energy of the cleansing Violet Flame so that all negativity and darkness can be transformed and brought back to the light. When I am around, wishes can come true, so use my essence to ask with intent, faith and expectation. With my help you can let go of sadness and grief, for I bring deep calm and the knowledge that while your soul is in charge, nothing can go wrong. My scent is the warmth and peace of lavender flowers and gentle summer rain.

Clear Angel of Purity, Grace and Clarity

clear_angelClear Angel shines pure clear light into your body, your being and your surroundings, bringing you closer to a state of grace. This essence brings clarity to any situation and helps shift stuck energy.

I am the angel of grace. I bring light to everything that is hidden in the dark and crystal clarity to all your dealings. My job is to bring transparency when the energies around you are dense, foggy or difficult. I help clear confusion, anxiety and depression, and when negativity weighs heavily upon you, I bring lightness and a fresh perspective. I clear spaces of murky energies and help you find the blessings in challenging situations. My gift is to teach you how to live lightly on the planet. My scent carries the rainbow and is like a warm caress, restoring everything to love.

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