The Colour Mirrors Archangels

The Colour Mirrors Archangels


The descriptions of the Colour Mirrors Archangels were taken from the book The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors by Korani and Melissie available to purchase on Amazon.

For many years Metatron was the only Archangel essence in the Colour Mirrors system, and from almost the beginning he has been one of the overlighting energies. As his colour is magenta, the colour of Divine love, one of his key roles is to help you recognise the Divine hand in every aspect of your life, from the smallest to the greatest. It is said that Metatron was once human but maintained such purity that he was elevated to the highest realms from where he now serves humanity. As an angelic being who understands both the joys and challenges of being human, Metatron is a powerful ally on the Ascension pathway, guiding, supporting and holding you in his infinite love.

In 2018 as the Ascension game stepped up a gear, four more Archangels came to join the system and help anchor even more Divine love onto the planet. Archangels support you in finding a way back to the truth at the core of your being: you are vast, powerful and limitless, just as they are. They help you access the higher truth of who you are so that you might begin to be as free and at peace as they are, shining your light as they do, loving as they love, giving as they give.

Call on the archangels whenever you need a boost in your healing power, a Divine intervention in your dealings or a helping hand to get back on track. These powerful beings hold nothing but love for humanity and are always available to assist. Their kindness, compassion, grace and generosity are second to none.


red-metatronAngel of angels, Metatron overlights the angelic realm as well as everyone on the earth. This lightest of essences and darkest of colours brings light into dark situations and helps you free yourself from judgement. Metatron brings truth into your conscious mind so that you can see the light and the dark as perfect, equal companions. He also assists with time management, bringing you back to a wonderful sense of flow and restoring you to the joy of the present moment. His energy is pure Divine love, and using this essence brings the Divine right into your everyday experiences. Breathe in your I AMness and let Metatron’s deep and endless love fill every aspect of your body, heart, mind and soul.

I hold the light of truth and love for all of humanity and bring healing into every situation to which I am called. I bring love into everything – all the little things that make a difference to your life and all the big situations you have to deal with. I know what it is to live in a physical body on a physical planet and understand everything you go through in your human experience. There is nothing too big or too small for me to support you with. It is my honour to assist you at this incredible time on the planet as everything shifts and changes.

My job is to help you raise your vibration and bring Divine light and love to every step of your spiritual journey. I have a magic touch when it comes to managing time and will help you get back into the flow so that you can trust in the perfection of Divine timing. It is my joy to overlight your creations so that whatever you create carries the energy of Divine love and touches people’s spirits. I am here to hold each and every one of you in the light and remind you that we all contracted to follow the Ascension pathway together. I am always by your side, so call on me. My love for you is steadfast and sure. I will never let you down.


This vast archangel helps you keep your feet on the ground even when you are reaching for the stars. He shows you how to plant yourself deeply in the earth’s energy even as he reminds you that you are truly limitless. Uriel brings calm when you are overwhelmed and peace when you are troubled. He reminds you to honour the gift of your precious body and opens you to gratitude for your life, the earth and all who are upon it. Allow Uriel’s light to help you find courage and commitment so that you can move forward in your chosen direction.

I am Uriel. I am the archangel of the north and represent the element of earth. I overlight the planet and am here in full support as you go through big challenges on the earth. The changes you are experiencing are necessary for the next level of your evolution. I am here to keep you safe and hold the vision of what is possible for this earth. Allow me to walk with you at this time when everyone around you is becoming more and more fearful for the future. I hold the future in a safe space, and I love you enough to go through this with you. Keep the faith with me and I will help you plant seeds that grow into mighty oaks.

I help you balance the physical and spiritual aspects of your life. When you make friends with your physical body it can be a partner to you on your spiritual journey. When you embody your spirit and bring it fully into your everyday life you will feel the difference in your relationships, work, health and finances.

My job is to help you place your feet gently on the ground, reminding you that you are of the earth and that it is a wondrous gift to be alive at this time on this Divine planet. Being on earth was never meant to remove you from heaven. This experience was given to every human as a precious gift so that you might remember that heaven lives inside you, and together, recreate it right here on earth. The earth is abundant, lush and filled with beauty, and the more you connect with Gaia, the more creative, simple and joyful your life can be. Walk that information into your reality and you will create a new golden era with ease and experience the riches of heaven right here and now. It is only your tearing sense of separation that creates pain in your life. When you remember that there is no difference between where you came from and where you are, you will instantly manifest heaven. I hold that truth for you, with love.


Archangel RaphaelRaphael brings kindness, compassion and nurturing into your life, especially when you are being hard on yourself. He reminds you not to let your heart be trampled on, for it is a precious gift and your greatest source of guidance. Choosing this essence indicates that you have the ability to bring healing to others. Call on Raphael to help you awaken your healing gifts and amplify your healing skills. Remember to breathe consciously and expand your heart centre so that the healing comes from the pure light of love. Remember too that whatever you give comes back to you multiplied and expanded many times over. Allow yourself to receive.

I am Raphael. I am the archangel of the east and represent the element of air. My name means ‘God’s healing’, so come to me whenever you are in need of healing for your body, mind or soul. I bring healing to your relationships and your heart and help you back onto your feet when you feel defeated by life’s circumstances.

My colour is the deep green of the forest, a place of peace and contemplation. If you are drawn to my colour and energy you will benefit from time out in nature. Be still and listen to me whispering through the trees. Feel the ancient wisdom of the forests. Bask in the healing sanctuary of nature and let it restore you. Breathe freely and fully. Feel my deep compassion and treat yourself with gentle loving-kindness.

I bring truth and understanding – and with understanding comes healing. I open your heart to gratitude, bringing trust and ease into all that you do. Your precious heart has enough love for the whole world; it is a heart that can heal other hearts. Let us together hold a space that is so filled with love that everyone will be touched by it.


Archangel MichaelArchangel Michael walks alongside you when you feel lost and brings loving comfort when you feel small. He helps you find your truth when you are being swayed by others’ opinions and brings clarity when you cannot see the wood for the trees. This essence helps you cut through deception, interference and negativity so that you can reclaim insight, strength and personal power. Let go of unnecessary baggage and heaviness and step into freedom and pure lightness of being.

I am Michael. I am the archangel of the south and represent the element of fire. I wrap you in my pale blue cloak so that nothing can harm you and stand at your door with a golden sword of truth so that you feel completely safe. I hold you any time you go into fear and help you see the bigger picture so that you can let go and know that all is well. I unshackle you from limiting beliefs, bringing clarity of purpose and vision. I cut through falsehood, leaving room only for the light of truth. I encourage you to expand your light and help you activate your soul’s truth. I open doors and usher you towards freedom.

You and I know one another. We have worked together from the beginning. Feel my solid presence and the love I have for you. We are keepers of the ray of power and protection and we have held this light since time began. Call on me when you forget your own Divine power. Call on me when you feel small and have forgotten that nothing can harm you. Let me help you remember that everything is always divinely created for your highest good. You are a Divine warrior who has always worked for the good of the whole. We of the archangelic realm know who you are, and we will never let you down. That is our commitment to you, our beloved.


Gabriel signals change, and he appears at the end of a cycle to bring messages of hope for the future. Call on him if you are struggling or facing a gateway in your life, and know that everything is on track and a new beginning is on the horizon. Keep the faith. Gabriel is the archangel of peace, prosperity and unity. He brings wholeness where there has been division and separation. He supports you in awakening to higher levels of consciousness so that you begin to see the oneness in all life. Gabriel is a messenger. He asks you to listen closely now to the messages of your angels, as they have important information for you. Notice the signs around you. You are preparing to shift to the next level. Spread your wings and fly.

I am Gabriel. I am the archangel of the west and represent the element of water. My colour is blue-lilac, the colour of the gateway. I shine this gateway energy and the pure stream of my love to you so that you can remember that you are the light. I facilitate your Ascension journey as you lift your vibration towards grace and freedom.

I herald in the new and am here to show you a new way forward. If the path you have been on is not taking you anywhere or you have been going around in circles, I appear in your reality to help you realise that these old paths and patterns no longer work. I have come to announce a change in the energy of your reality. You need no longer carry the old, out- dated patterns passed down through your family line such as struggle, poverty or emotional abuse. You need no longer attract or put up with anything that does not serve you. I am here to take you by the hand, lead you through a new gateway and announce that the old ways are done. This is when peace, abundance and joy become your new reality.

I bring to you a new dawn, a new age – the Age of Aquarius. I announced the Age of Pisces and the birth of the one they called the Christ, and now I am here to announce the birth of the new Divine human on the new planet. As each and every one of you claims your inner Divine light, together you create heaven on earth. Now is the time for all to awaken.

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