Colour Mirrors Practitioner Programme

The Spiritual Psychology of Colour

Colour Mirrors Practitioner’s Training Course with your teacher ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse

Chrisoula with more bottles background

The 9-Day Colour Mirrors Practitioner Programme opens up the gateway to the Language of Light. As a certified Colour Mirrors Practitioner you will offer your clients a variety of readings, chakra balancing and healing sessions.


The Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training Programme is intensive and split into three parts. It includes the study of:

  • The spiritual psychology of 19 colours
  • New chakra colours and why they are evolving
  • How colour identifies and transforms sub-conscious patterns
  • Energy techniques used when working with clients
  • Learn about the power of a colour healing system
  • How to set up and be a spiritual practitioner in business

This is a transformational experience – your life will change.

Anyone is welcome.



PRICE: £1500 (payment in instalments is possible.)


LOCATION: At ChriSOULa’s Sanctuary of Colour, Cheshire, UK

Car Park Available

Refreshments/hot drinks and healthy, yummy snacks available throughout the training programme.

Please bring your own lunch with you.  Comfortable clothing and notebook.

Chrisoula is someone who is always uplifting and inspiring and is a gifted teacher due to the way she communicates and her eloquent use of language. She is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable talking about painful personal issues. I have been working with Chrisoula for two months using the Colour Mirrors System. The coloured bottles and spritzers are beautiful to look at and bathe in.  I now have 5 spritzers which I use in a variety of situations to either help me to relax, to support me through difficult situations or to eradicate negativity. As a result I am more confident in my abilities and believe more in myself. I have become more assertive, feel more able to establish and keep personal boundaries. I was fairly new to the self-love journey but can feel myself becoming more self-aware.  I feel more motivated and inspired to continue on my path of healing and self-development. Through working with Chrisoula and the Colour Mirrors Bottles I can see past my current situation to a bright and joyful future. – Rachel Simpson, Cheshire, UK


An option of instalments is available for payment of fee. If you would like to use this option please register by emailing and include a mention of this option in your comments. I will then contact you on the instalment pay plan.

Your Colour Mirrors partitioner’s training programme fee includes support for when you begin to practise with colour and need guidance on any confidence or client issues.

Looking forward to exploring and expanding through the magnificent language of colour, the language of the soul.

ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse

Certified Practitioner and Teacher of the language and psychology of Colour

Specialist in the Colour Mirrors Energy System

Creator of the 21-day online video programme documentary “Golden Keys To Prosperity”

Colour Mirrors Display Earth Day 2016