Celebrate Soul Connections at LIFE Events

Celebrate LIFE Events emanate love, authenticity and potentiality. They empower people to expand their awareness, start anew, to live with grace and in alignment with their life purpose. They bring unity and balance within and nurture vitality and growth through various sources of inspiration. A fresh medium for heart-centred communication through which people connect, feel more, take inspired action and co-create joyfully.

ChriSOULa hosts and organises

LIFE Awakening Events, Weekly Live Radio Shows, Live Calls, Online Video Courses and Bi-Annual Greektreats™ Retreats in Greece, welcoming you to treat yourself to the bright, uplifting Greek light and richness of the Greek culture.

Connect with ChriSOULa and LIFE explorers coming together at these annual celebrations:

World Book Day 2 March 

World Earth Day 22 April 

World Environment Day 5 June

New Moon Online Women’s Circle 24 July in honour of St Mary Magdalene’s

World Peace Day 21 Sept

World Kindness Day 13 Nov

Soul Connections Day Dec 2017

The DNA of LIFE Events

It is based on the philosophy of the Five Ways To Wellbeing: Be Active, Be Present (Notice) Learn Connect Give and its inspiration which consists of three components:

  1. the power of togetherness,
  2. the spirit of joy, passion and enthusiasm and
  3. the art of healing
  • facilitate heart-centred communication and real connection between people with passion in improving health, wellbeing and investing in their self‐development and growth
  • create the opportunity for them to work synergistically, meaning to work together and to co‐operate, by bringing their gifted talents, experience and expertise together
  • inspire and empower people on a personal and professional level to live healthier, emotionally, mentally and physically in balance with their true selves and the people around them, optimising their creativity and wellbeing.

Who participates at LIFE Events?

People of various ages and from any walks of life with their own knowledge and experience to share. The intention is to enhance Well-Being in a holistic and integrative way, connecting from the heart, feeding the mind and opening up to amazing opportunities of growth and evolution through love, learning, self-understanding, self-belief and self-acceptance.

Inspired and guided by Chrisoula, The Golden Muse

the leader of Celebrate LIFE EVENTS, invites you to choose from a dynamic, eclectic mix of talks, demos, workshops and celebrations in our community and getting empowered with the languages of LIFE – Love, Inspiration, Flow, Expansion.


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