You are invited to a LIFE Awakening Greektreat™ experience:

Treat Yourself to Greece

under the intuitive guidance of ChriSOULa, the Golden Muse, a native speaker with a lifelong passion in travelling, education, cultures and inspiring expansion through the energy of Colour, trauma healing, self-transformation and soul growth.

The Golden meaning of her name has inspired her title, The Golden Muse, and she invites you, LIFE Explorer, to join her on this quest of #Love #Inspiration #Flow #Expansion celebrating of all that her home land and she has to offer: Abundance of Joyous Sunlight, Trust in Life and New Beginnings, a Wild Golden Heart and a Colourful, Playful Soul.


Capturing moments of bliss at LIFE Greektreat on the volcanic island of Santorini.

What is Greektreats™?

Uniquely combines all the ingredients of a retreat to help you release, reconnect, remember and be … with the possibility to explore magical places of outstanding Greek beauty, energy and light that fills you up and feeds your soul.

Learn Something New … 

about another culture, way of being, learn to speak Greek in a natural setting, immersed in the Greek culture and history. Learning comes through exploring and appreciating ancient sacred sights, communicating with the locals.

acropolis by night

The Acropolis and the temple of Parthenon included in our day visits at LIFE Greektreats in the city of Athens.

Be Inspired and inspire others

with your personality, your natural talents, gifts and equally be inspired through new connections and experiences, in the spirit of togetherness and “kefi” (it means fun in Greek).

Be in the Flow of Well-Being 

feel nurtured with healthy, yummy Greek food infused with olive oil and fresh herbs and with a choice of holistic activities in the Greektreat programme

Feel Empowered

Self-empowerment comes through inspiration and integration of learning from a selection of Greektreat workshops,  from meditation and dance to expanding your emotional range by experiencing Heart Intelligence and Colour Psychology to day visits exploring and connecting with sanctuaries of amazing energy and outstanding beauty.


The Sanctuary of Delphi in Central Greece considered to be the centre of the ancient world. One of the places included in the LIFE Greektreat programmes.

“Celebration is the best natural medicine. It relaxes the muscles, triggers the release of endorphins and can boost the immune system by 40%. How does it work? It can decrease stress hormones, lessen pain and leave you feeling upbeat.” — by Cecilia D’Felice & Nina Grunfeld

  • Build Self-Belief: Rewarding yourself with a celebration raises your confidence and self-esteem (as well as your profile!), inspires and recharges – and makes you feel like a winner. It puts in a virtuous circle of hard work, achievement, celebration and gratitute.
  • Boost Your Marriage: Research shows that couples are happier if they have a ratio of 5:1 positive to negative interactions. Celebrations are perfect excuses to do something novel together. This activates the brain’s reward system, flooding it with stimulating dopamine.
  • Let gratitude Play Its Part: Celebrating things in your life reminds you how much you have to be grateful for – and studies show that grateful people are the happiest people. Noticing the good things in your life and celebrating them – big and small – will lift your mood.

“LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE” TALK takes you on Chrisoula’s journey of learning, inspiration, flow, empowerment

Who is your hostess?

With twenty years of experience in a variety of roles, Chrisoula’s wealth of expertise mainly in teaching, facilitating events and radio broadcasting, empowers me to deliver uplifting talks sharing the DNA of Celebrate LIFE and its inspiration – a blend of learning and inspiring experiences originating from her Greek roots and life explorations outside Greece, in France and the UK.

Light Up Your LIFE focusses on the message that Life Is A Celebration

It consists of three main components: · the power of togetherness · “kefi” the Greek spirit of joy, passion and enthusiasm ·  the art of healing and evolving As an ambassador of Greek language and culture in the UK for the last twenty years, I am going to take you on a brief journey to my motherland Greece. Through an interactive, colourful, visual and factual presentation, I am going to feed your soul and reawaken your senses with aromas, smells, island sea views, natural gems and Ancient Greek sights. Pack your suitcase! See you in Greece! Sunny wishes Chrisoula

Why Celebrating is Good For You…

Stay in the PRESENT

Stepping off the treadmill to celebrate moments and milestones forces us to stop, recognise the process and absorb what has happened. That’s how we GROW.

Let GRATITUDE play its part

Celebrating things in our lives reminds us how much we have to be grateful for – and studies show that grateful people are the happiest people. Positive psychologist Professor Martin Seligman identified “gratitude” as the top character strength that makes human thrive.

Make the most of MAGNIFICATION

The more we celebrate. the more there is to celebrate! When we focus on something, it expands. When we downplay or overlook it, it shrinks.


Celebrations give us something to look forward to and remind us that life is a GIFT – not a sentence. They can sustain us, especially when times are hard and are a vital part of our emotional development.

CONNECT closely with others

Connectivity has been found to be key in making us happy. Enthusiasm is infectious and literally spreads the joy. That wonderful bonding effect isn’t short-lived, either, as celebrations – and those we shared them with – stay etched in our memories long after the day is over.

Engaging an audience is something that comes naturally to Chrisoula and she would welcome the opportunity to speak at your event.

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