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  The GoldenMuseTV Show

HOLISTIC Health and Healing

for Conscious, Joyous and Prosperous Living

ChriSOULa brings together a Panel of Holistic Health and Wellbeing educators, mindset coaches and authors to help create more awareness and clarity. Join #SoulfulMusings with your questions.


  • What creates stress – is stress always bad for us?

  • Alternatives and natural remedies that can help release stress

  • How you can become more conscious and prevent stress from controlling your life and, of course, affecting your health Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit

  • By the end of the show you shall be receiving enlightening insights, practical tools and guidance that you can easily implement in your everyday life.

This show is dedicated to all of you LIFE explorers (parents, entrepreneurs, evolutionary coaches, social workers, carers) who are curious and serious to embrace a stress free life at home, at work, in your community, and at the same time, say YES! to a more mindful, conscious and joyous living.

There is a Q/A session at the end of the discussion. Stay until the end and you shall receive a few amazing surprise gifts!

The GoldenMuseTV shows are recorded and then uploaded on ChriSOULa’s YouTube Channel.

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  • Feel free to invite your friends who are equally seek for alternatives to stress

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  • COMMENT how stress affects your health at the moment e.g. muscle ache, migraine, sleep disorder, anxiety, weight gain, stomach ache,  … and I’ll ensure we will cover, if not all, the majority of these areas on the show.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

To your health and joy.

Colourful Blessings,

ChriSOULa The Golden Muse xxx

ABOUT ChriSOULa Sirigou – The Golden Muse

ChriSOULa smiling with book

ChriSOULa has for 28 years been teaching the power of heartfelt communication through languages internationally, from teaching young people in private language schools in Greece, business people in France and adults in Further Education Colleges in cosmopolitan London, to empowering British A-Level students through 7-day work experience placement trips in France as a Secondary School Teacher of Modern Languages.

She teaches the language and psychology of Colour through Colour Mirrors practitioners training programmes for coaches and evolutionary teachers in the UK, Greece and The Netherlands, a colour system that teaches spiritual self-empowerment. ChriSOULa has also set up colour therapy for kids courses.

She is the author and publisher of “The Book of Soulful Musings” BOOK 1 Embracing Holistic Health and Healing for a more Mindful, Conscious, Joyous and Prosperous Living.

ChriSOULa hosts her weekly “The Health and Healing Show” on RedShift Radio and enjoys LIFE Inspiring Conversations on The Golden Muse TV Show. A great number of interviews with heart-centred holsitic health educaotrs and thought leaders are available to watch on her YouTube Channel. She is passionate to empower parents and entrepreneurs to learn how colour principles can help you become more conscious and more prosperous in LIFE.

Her intention is to inspire you LIFE-Curious people – LIFE Explorers – to expand in abundance, love and success.

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WED 17th NEW MOON SPECIAL “YOUR LOVE AND SUCCESS COLOURS FOR 2018″ Book your free place on Eventbrite

WED 31st January SUPER FULL MOON “The 3 Gs: Gratitude Generosity and Grace”


Thursday 1 February

Thursday 15th February

january 2018 calls


On Second Monday of the month | 8pm UK TIME | CALL DURATION: APPROX. 30MINS


16 January (New Beginnings), 13 February (Self Love), 13 March (Expansion)

10 April (Find Your Why), 8 May (Prosperity & Divine Masculine), 12 June (Prosperity & Generosity),

10 July (Creativity), 14 August (Letting Go), 11 September (Peace),

9 October (Balance), 13 November (Kindness), 11 December (Soulful Connections)

LOVE Feb 2017 Holistic Call

LIFE holistic call BOOKS March 2017

April 2017 Holistic Call

ONLINE HOLISTIC CALLS: Inspiration, Vision & Mission

At the start of 2016 The Year of Visibility, ChriSOULa felt a strong calling to show up more as a visionary guide and broadcaster. She decided to give herself a good stretch investing in her own evolution by stepping up with the creation of this on-line community having  been successfully involved in radio broadcasting since 2010.

Together with other holistic educators, ChriSOULa encourages us all to become more visible and share our unique light with life-curious explorers.

Collectively, we can have a greater impact to raise awareness and keep our vibrations high.

We all share one common passion: our curiosity to learn and grow more and enjoy LIFE as best as we can. Look forward to connecting with you all on the call! ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse xxx

HOW To Get On Board: Practicalities

  • REGISTER above in advance with your name and email address and RECEIVE the LINK with Meeting ID No in your inbox to access the call along with an update about discussion topics, speakers involved and monthly offers
  • DOWNLOAD in advance on your laptop or PC the video conferencing programme from here ( is free and easy). Camera and microphone (normally integrated) are needed
  • ATTEND THE CALL  Your presence on the calls is important. As a contributor, this digital platform can be ideal for you to help become more visible raising awareness about specific area(s) you are passionate about. As a participant, it can prove beneficial to you to make conscious connections with other heart-centred people and to have the opportunity to ask a direct question to the guest speaker/author/expert, if you wish
  • IF YOU MISSED THE CALL, the link with the recorded video will be shared with you, so you can listen/watch back
  • WATCH BACK recorded video calls (approx. 50 mins long) on Chrisoula’s YouTube channel and on her Facebook page to help you get a feel of what the calls are about and, of course, receive inspiration and guidance.



12 SEPTEMBER “The Life-Changing Miracle of Decluttering and how it helps Manifest Abundance into your life”

Guest Speaker: Dawn Cox MBE

Philanthropreneur and Inter-Faith Minister, Congleton, Cheshire

DAwn Cox 2

Dawn Cox MBE

Dawn Cox is the award winning entrepreneur who starred in Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire who has since trained as an inter-faith minister. Dawn is described by many as a being of unconditional love; people comment they can feel the love radiating from Dawn’s essence. Dawn’s passion is energy – be it Heaven energy, human energy or earth energy. She has been studying and practicing the art of Feng Shui since 1998 (she is a Master Practitioner of the Lillian Too School of Feng Shui) and has also studied with Robert Gray Feng Shui Academy, Karen Kingston, John Sandifer and Simon Brown. Dawn has a diploma in NLP and was ordained as Reverend Dawn Cox by the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. Dawn was awarded Pioneer of the Life of our nation by her majesty the Queen in 2004 for the transformational affect her company had on the lives of all who lived, worked or played on her products whilst in business. Over the past 6 years Dawn has worked with orphans in Nepal, homeless people, street sex workers, teenage parents and other underprivileged people. Dawn has a big heart and always wants to help and support those in need. Dawn is aligned with the teachings and methodology of Dr David Hawkins – the Calibration of Consciousness – and her mission in life is to raise the vibration of consciousness to over 500…the vibration of LOVE. Her passion is to bring balance (our inner yin and yang) and bring harmony in to humanity.

10 OCTOBER “The Power of Success Stories”

Guest Speaker: Rachel Elnaugh


Rachel Elnaugh, Evolutionary Entrepreneur

Rachel Elnaugh is the British entrepreneur who rose to fame as a ‘Dragon’ in the first two series of BBCTV’s BAFTA nominated business show ‘Dragons’ Den’ She created the experiences brand Red Letter Days at the age of 24 on a shoestring budget and built it into a market leading £multi-million turnover company.  She is an award winning business mentor, speaker and author.  Her latest business SourceTV is a video-centric digital publishing platform and marketing portal for Thought Leaders, Metaphysical Teachers, Transformational Coaches and Evolutionaries. Read Rachel’s full Biography



world kindness day canva design14 NOVEMBER “In honour of #WorldKindnessDay”

Under the spell of the Super Full Moon – perfect timing to release anything that no longer serves you. ChriSOULa briefly shares the importance of honouring the natural cycles and connection with the earth elements and takes you on a colourful, soothing, meditative experience with the energy of the WATER element and Deep Turquoise, the colour of heartfelt communication, trust and creativity.

Also, on the call, we talk about how kindness towards yourself can have an impact on your success by helping you to be more VISIBLE daring to share your work and your personal gifts with the world.


hearts_circles_shutterstock_22160602-500x580[1]12 DECEMBER “Celebrating Changes in 2016, The Year of Completion”

Looking forward to come together online on 12 December to complete this year’s series of LIFE Holistic Calls, connecting with change makers who dare … to see the change they wish to see in the world … inspired by Gandhi’s quote and by the shifts and learnings experienced during 2016, on a personal level and collectively.


You are all welcome to a real LIFE celebration that is hosted by ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse on Thursday 15 December at Crewe Hall. “Honouring Soul Connections 2016″ starts with an opening ceremony at 10.30am (please aim to arrive at 10.00am) and it closes at 5.30pm. There will be scheduled radio interviews from 2pm to 4pm at the studio of RedShift Radio to mark the 6th anniversary of Chrisoula’s hosting LIFE Awakening Events under the umbrella of her business EXPLORAMA and broadcasting LIVE The Health and Healing Show since November 2010. Get your Early Bird Ticket £25.00pp here …>>


Click Here & Watch Back 2016 Holistic Video Calls

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