SOULful Predictions Guide 2019

Get ready to completely transform your life. After last year’s master number of intense spiritual lessons, you’ve realized there is so much more to your life than you’ve been experiencing.

You’re ready for more lovefinancial abundancespiritual and emotional fulfilment.

Yes, you’re ready to live your SOUL’s purpose!

This is your year.

Now is your time.

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Soul Activation Package + 2019 Predictions

You can create your best year yet if you know how to navigate the energies

2019 is the year of the SUN!

All year, we will be influenced by the frequency of the joyous number 19.

In the system of Colour Mirrors, the 19th bottle is the BUDDHIC BLISS


Buddhic Bliss (Pale Magenta / Pale Gold) Resurrection and new beginnings. This is a most positive colour combination as the magenta denotes Divine love lit up and shining upon you and the pale gold underneath denotes a deep sense of your own power and beauty. You have come through the dark night of the soul and now it is time to own heaven’s blessings of joy and love. You are the power in your life and everyone would agree with you at this point. Enjoy this time of peace and plenty. — Colour Mirrors

1+9 = 10  –> 1+0 =  1

when we add up 1 + 9 = it comes to No 10 and connects with the 10th bottle


and then it comes to No 1 and the 1st bottle, the SUN (Yellow/Yellow).

bot10 bot1TheSun

After the dark night of the soul, finally, the sun is shining in your life,

and you can see and feel the LIGHT.

This is a time of total renewal, rebirth, and healing.

Yet with the light comes shadow.

Solar Eclipse

You are reinventing your life. With this time of rapid growth and expansion comes a whole new set of spiritual lessons. There can be chaos and confusion, insecurities, and a brand new set of boundary issues.

In fact, this is made clear in the patterns of numbers, planets and colours for 2019.

Any time you have a NEW opportunity, whether it’s relocating your home, changing your career, starting a relationship, or embracing a new way of being, there are also a new set of challenges.



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