Tribute to The Sacred Triangle

It is very exciting to share with you our intention to pay tribute to graceful and healing sanctuaries built by the Ancient Greeks in selected, sacred spaces through the Athens GreekTreat™ Experience in the coastal capital of Greece, exploring the city of Gods and Goddesses and retreating with women explorers by the Aegean sea. Bliss!


You are invited to “Serenity Woman Retreat” where you will feed your soul with the warmth of sunny rays and fresh, yummy Greek food, where you will surrender yourself to the abundance of the blue sea and open up to new possibilities for creativity and expansion and you will experience sublime serenity while accepting and connecting with the Goddess Within.

Highlights In and Around Athens

Choose to arrive in Athens at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport on either Friday 14 October or Sunday 16 October. During the GreekTreat™, we shall explore the city and the Athenian Riviera where we stay in a gorgeous boutique hotel only five minutes from the sea. caryatides Your visionary guide, ChriSOULa, aka The Golden Muse, has planned out the GreekTreat™ programme and itinerary with inspiring visits and optional trips. You are invited to pay tribute to and connect with the energy of three graceful Sanctuaries built by the Ancient Greeks, forming the “Sacred Triangle of Temples” (see the map below):

  • The temple of Parthenon, dedicated to Athina, the warrior goddess of wisdom at Acropolis, the sacred rock

  • The temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea, at Cape Sounion, 70 km away from Athens

  • The temple of Aphaia, at Aegina island, 75 minutes on a conventional ferry from the port of Piraeus

Collage Athens with Acropolis by night Equally, you will be offered the possibility to visit the New Acropolis Museum, which is a must see, experiencing the change of the guards at Syntagma Square, chilling at Zappeion Megaro and the botanical gardens as well as eating out in picturesque Plaka while absorbing Athens by night, shopping and allowing time to relax and be. Map of Athens Sounion Egina

Sounion At Sunset – Must visit


Panoramic Views – Sunset Sounion

A visit to Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon, particularly at sunset, is a must, purely because of its geographical location and wonderful views of the Aegean Sea. The trip getting there all along the Athenian coast is a bliss.

The Sacred Triangle

Chrisoula in Evia Island May 2015

ChriSOULa, your teacher and GreekTreat™ Guide

Having organised and led a few educational trips during my teaching career to Greece (and France) as a Teacher of Modern Languages in Secondary Education, I have beautiful memories of  trips on the ferry to the island of Aegina (or Egina). Going up to this ancient Doric temple of Aphaia (see below) amid the pines, alone on a hill overlooking the Saronic Gulf with Salamis and the port of Piraeus to the north and Athens slightly north east where one can see, on a clear day, the Acropolis, while to the east lies Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon—this is the so-called “Sacred Triangle” or “Antiquity’s Perfect Triangle.” aphaia-temple05

The Temple of Aphaia, Aegina Island

The oldest of these temples is the Temple dedicated to a pre-Hellenic deity Aphaia, so called because she “vanished” when pursued by King Minos of Crete. The temple dates from the late Archaic period (circa 500 BC) and is thought to have been, because of its architectural refinements in proportion and the inclination of its columns, a model for the Parthenon. This temple is the only known site of the worship of the goddess Aphaia.

ATHENS BY NIGHTConsidering the “sacred triangle”…

The Parthenon, Temple of Poseidon, Temple of Aphaia:

If the Parthenon is the culmination of man’s intellectual and spiritual imprint on history and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion is the surging, powerful marble monument of a sea people for their sea-god, then the Temple of Aphaia is, to quote Eliot, “the still point in the turning world;” the quietest place of all.


Come on board …

These places, blessed with incredible energy and history, re-connect us with parts of us that we may have forgotten or we didn’t even know that they existed in us are some of the highlights of our visit in Greece this October. We are looking forward to sharing with you some of the marvels of Greece while creating a safe haven for you to tune in with your inner Goddess and serenity. Hope you like the sound and feel of what you just read and feel inspired to connect with ChriSOULa via an email Come and find out more about what the GreekTreat™ Experience and Serenity Woman Retreat involve here…>> .

Chrisoula in Sounion

chrisoula-radio-roundAlso, connect with ChriSOULa LIVE online on Thursday evening video calls at 7.30PM UK time and ask her questions directly. Event details available on her Facebook page.

Colourful, Sunny Blessings

ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse xxx

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