World Earth Day



Celebrate Your Feminine Power and Essence

Say Yes To New Beginnings and Conscious Growth

Celebrate WORLD Earth Day 2017

Earth Day Healing Retreat and Ceremony 

In Honour of Mother Earth, Renewal and Hope

Chrisoula Evolutionary


ADVANCED FULL DAY £45.00 per person

ADVANCED HALF DAY £25.00 per person (Join us in the morning until lunchtime or in the afternoon)

PAYMENT ON THE DOOR: £50.00 per person (bear in mind tickets may be limited or not available)

****BOOK Your Advanced Tickets from your hostess ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse EMAIL: to receive invoice with your BACS details or pay online on Eventbrite (admin fees apply).

How are WE celebrating Mother Earth Day?

Through a blend of experiences from walking in nature, a ritual or ceremony to honor her. It can be as simple as getting a tiny quartz crystal, holding in your hands, blessing it, and putting it in the land, burying in the earth, throwing it into a river. Everything is alive! Mother Earth will feel it and will jump with joy! Or simply offer up a song from your heart, or a silent meditation, or an expressive dance. DO something to honor your connection, your oneness with the Earth. This is what has been missing from our lives and what we are all deeply longing for.

Nurturing Self Love – LIFE Event Celebration at Blissland with ChriSOULa and guests

Dear Friends of the Earth and LIFE Explorers,

I can’t wait to welcome you at our Spring LIFE Awakening Event at the retreat centre at Blissland, overlooking the Cheshire plains, situated over energising ley-lines. Pure Bliss!

SATURDAY 22 April, World Earth Day

Heather Bank Farm, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 3NA

FROM 10.00AM (with hot drinks and snacks available throughout the day) for 10.30AM start

LUNCH BREAK 1.00PM TO 2.00PM creating space to chill, chat and cherish time out in nature, connecting with Gaia and soulful people. *** Please bring yummy, healthy food to share for lunch. ***

Until 5.00PM

The Earth Day Retreat is brought together every year by ChriSOULa The Golden Muse and offers you a nurturing and uplifting space to Retreat, Release, Relax and Be. It is an opportunity to reach out into nature and connect your heart with the heart of the Earth, celebrating in the company of soulful, heart-centred people.

By the end of this annual LIFE Awakening Earth Day Retreat …

  • you will raise your vibrations higher by giving & receiving love, meditating, dancing, sound healing, learning more about yourself and connecting with others

  • you will feel more energised and uplifted

  • you will feel in alignment with your intuition and in flow with the creative energy of LIFE

  • you will be able to nourish your mind, body and soul embracing more of your feminine energy and power

  • you will say Yes To New Spring Beginnings and claim new opportunities for Growth with hope and renewed energy.

In our Heart Circle of Gratitude we shall eat together healthy, freshly made food (contributions from all the participants), sing a song, chanting, read a poem and storytelling … including dancing! During the healing ceremony all women (and men) participants will create an altar together, making pledges and offerings in honour of Gaia, Mother Earth.

Colour Mirrors Display Earth Day 2016

“World Earth Day” Celebration Programme

with guests, authors and holistic educators

Chrisoula in Evia Island May 2015

Cathy Dean – Motherhood, IVF and Holistic Wellbeing

Chrisoula Sirigou - The Golden Muse, Founder of EXPLORAMA Optimum Wellbeing

“What’s rising in You?” - An EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOP in honour of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, Spring Energy and New Beginnings.

ChriSOULa is a Colour Psychologist, Teacher of The Colour Mirrors System, Heart Intelligence Coach and Golden Keys To Prosperity Programme Creator and Facilitator. She is going to dive into more detail on understanding how the six Colour Elementals Spritzers of the Colour Mirrors System in unison with nourishing Angel energies can mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically cleanse, ground, balance and empower us while supporting new beginnings AND growth in life:

1.Water (Turquoise), 2. Wood (Olive)3. Fire (Orange)4. Earth (Copper)5. Metal (Gold) and 6. Air (Clear) … 

“Earth Elements and New Beginnings” Each Colour Element Essence contains a blend of active scents of essential oils:

Turquoise: Rose, Geranium, Helichrysum

Olive: Lemongrass, Pine, Rosemary

Orange: Neroli, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang

Copper: Cinnamon, Bergamot 

Dawn Cox, Co-founder of Blissland

Dawn Murray - Horizon Holistics DoTerra ESSENTIAL OILS

Gill Barham - Lifestyle Leader Author of ‘The Heart of A Woman”

James Dawson - the SoundShaman – will take us on a Shamanic Healing  journey.

Jean MacDonald – Author of Love, Sex and the Midlife Woman

Lillie Pragnell – Restart Coaching

Linda Knight

Lionel Cox – Co-founder of Blissland

Liz Mearns – The Head Coach

Lisa Jane Scott

Rachel Simpson

Sanjaya Pandit – In U Coaching

Sue Ritchie - Your Ecstatic Health Author of “Love Your Gut”


YOU WILL ALSO EXPERIENCE COLOUR ACTIVATIONS, MEDITATIONS AND VISUALISATIONS … to help you get clear with your new vision, intention and manifestation process.