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Step onto the path of embracing and sharing your inner Golden power and wisdom on #TheGoldenMuse Shows as ChriSOULa guides you and inspires you to Explore, Expand and Evolve through her weekly Radio Shows on RedShift Radio, Prosperity IQ Live Shows, Monthly Webinars and New Moon Online Women Circles. 

TheGoldenMuse Show

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Thursday’s “Health and Healing Show” 2pm-4pm

 LIVE BROADCASTING from the studios of Redshift Radio


LOCATION: Regents Park Business Centre, London Road, Nantwich, CW5 6LW (Only 8 miles from junction 16 M6). Car Park Facility Available.

When I am on air, I’m in the flow and in alignment with my life-passions sharing inspiration and connecting with you all. I believe we are all one.

Chrisoula’s passion about raising awareness and possibilities to celebrate and live LIFE to the full is shared on the “Health & Healing” radio show on Thursdays 2pm to 4pm (UK time) with a variety of guests joining her since 2010 at the studio or phoning-in from Cheshire and other parts of the world sharing their LIFE experiences: Light, Inspiration, Flow from the Heart and messages of Empowerment.

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What is The Health and Healing Show?

A two-hour weekly community show presented by ChriSOULa on RedShift Radio whose core mission has been to create a nurturing space where alternatives are shared on air to enhance personal growth and well-being in a holistic way. This may happen through exploring European hide-aways (and not only!), various types of holidays e.g. from sightseeing and power walking to retreats in her motherland Greece as well as bringing in cultural insights, gastronomic live experiences at the studio, language tips, nutritional advice … anything to stimulate and feed your senses, enriching you and empowering you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Who is Chrisoula?

Naturally life curious, Chrisoula, The Golden Muse, ex-teacher of languages in primary and secondary education, HeartIQ Coach, passionate about enhancing emotional intelligence in young people and adults and specialist in Colours Mirrors System and colour psychology, has been avidly researching, in charge of producing and presenting the shows right from the beginning back in 2010, always in search of new, inspirational and extraordinary ideas, books, events, happenings, festivals to include in the “EuropeanLunch” show and subsequently on “Health and Healing” show. Chrisoula loves connecting with inspiring, creative, giving and heart-centred professionals who share Chrisoula’s passion to actively committing in making a difference through bringing more awareness and insights how to find inner peace and joy through life explorations, change and energy healing. Learn about Chrisoula’s LIFE journey Continue reading …


Who Are Chrisoula’s Guests?

Online broadcasting has no frontiers. Chrisoula has had the pleasure to interview a fabulous array of people whose unique gifts, skills, experience, enthusiasm and creativity inspires her listeners and viewers whether they live in our local community in Cheshire and in the UK or further afield in Europe like France, Spain, Greece, Holland, Slovenia and even in the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

HOW Can You Get Involved?

Email Chrisoula to discuss how to embrace more of your authentic power by stepping up and sharing your expertise on her GoldenMuse Radio and TV Shows with the world. A Guest Questionnaire will be emailed to you to complete to help Chrisoula have an insight about you, your book, your products, services and structure the interview. Contact radio presenter, Chrisoula, to schedule your interview and ask for more details about your own radio experience on The Health and Healing Show and if you are ready to step up even more LIVE on her GoldenMuseTV shows.


Following your live radio interview, you are encouraged to take advantage of the Marketing AudioCast Listen Again service we offer at RedShift Radio. Your contribution in the creation of this marketing tool on Soundcloud is £25.00 per guest per 25-30minute interview to help add value in your marketing campaign e.g. website, social media, newsletters, or through your blog.

Listen in to LIFE Inspiring Conversations from a range of guests (authors, wellbeing therapists, emotional intelligence educators, nutritionists, energy healing specialists) on The Health and Healing Show here:


The Health Wealth & Happiness Show with Susan Brookes and Sue Ritsie

Derek Mills “The Standards Guy” & Dr David Hamilton “I Heart Me”

World Book Day 

Philippa Smart “Magenta Circle” on Self Transformation

Jackie Tweedie “Clarity & Stillness”

Rev. Dr Dawn Cox and Lionel Cox “Changemakers and The Yin Foundation”

Inner Peace and Acupuncture with Rachel Millsted

Sharon Curran and Charlotte Copeland

World Kindness Day with Anthony and Nicki Vee “Secret To Life”

Helen O’Brien

Nurturing Self-Love 

The Golden Muse TV Show  Online Video Broadcasting

SHARE your story, vision, passion, life purpose and CONNECT with other life explorers

Celebrate the launch of your holistic business, new book, courses, talks, co-creations. Chrisoula will be delighted to receive your contribution in raising awareness about topics and areas you feel passionate and could make a difference in the health, healing and Well-Being of her listeners.




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To Your Audacious LIFE

Colourful Blessings,

ChriSOULa, The Golden Muse xxx