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The Book of Soulful Musings Crowdfunding Campaign


Message from ChriSOULa, conscious connector and author …
Dear Life Explorer and Book Lover,
I’ll keep my invite as brief as possible. Once you click on the link above it will take you to Kickstarter’s crowdfunding page of The Book of Soulful Musings project. I would so much appreciate your backing me/the book up on this very important, heartfelt initiative and creative expression and intention to be of service to the world through this colourful book.

The Kickstarter campaign is All or Nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

Firstly, I’ll invite you to watch the video that shares about the vision, mission and purpose of the book and how you can get involved. Next, there is a link “Back this project”. By clicking that you will be able to read about the story behind the book, connect with some of the contributors and the book’s journey. 
On the right hand side of the page there is now 14 different pledges to choose from starting from £5, £10, £20, £30 (Early Bird VIP offer!) and all the way to various therapy sessions and business package that you can offer to your employees with the intention to enhance their wellbeing (the 15th pledge was Davina Mackail’s Feng Shui session offering which was claimed on the second day after launching).
The Supporter package (£20) and VIP package (£30) are Limited Availability! The latter includes a complimentary ticket to the Book Launch. I would LOVE it if you can come and celebrate! 
Full description for each of the pledges available on the campaign’s link here:
I would be very grateful for your help and for spreading the word out with your friends and family (even if it is with just one person) whose lives could be changed by reading The Book of Soulful Musings.
I’m putting my Heart and Soul in the co-creation of this amazing book. Thank you for being part on this journey with me and the 30 wonderful holistic health and healing educators who said Yes to coming on board with their stories, messages, gifts and expertise. 
If you need any clarification on anything please do get in touch. Email: 
Colourful Blessings,



An excerpt from the “Freedom and Flow” Chapter in the BODY section in The Book of Soulful Musings BOOK 1 by ChriSOULa Sirigou is available here: Chrisoula-EmmaGuy-Page1

A sample example of a featuring poem in the book is from Writer and Poet Sue Williams and is available here: Chrisoula-Shine-Page

– Graphic design of these sample pages by Ces Loftus.

A great diversity of Holistic Health and Healing shows on GoldenMuseTV available on ChriSOULa’s YouTube Channel.

Watch Back “Stress Awareness Show” filmed on GoldenMuseTV on 11th April 2018 in support of Stress Awareness Week.