Nurturing Self Love

Yoga at Peace Pod 12.08.2014

At the Peace Pod after a Yoga/Meditation session

On Sunday 10 August was our Annual Celebration dedicated to Nurturing Self Love and the fourth consecutive  year of Optimum Well-Being Co-Creating Experiences, bringing together heart-centred people who equally love raising awareness about the importance of self-care, self-acceptance, self-understanding, self-appreciation and self-gratification.


I would like to express my Gratitude to dare setting the intention and trust myself in making this celebration a magical gathering with the contribution of loving, warm, intriguing people whose passion is to share their love for life and connect with others deeply and from the heart.

Ravi 10 Aug 2014 Celebration

Sound Journey with the talented and multi-instrumentalist, Ravi Ji

A blend of invigorating experiences

  • starting off with Yoga and Meditation with Anna at the Peace Pod,
  • nourishing Greek homemade food by Chrisoula (me) and Sofia,
  • gathering around a circle with a wonderful altar made by Rev. Dawn Heather Cox, in the middle of the Luve Barn
  • insights about the vision behind Lionel and Dawn’s Beacon of Love
  • Sound Journey by Ravi Ji, singing and dancing together “We Are One” … to experience the power of sound and his music, I invite you to listen to his album “Songs for the Golden Age”. Enjoy!

Anna and Chrisoula hug

Chrisoula and Anna

Be Bold and Trust Your Intuition

Every single encounter and experience we welcome in our lives is because we dare to be bold and say Yes to the invite, to the calling coming from your soul. Learning to trust your intuition is part of your ongoing connection and deeper understanding of Who You Are. When participating in celebrations and gatherings like “Nurturing Self Love” you say yes to open up to greater awareness and self-expression in a safe and secure space created by the energy of the people and the intentions set, individually and collectively.

Kaitlyn and Lu 10 Aug 2014

Kaitlyn and Lu

I would like to mention here some people travelled for two-three hours to be with us. Anna Numell travelled the furthest from her home country Sweden! It was a real pleasure to connect with wonderful people for the first time because they simply came from a place of Trust. Lu Bowen brought the Colour Mirrors bottles and Kaitlyn Lyndon offered Energy readings. Thank you all for your contributions and being with us.

Why Choose Self-Love?

We all need a reminder of putting ourselves first … not in an egotistical and self-absorbing way … as an ongoing openness, some kind of chosen ritual whether it is through meditation, yoga, pilates, reading a book, going for a walk, music – thank you Ravi for the Sound Journey and singing and dancing together – or it could be by having a pampering facial… it is all about being in harmony with your choices knowing that when you feel energised, balanced, full of joy, you are naturally transmitting these vibes to the people around you, to your children, your partner, your friends … building harmonious relationships with more flow and ease. Imagine how more beautiful our world can be.

A Beacon of Love

Dawn and Lionel

Dawn and Lionel

We are blessed to be at Dawn’s and Lionel’s sacred space at Heather Bank Farm where our celebration took place. Here is what Dawn shared on Facebook … ” Beautiful Blissful day .. thank you Chrisoula for sharing your magic with us ….. Dancing to Om Mane Padme hum was invigorating .. never experienced anything like it before… .. The best part of the day for me was when Phil said … I now know what life is about ..This day has liberated me … I feel as if I’ve wasted 60 years of my life .. being too reserved… I feel like a new man…. ‘ Oh la la this was music in my ears… .. it is words like those that inspire Lionel and I to open our space to you – as you bring such beautiful energy in … Thank you to you Chrisoula and everyone who attended … woo woo.”

Nurturing Self Love Videos

Sara and Liz 10 Aug 2014

Sara and Liz in the Luve Barn

More friends were destined to be with us on that day, Howard Bamforth, Sharon Curran The Soul Coach, Jacqui Land of Global Soul, Jo Burgess of Juice Plus Rocks, Alex Worsley, Debbie Hayes, …Special Thanks goes to our loving guests, Sara J Sanderson and Liz Green, for their initiative to create videos encapsulating their experience and the spirit of the celebration. Click on their names and the links will connect you with the magical space and energy we experienced on 10 August 2014.

 A Learning Process …

I also find it is a learning process how to best create a little bit of time and sacred space every day for us while inviting re-awakening experiences whether it is a day celebration or a retreat away from everything. This is where we let go, releasing guilt or fear of what others may think or feel if you put yourself first nurturing your mind, body and soul. This conscious decision is a choice for everyone, no matter what the age, background, religion, education, upbringing … This attitude brings greater potential in our personal growth and in our relationships with ourselves first and every single encounter and connection we have with people in our lives … in our family, with our neighbours, at work with our colleagues, in the community we live in … and it has a ripple effect … to the whole nation and the entire world.

Contributing and Sharing

group photo 10 Aug 2014

Paul, Sas, Chrisoula, Mandy and Marie-Claire

What a gorgeous feeling it was when we all came together at the Circle of Love and so many contributions were made in a such lighthearted and generous way to support the fundraiser with raffle prizes in aid of PCF Charity (Philippino Community Fund). Together we raised £145.00 for the betterment of young children’s lives and education. Sharing our gifts with others and giving from the heart to make a difference in other people’s lives is also a contributor factor to Optimum Well-Being as we incorporate the 5 key actions: Be Active, Be Present, Learn, Connect, Give. Joyful wishes for the rest of August … and look forward to being with you in September, a month full of activities dedicated to Embracing Change and Inner Peace. Love from the golden lady xxx

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