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HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THE ACHIEVEMENT NUMBER? Well, if you’re even a little bit interested in numerology, then it’s about time you did. This part of your numerology chart is often overlooked, yet it contains information that can lead you to greater heights than any other. This is because the Achievement number serves as a special kind […]

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Energy forecast 2-9 September

Energy forecast for the week of September 2 – 9.⁠ Under the blessings of the Super New Moon in Virgo, September is the month where you’ll be asked to practise the art of  discernment. This is the perfect time to look within and tune into your inner knowing.⁠ I’m honoured to share with you the wisdom […]

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The Power of Success Stories

THE POWER OF SUCCESS STORIES AND HOW THEY TAP INTO THE ENERGY OF ABUNDANCE I was about 17 when I started reading self-help books. In fact they are still my favourite thing to read and, hopefully one day soon, publish! There’s an amazing energy about reading or listening to the success stories of others (on […]

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