Rainbow Letters To Mother Earth Anthology

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RAINBOW Letters to Mother Earth Anthology: responding to a planet in crisis

An illustrated anthology book with 100 colourful, fictional stories, poems or letters featuring characters from nature, the elements, the colours and the cosmos.

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The letters are lovingly created mainly by children or young people and the public to introduce us to the wonders of our planet and encourage us to embrace diverse perspectives and solutions. A magical, educational experience for young writers and readers to discover the differences that make our planet so special, but also to uncover the similarities we often overlook.

A book to explore our deeper connection with the Earth and make connections with buddies from all corners of the planet!

The perfect BEDSIDE BOOK for children 5+ and young people up to 21 years old.

Ideal for all children really – big and small in the world! Including – us – the adults!

UNIVERSAL THEMES of hope, courage, gratitude, generosity, forgiveness, faith and compassion in action for the protection of the environment and our healthy relationship with people and all living creatures on this planet.

100 stories with characters from nature, colourful phenomena, the animals, the elements and the cosmos, more than 200 PAGES of whimsical fun.

Designed to raise ACCEPTING CHILDREN that know how to adapt in a world that is constantly in flux. Designed to inspire people across generations who live on a planet in crisis.


T h e  S t o r i e s 

Fictional plots capture the imagination of little readers and equally allow readers of all ages including parents, grandparents, teachers and educators to experience the planet beyond themselves, developing compassion and empathy.

Stories follow buddies from different countries and explore unique aspects of their emotional world, appreciation and interpretation of their connection with Mother Earth. At the same time, the characters’ fears and dreams are universal and relatable to every child, young person and adult.

There are seven chapters connecting with each letter and colour of the RAINBOW to represent an area of their particular interest or area of concern how to make our life on Mother Earth more sustainable, respectful and peaceful amongst humans and all living beings.

The 7-step RAINBOW Method

Every story is accompanied by a 2-page snapshot of that child’s imagination expressed with a choice from the colours of the RAINBOW (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Royal Blue or Indigo, Violet) and associated with themes derived from positive words from each of the letters of the RAINBOW in the form of Mind Maps to support the development of your letter/poem/story.

  • R for Respect and Recognition

  • A for Allowing, Acceptance, the Amazon and Aurora Borealis

  • I for Investigation and Imagination

  • N for Nature, Niagara Falls and Nurture

  • B for Breathe, Believe and Bushfires

  • O for Ownership and taking responsibility as citizens 

  • W for Wonder of colours and expression through creativity 

T h e  W h y

Colour is Universal. We all  c o m m u n i c a t e  in the same language of colour. Each individual colour co-creates the magic of a RAINBOW and expresses different layers of emotions. In the psychology of colour, colour vibrates at different frequencies. All colours are equally important. Colour is used as an awareness tool to help us adults understand the emotional world of children and young people who don’t always have the words to communicate how they feel. Equally, a RAINBOW carries the same, collective meaning of positivity, wonder and excitement – globally – spreading messages of hope, joy, and togetherness.


Adults often forget this. Children don’t. Let’s keep it this way. The role of the RAINBOW Letters is to UNITE all of us, no matter what age, ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion etc. and inspire us to respond to a planet in crisis in sustainable ways and from a place of self care and self responsibility. Children and young people are bursting with curiosity, ready to investigate, interrogate, initiate ideas for not only surviving but thriving in 21st century and the generations to come. Stories nurture this curiosity and feed their belief in changing the current relationship of destruction, imbalance and abuse with the earth into building a relationship of gratitude, caring community, kindness and togetherness.

With the “RAINBOW Letters to Mother Earth” we want to bring messages of hope, belief, compassion in action and kindness to flow from all corners of the planet to the forefront of children’s and young people’s minds, hearts and spirits. But, equally, we want all of you, who teach and care for our children and young people, on board. — ChriSOULa Sirigou

Stories that will foster our young writers’ capacity to develop an accepting mindset. Stories with surprising peculiarities that will fuel their imagination and spark their curiosity. And most importantly, stories with striking similarities that will teach littles to search for kindness and magic in unfamiliar eyes.

T h e  T e a m

 ChriSOULa Sirigou The Golden Muse – Founder / Creator / Author

Susan Brookes – Editor in chief

K8 the heARTist (Kate Lumley) – Illustrator

Lene Nielsen – Illustrator

RAINBOW Ambassadors (to be announced very soon!) 

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