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ORANGE DRAGON Unite in Harmony

ORANGE DRAGON Unite in Harmony NEW! Colour Mirrors Dragon Essence The orange dragons are devoting  themselves to bringing together soul families and soul communities in time for the new Golden Age. They light individuals and groups up so that they recognise each other. These dragons breathe out flames of acceptance, warmth and happiness that connect […]

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Colour Psychology Top Facts

Fascinating Facts About Colour Psychology On 21st March we celebrate The International Day of Colour together with new beginnings and Spring Equinox. Colours are some of the very first things we learn — at least, we learn to name and identify them. But did you know that colours, in addition to making things look nice, […]

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The latest research has shown that our gut is not only responsible for our immunity, but also for our mental health, disease prevention and longevity. How many of us can honestly say we have never experienced any kind of digestive issues? Virtually none. In fact, even if you are one of those lucky few, we […]

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