Personal Colours

We are all very interested in who we are and how we interact with each other on this planet.  Many books, films, workshops and courses are available to help us understand ourselves and others better.

ChriSOULa Sirigou combines the ancient art of Colour Therapy along with Pythagorean numerology system to create the nine colour paradigm.  The nine personality numbers give additional accuracy in describing the traits of each personality by the allocation of a different colour to each number.

What’s your Colour Personality?

1 to 1 Colour Consultation Session

The model delves into our personality qualities.  When the weaker side of our personally takes over, sabotaging our peace and well-being, we need to consider our essence, our ideal state of being and try to relate with it.  Using the language of colour can help bring a transformative and non-judgemental approach, giving valuable insight and tools that can bring about balance and harmony.

You are more unique than just your core personality colour, so we incorporate the day, month and year colours to give you additional information on skills, talents and your communication style.  You can also learn about your mission, and what you are leaning through your lifetime.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce stress and help create healthy behaviour patterns
  • Support your personal growth and focus on your goals
  • Help you to build stronger connections in all your relationships, work and home
  • Transform you goals and objectives to create a fulfilling life




Individual Colour Readings

Our individual colour readings can benefit you by:

  • Help you to build stronger connections in your personal relationships: Partnership Reading £75.00
  • Alleviate family tensions by understanding family members: Family Reading £100.00
  • Support and consider your children’s development: Individual Reading £55.00
  • Attract abundance, love and happiness with complimentary colour: Annual Colour Review £80.00

Your date of birth is required when making a booking.

Readings are given face to face and we use  Zoom or you can come and visit us in Cheshire.