Holistic MasterCalls

Ten Minute Holistic Mastercalls

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The Golden Muse Digital Marketing and PR Platform allows you to create just one or a series of  “Ten Minute Holistic Mastercalls” online for your website and social media channels – making it ultra-easy to increase your visibility as the Go-To-Expert and build your tribe.

Online video based interviews carried out by ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse are rapidly complementing interviews on the Radio as THE most direct way for people to engage with you, your branding and your transformational message. These online video Mastercalls are a wonderful way to allow people to connect with you and your energy and become one-to-one clients and/or attract them to book onto your courses, workshops or retreats.

At the bottom of this page you can see listed some of the Ten Minute Holistic Mastercalls which have been created using The Golden Muse’s Digital Marketing and PR Platform.

Once created, your Ten-Minute Holistic Mastercall is uploaded on YouTube – offering you ongoing visibility which also builds your tribe of followers.

When you sign up you’ll also receive the video programme “How to Create a Best Online Mastercall” created by “The Health and Healing Radio Show” presenter, producer, broadcaster, Colour Psychologist and Visionary Guide, Chrisoula Sirigou, AKA The Golden Muse – which demonstrates the key ingredients of a successful interview, how to focus on one specific area of expertise and guide you how to be confident and clear with your supportive and inspiring message.

Videocast? or Vlog? (or both?)

You can either say yes to the creation of your first Mastercall at £75.00 (Videocast only) or  your first Mastercall Videocast accompanied by an outline of the episode in a personalised Blog (Vlog incl. video cast) at £135.00 and receive a FREE 30 minute ONE-TO-ONE MENTORING SESSION with Chrisoula — The Golden Muse to help you scope your first online Ten Minute Holistic MasterCall.

Sign up to The Golden Muse Digital Marketing and PR Platform today emailing to info@ChrisoulaSirigou.com and receiving BACS payment details to complete your registration.

See below some of the Ten Minute Holistic Mastercalls which have been created using the Golden Muse Digital Marketing & PR Platform… Videocast? Vlog? 

 Gardens that Make Your Soul Sing with Jo Dyer

Free YourSelf For Love with Dawn and Lionel Cox

Break Free and Live Your Dream with Lisa Barry

SPECIAL 2017 OFFER CLOSING 28 FEBRUARY 2017 – Unlimited creation of Ten Minute Holistic Mastercalls on THE GOLDEN MUSE Marketing & PR Platform throughout 2017 including a FREE One-to-One Mentoring session with experienced broadcaster and visionary guide, Chrisoula Sirigou for just £199.00 (Worth £375 – YOU SAVE £176)