Celebrate LIFE “Greektreats”

Re-treats in Greece for Learning. Inspiration. Flow. Empowerment.

We offer a unique blend of experiences designed for solo travellers and anyone who is on a spiritual or self development journey.

  • A mix of mountainous and on the beach retreat style holidays to discover the Real Greece in mainland Greece the mythical Peloponnese and Pelion
  • In and around Attica exploring nearby islands and Athenian vibrant lifestyle with a mixture of eastern and western cultures and a fusion of modern and ancient structures

You are invited to join Chrisoula at her ancestors’ beautiful land, for one of our signature Celebrate LIFE Greek-treats visiting sacred places like The Parthenon in AthensDelphi, The Epidaurus Theatre and Asklepion and when Greece is at its best:

Autumn Retreat during October and early November

Spring Retreat during April and May

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The city of Athens

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 21.10.04

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

They are designed to inspire you to slow down and surrender…

Learn something new about nature, culture, food, relationships,  history … open yourself up to new beginnings

Simply BE in the present moment, choose to read a book, an activity you meant to give a go for some time now …

Be in the Flow of life, exchange ideas, meaningful conversations in many ways even in stillness when meditating, doing yoga, dancing, walking in the mountains or by the sea

Communicate through opening your heart, feeling more love, depth and joy. Feel Empowered to be You!