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These fun and engaging workshops are dedicated to help empower emotionally resilient kids. They help boost children’s confidence, increase emotional literacy and improve positivity and happiness. They act as insightful and playful introductions how to use the psychology of colour and colour therapy in guided meditation and chakra balancing activities incorporating movement, visualisations, nature elements, positive affirmations and sound to help feel grounded and calm. Suitable for children aged 7+ and for all ages (including adults who want to feel like a kid!).

ColouMe Happy       ColouMe Calm     ColouMe Confident   w o r k s h o p s

 to help children manage stress and anxiety whilst building self-esteem and confidence


“Colour is a language that allows a child, a teenager or an adult to express their feelings and emotions in a way that they may not be able to do using words alone.”


Host a Chill and Chat ColouMe Happy relaxation party at your family home.

Learn simple mindfulness exercises, loosen up with stretches, de-stress with colour meditations, essential oils and deep breathing, get tips for bringing calm to your home and learn about our exciting range of r  s  Kids relaxation products.


r  s  Kids

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Our  therapy products help encourage deep sleep,  build self-esteem, confidence, creativity and help boost positivity and self-expression.

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