The Colour Mirrors Essences

The Colour Mirrors Essences

readings The oil bottles in the Colour Mirrors range are so bold, rich, varied and complex that we might think they would be the beginning and end of the system. There is another collection of Colour Mirrors bottles, however, and they are every bit as potent and beautiful – and equally powerful as tools for transformation. The Colour Mirrors essences, or spritzers, as we often call them, are perhaps simpler and more subtle in their presentation, less bold in their size and shape, but these carriers of light, colour, energy and information also have a delicious scent (made with South African organic essential oils), which only adds to the pleasure of using them. They have become favourites of many Colour Mirrors fans for their portability, ease of use, exquisite colours and scents and their ability to swiftly and powerfully shift the energies for people and spaces. Colour-Mirrors-Spritzers

Over the years they have grown from an initial set of seven to 39 at the time of writing.

They are divided into several subsets:





plus a group we are calling Additional essences, those which do not fit neatly into any other category.

There are many ways to use the essences and we invite you to experiment and explore to find what suits you best:

  • You can spritz them into your energy field, onto your body, around your home or wherever you choose to spread their colourful light.
  • One of the most common ways to use them is to spritz some into your palms, rub your hands together and gently breathe in the scent.
  • You may choose just to hold a bottle, meditate with it or place it on whichever part of your body feels good. Try putting one by your bed and letting its energies connect with you while you sleep.
  • You can also pour some into a bath and enjoy the colour frequencies as you soak in them.As with the Colour Mirrors oils, the key is to choose the essence that is calling to you in any given moment. You can focus on an issue and see which bottle ‘speaks’ to you, or you can simply go for the one that stands out or looks the most appealing. Do not be too surprised if sometimes you think you are going to reach for a particular bottle and find your hand picking up the one next to it! This happens quite frequently and is just a sign that your higher self is guiding you. Trust that you will select exactly the right essence, every time.
  • We sometimes refer to the oil bottles in Colour Mirrors as the ‘issue’ bottles, as they help you delve deeply into an issue, work with it, explore it, understand it, then transform it through love. The essences do something similar, but because they operate at a very high frequency, they do so in a way that is often faster and perhaps more subtle. They can be used for ‘push- button healing’ – when you are ready to shift or let something go without the need for a deep process.Scent activates and triggers memories in a way nothing else does. It is one of the reasons the Colour Mirrors spritzers are so swift and powerful in their effects. They often bring to the surface buried emotions and memories, move them into conscious awareness and love them right on out into the light, all in the blink of an eye.
  • Many therapists find that in healing sessions the essences help transform blockages and shift stuck energy incredibly quickly, making the sessions flow with wonderful ease and grace. By asking the client to choose a colour to help them move through whatever is causing them to be blocked or stuck, then using a spritz or two of an essence in that colour, results have been nothing short of miraculous.
    The essences help you shift, clear and then integrate your healing and learning, but they may also take you far beyond this into the realms of spiritual evolution. It is when you connect with the ‘essence’ of the essences that things go to another level entirely. In addition to their luscious colours and glorious scents, each of the essences has its own distinct voice and character. If you tune in beyond your immediate first response, you will find energies and qualities that bring you into a very personal connection with the ‘being’ behind the essence – the angel, dragon or elemental that over-lights the bottle. We invite you to discover how they communicate uniquely with you as you connect with them. What we do know about the Colour Mirrors essences is that they can take you into higher dimensions, transport you to spiritual heights and pave the way for truly remarkable insights and experiences. For many, the bliss and sense of homecoming is beyond words.

    Open to know more? Determined to transform your life for the better?

    If you’re curious to find out which specific essences can help you personally and/or professionally, one simple way to achieve this is to schedule a private online consultation with ChriSOULa. Various types of consultations to choose from including colour and numerology, colour and astrology and more.

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