Golden Keys To Prosperity

The Golden Keys To Prosperity

9-Week Online Class: Coming Soon in Spring 2017

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activating the prosperity code globally

Activating The Prosperity Portals

Early Bird Offer £88.00 (£99.00 standard price) per person. 

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At some level, we all have experienced the feeling of not being enough or not having enough: what is embedded in our mass consciousness is the consciousness of Separation and Lack which affects in many ways our relationship and understanding of Money, which was given to us as a vehicle for Divine Energy to flow and to empower us for Prosperity and Creativity. The story of “Not Enough” has a power over us as it runs from the shadow-lands. In this 9-Week Divine Wealth Video-Class, ChriSOULa works with the Golden Keys to Ascension programme and brings in Languages of Heart and Colour to clear away old beliefs around Money, deep-rooted in our cells. During this process, every week as we immerse deeper in Gold – the frequency of wealth – and the divine energy of seven other colours, we cleanse, open up and re-activate the Prosperity Portals. Each Golden Key comes with a “Harmonic” or energy transmission which is designed to facilitate your journey to ascended and prosperous living.

Testimonials & Impressions from participants:

“Thank you Chrisoula for each week you have connected us to the colours and frequency of the Golden Gaias…I really felt the expansion this week x”— Lucyna Bowen, Coventry

“I’ve just enjoyed my fourth week of online calls with Chrisoula and friends, taking some “me time” to have some spiritual growth :-) It was all about Gold and ‘I am’. I joined the call just as Chrisoula had started the meditation, perfect timing! I was embraced by a golden angel and given guidance and focus. I told Chrisoula and the girls that I had randomly felt one day, my higher chakra open and fill with light, a few days after our first call. I have found more balance and trying to take some time to myself, even if it’s just an hour :-) Thank you Chrisoula and new friends x” —Natasha Crompton, Intrinsic Therapies

SUPER BONUS OFFER £199.00 when committing to

  • the 9-week online class and
  • 7 x Colour Mirrors dual coloured bottles that accompany the Golden Keys to Prosperity online course (Value £210.00)

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The 7 Golden Keys To Prosperity

The “Golden Keys” are Earth energies – Gaia energies

Colour Mirrors has a powerful range of Gaia bottles – starting with Copper and moving into the higher frequency light of Gold, Platinum, Coral and Silver, mirroring the Earth’s transition into a higher dimensional frequency. These bottles of gold and colour form a Divine, high-vibration set to guide and assist us on a fast-track journey to that which we call Ascension; the return path to love and the Divine light within all of us, and a very new way of being on the Earth – the golden Earth. Each of the seven bottles represents a step on the golden pathway to living in your authentic power and joy right here on Earth. Together they present us with seven Golden Keys to Ascension.

Each Key is a a potent reminder of who we are, each bottle a tangible presence to help us remember the truth of our divinity.

The Golden Keys are tools

They help re-empower us, bringing us into alignment with our own highest truth and light so that we can live that light in our everyday lives. They guide us toward finding our own truth and learning to live from that truth. As we journey deeper into the heart of the Golden Keys – and ourselves – we are shown practical and inspiring ways of living life on the New Earth.

Sit and take in what you are seeing for a moment…..allow the golden light from the image above to connect with you. What you see here is a potent Ascension power pack to assist us in the shift into the golden era on Earth. Let the energy of these Golden Gaia bottles resonate and reverberate in your being. Notice where your eyes are drawn to, which colours call you…

Seven Golden Keys

In the seven Golden Gaia oils we meet a template of colour. Gold, of course, is the under – or in some cases over – lying theme. But added to the gold of the seven Golden Gaia Keys we also have an array of shades: Turquoise, Blue-Lilac, Coral, Gold, Pink, White and Magenta. Each is on a particular place on the journey of self-awareness and awakening and in a very particular order. We will discover the joys of this Divine colour as we travel, but for now, here is a glimpse of what they have to offer:


The first key steps us into brilliant, beautiful turquoise, the colour that is intimately connected with the concepts of faith and trust. Without it there would be no golden journey. The belief is the thing that moves us onto the path in the first place.


The second key, Impeccability, takes us into the cool realms of blue-lilac where we begin to recognise the power of our word and our responsibility as co-creators of our lives.


As we emerge from the immersion of the second Key into the warm Coral tones of third, Generosity, we begin to accept ourselves, becoming generous with who we are and opening to the beneficent light of the universe. The possibilities of gloriousness begin to stir in our bodies and we open to the resonant notes of joy.

bot63I AM

In the fourth Key we step into pure gold and claim “I AM”. I am divine, I am love, I am whole, I am that I am. We claim our Divine selves, remember our authenticity, re-engage with our light and begin to live as our divinity.


From the fifth Key, the soft pink of Grace, we travel lighter and lighter, softer and gentler, opening our eyes, hearts and minds only to love.

bot65Ascension Light

The sixth Key lifts us into the white, clarifying, purifying Ascension Light so that we might know ourselves as this light and in the process, release what is heavy or dark within us.


Finally as we dive headlong into the seventh Key we discover magenta and all the possibilities of Divine love, Divine being, Divine living. This is the transformative, awakening power of Satori.

which are also the names of the seven Golden Gaia oils (G9-G15) from Colour Mirrors which link closely with the Golden Keys we explore in the book.

How do we use these delicious Golden Oils as part of the 9-Week Divine Wealth Programme?

We can sit with them, hold them, delight in their light, dive into their beauty, enjoy their subtle energies and if we want to fully, utterly experience all that they can offer, we will let their messages flow deeply into our marrow. We will steep ourselves in the healing balm of water, we will bathe in these heavenly sensual oils. Water acts as an energy conductor, carrying their divine and potent messages to our cells, bypassing the contradictions of the mind and going straight to the ever-listening heart.

If you would like to experience the full delight of the Golden Keys, the 9-Week course, combines online and in-person classes, and is designed to facilitate and support your journey to Ascension Living. It is offered by Chrisoula, The Golden Muse, colour psychologist, certified teacher of the Colour Mirrors Energy System and Heart Intelligent (Heart IQ™) Relationships Coach

Ascension Living Programme Packs

Cost/Investment: £99.00 pp covers attendance and full access to the 9-week course incl. the accompanied Video Podcasts, PDF course handouts, colour meditations, access to a secret Facebook group for ongoing support.

Email to ask for more details and make your advanced payment by BACS.


The Angel Essences that accompany the course:

Gold Angel of Ascension, Blue Angel of Protection, Pink Angel of Love and Partnership, Coral Angel of Manifestation and Magic, Lilac Angel of Prayer and Forgiveness, Clear Angel of Purity, Grace and Clarity and Archangel Metatron (Deep Magenta).

The Language of Light Book


The Language of Light: Golden Keys to Ascension, as described by Korani, the author of the book … 
is a template, a blueprint for living your light right here on the planet.  It contains energetic passwords to a life of joy and inspiration – if you’re willing to discover them and live them.  It is a path to inspiration, joy, compassion and most of all, ease.

It is a transmission of Divine energy carried to you on the frequency of love. This book will guide and assist you in remembering the Language of Light, the long-forgotten language of your soul and will reconnect you with its message, that you are Divine, whole and perfect – and have always  been so.

In addition you will be introduced to seven Golden Keys, potentised golden oils infused with light, which align perfectly with the energy transmissions of the book.

Together, the Language of Light and the seven Golden Keys form an Ascension “power pack”. Take a journey to authenticity, freedom and light; to wholeness, oneness and joy. Welcome to the ride of your life!

The Language of Light and the Golden Keys are powerful tools to:

•heighten your perception of the divinity and creative force within all life

•open your awareness to a greater, higher, more expansive perspective of yourself and all that is

•unlock knowledge and wisdom that has been lying dormant within you

•offer you practical and energetic support in raising your vibrational frequency

•recalibrate your energy fields to hold more light

•assist you in finding your unique expression in the world

•facilitate paradigm shifts in your thinking and awareness

•bring you into greater alignment with your own Divine truth

•offer you golden threads from which to weave the unique tapestry of your own Ascension journey

Cost: £16.99 + p&p

Purchase your copy online or directly from Chrisoula.


If you wish to add these Golden oils to the process of transformation offered by the book, you can purchase these bottles through Chrisoula.