The Colour Mirrors Elements

The Colour Mirrors Elements

The elements of earth, fire, metal, wood, water and air are fundamental components of life on the planet. We all relate to and make use of them in our everyday lives in some form. Each element has particular qualities and characteristics which support and nourish you and connect you with life and nature.

The Colour Mirrors Elements are essences that encourage you to be in your life, experiencing it with your senses, engaging with it whole-heartedly, exploring it to the full. They remind you to embody your light in ways that are tangible and practical so that what you do and how you do it make a real difference on the planet. With their bold, powerful colours they keep you centred during transition and transformation and offer support on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

When any aspect of your body or being has become depleted, these essences restore, replenish and rejuvenate. When you are drawn to an Element spritzer, notice its messages, use its colour power and breathe in its scent to bring balance to your inner and outer world. The colours and energies of the Element essences harmonise beautifully as a set, reminding you that each element is only one aspect of life and that, much like humanity, when all come together, each can fulfil its purpose and potential.


earthThis essence is instantly grounding. It connects you with Gaia and attunes your heartbeat to the heartbeat of the planet. It reminds you that you are of the earth, as is everything you create. A strong connection with the earth is deeply reassuring and nurturing, and manifesting your desires becomes easier and more joyful when your spirit is fully grounded. Gaia is always there, a true example of unconditional love, helping your body feel safe so that your spirit is free to shine. This essence helps you remember that you and the earth and everything on the earth are one.

I am the Earth elemental and I help you land on the planet when life makes you want to disengage and float away. I earth you when life feels shocking, bringing you and your spirit gently into balance as you come back into your body. I calm your fears, and when you have shut down your heart because it has been too painful here, I help you feel safe to open it again. I show you how to fall in love with your life and the earth when you forget what an amazing gift it is to be here. I remind you of the beauty of bringing your exquisite soul into a grounded state where anything is possible. I encourage you to share your brilliance.

Feel the gentle, loving support I have held for you through all your many lifetimes and know that you are safe now to land fully on the earth. I have always been at your feet, holding, loving, supporting and guiding you, and I will continue to be here as long as you are in a body. As you make contact with my deep support, remember that dreams cannot drift into being but need your feet on the ground in order to become real. Feel the rich sense of belonging, comfort, reassurance and stability I offer and know that whatever you desire is in reach now, with my blessings.

If you feel into my energy you will find that I am immensely powerful and not in need of rescuing, nor do I judge anything that has ever happened to me or on me. I simply hold an infinitely loving space for you and all of humanity to learn and grow. My love for you is eons old and deeper than you will ever know. I am so grateful you have chosen to bring your light here so that we can grow and evolve together.


Fire Spray BottleThis essence is about initiation. It supports the mindset you need for a fire walk or anything that requires mind over matter. It connects you to your magical self who is capable of superhuman achievements. This essence helps you find courage and the ability to stand up for yourself. It awakens your passion for life, reconnects you with your creative power and helps you burn off all that is not essential to your journey.

I am the Fire elemental and I see the fire within you, the powerful fire light that swirls at your core. Even if it has remained dormant for much of your life or seems to have gone out, I assure you it is still present. Let me help you re-ignite it so that it can burn brightly again.

I hold a light of calm support when life is shocking in its intensity and everything around you seems to be exploding. I bring warmth when you are frozen and reawaken your vitality when you have shut down. I bring courage and comfort when you find things hard to bear and awaken boldness and strength when you feel timid or weak. I activate passion and excitement when you feel flat and discouraged and bring regeneration and renewal when you have burned yourself out. When you feel unloved, unsupported or unsafe, I share with you my warm and nourishing light.

I assist you in releasing anger and frustration so that you can stop resisting and actively engage with life. I help you burn off whatever is no longer in alignment with your truth so that you can blaze a path through life that is uniquely, divinely yours. With my bright fire energy, I support you in opening your creative channels, reconnecting with others and receiving life’s gifts. Most of all, I encourage you to expand and evolve into your full, glorious potential.



Metal__GoldThe Metal element connects you with your ability to create magic and alchemy. It helps you turn dark issues into light and transform problems into solutions. This essence connects you with your inner power. It reminds you that you are Divine and golden and fully deserve all the Divine abundance life has to offer. Use this essence when you require clarity, focus and mental strength.

I am the Metal elemental, an alchemist and magician who helps you access your own inner magic so that you can manifest whatever you desire. I help you transform everything that is heavy and dense in your world into lightness and ease. When you are beholden to limiting beliefs that keep you small, I assist you in letting them go and opening to the power and potential you hold within. I stand in my own power and light so that you remember how to do the same.

With my guidance and support, tap into the vibrant, powerful pulse of creation in your heart and belly and find the nuggets of gold hidden inside you. Together we can make gold out of lead, light out of darkness, magic out of dross, wonder out of the commonplace. If you ever feel dull or worthless, let me remind you that you are precious and valuable to everyone in your life and to the universe itself. Use my golden light to help you discover and activate the unique gifts only you can offer the world. Remember how strong and powerful you are.

I am the alchemical change that helps to shift the planet into the fifth dimension – and your part in this is vital. Let me stand beside you as you take your place as a way-shower and light-bringer for your fellow humans, leading the way to a bright new future on the earth.


Wood___OliveThe element of Wood relates to the liver meridian. This essence helps you deal with unexpressed anger and negative emotions stored as toxins in the liver. It connects you with your body elemental the deva or overlighting energy of your being – which holds your body’s blueprint. It helps you foster a more positive self-image and a more loving relationship with your body. Wood reconnects you with the power of Mother Nature and the elemental beings who support her.

I am the Wood elemental and I am a tonic for your senses. I sweep in with the freshness of a spring morning and remind you to connect with all of nature, and trees in particular. These are beings of great beauty and strength who have much wisdom to share. I help you remember what it is to be as vast as the oak and as deeply rooted in the earth. I remind you to lift up your eyes, heart and mind to the heavens, just as the tree lifts its branches towards the sun.

I hold the energy blueprint of your body’s true potential. When your body feels heavy, stiff or unhappy, my fresh scent and energy move you towards lightness, clarity and freedom.

When you feel angry and agitated, I bring stillness and peace. I remind you that your body is the wonderful creation that houses your spirit. I ask you to honour your beautiful gift of a body, for it is one of your greatest teachers and is always doing its very best to support you. Your body is created by every thought you have about it, and I ask you to become more conscious of the messages you give it.

I help you unwind physically, mentally and emotionally so that you can let go of anger, resentment or any other toxic emotions you have buried in your cells. I encourage health, growth and renewal. As I am linked with spring and the creative essence of nature, I am deeply supportive of new projects and help you move forward and venture onto new paths.


Water__Deep TurquoiseThe Water element is a great support when you have been blocking your emotions or holding them in. When you feel stuck, this essence helps you access your true feelings, express them appropriately and release them. As you free your blocked emotions and the issues they have caused, the Water element brings you into the beautiful, natural flow of life so that you can enjoy it all.

I am the Water elemental and you can call on me to guide you back into flow any time you feel stuck. I help you remember that the magnificence of feelings is that they make you human and connect you with others and with life itself. I help you access your feelings and bring to light any that are unresolved, because all feelings – even anger and fear – ultimately lead to healing if you let yourself fully feel and express them.

When you are unable or unwilling to shed tears, I create a gentle healing space until you are ready to emerge, cleansed and renewed. When you feel that nothing is moving, when you are blocked and resisting, I flow through your life bringing shift and transformation. When you feel heavy or stagnant, I bring the gift of clearing and lifting the energy so that you feel light and ready to move forward. I may quietly enter your life like a gentle stream to ease you away from old habits and patterns, or I may rush into your life like a torrent when you are clinging to the very things that keep you stuck – and yes, that may feel scary for a time, but do not fear. I am one of the essential elements of life itself, and I am totally on your side. I support you as you let go and encourage you to dive into the depths, knowing that freedom is to be found there.

Open to my power and let yourself feel clear, revitalised and alive. I am water, the water of life. I am the water of your body, your earth and your being. I have the deep, still strength of rivers and oceans. I sparkle with joy like a waterfall after rain. When I flow with my full force, I can move mountains.


Air__ClearThis essence carries the energy of the moon and the cycles and tides and reconnects you with your stellar origins. It puts you at peace with the unfolding perfection of what you have created and lifts the energy so that you can see the bigger picture. This essence connects you with ancient female wisdom. Use it when a problem needs a feminine slant and for any female issues such as menstrual difficulties. The Air element connects you with the breath and opens you to trust and inspiration.

I am the Air elemental and I bring fresh air into any room or space that feels cluttered or stale. At this time of transition on the earth I blow in like fresh air through the cobwebs of your mind, helping you breathe freely and think clearly. Like the Divine, I am all around you and everywhere within you. I connect you with your spirit and expand your capacity for ideas and inspiration. Breathe in my scent and remember that you are so much more than your body or mind.

I am linked with the moon and the moon goddesses and hold ancient feminine wisdom and power. I remind you of your lifetimes in the ancient mystery schools and heal the trauma of those times when masculine power attempted to undermine and suppress the feminine. I help you set down the feelings of burden and responsibility you have been carrying through the ages and breathe freely again.

If you have been carrying the pain of the world in any form this can now be released. You need no longer bear the burden of guilt for being female, for being born into the ‘wrong’ body, for not doing enough, for simply existing. I hold the space for you to breathe deeply and feel completely at home as the unique Divine being you are, shining like the full moon in the purity of your own true light.