The Colour Mirrors Dragons

The Colour Mirrors Dragons


*** The descriptions below of the Colour Mirrors Dragons Essences were taken by the book “The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors” by Korani and Melissie available on Amazon. ChriSOULa is a certified and experienced Teacher of Colour Mirrors and one of the contributors in the book. *** Contact ChriSOULa directly when you feel drawn to work with dragon energy and can purchase essences online.


Dragons have a special place in mythology, appearing in the stories and legends of many cultures throughout history. Often they are depicted as beings of power, domination and aggression who arouse fear in the hearts of humankind. Many are the stories of dragons portrayed as demons who must be ‘slayed’ or fire-breathing monsters who must be tamed. Colour Mirrors dragons have a different take on the story: they are dragons of light who represent your true, Divine, authentic power and help you access it. We have seen so many people when they connect with these shimmering colour dragons truly experience their own power in their body – perhaps for the first time ever.

These dragons are enormously empowering, but they also bring a sense of love, laughter, joy, fun and friendship. They help you fly when you get stuck and anchor you when you find it hard to keep your feet on the ground. They cheer you up you when you are down and offer stability and support when you find it difficult to cope. Their role is to assist you in reclaiming yourself as a Divine sovereign being who is of the sky and the earth and can flow easily between the two.

Copper Dragon

copper_dragonThe Copper Dragon is an ancient Chinese dragon who holds all the ancient feminine knowledge of the earth. This glowing dragon shows you what it means to be a powerful female. She knows what she knows and is so firmly rooted in her Divine power that she takes away all your doubts about who you really are. This dragon helps you release your judgements about the difficulties of being on the planet and being human. She holds the same qualities of magic, compassion and mercy as the goddess Quan Yin whose favourite way to travel was on the back of a dragon and she offers them to you. This essence is very helpful for people who practise Reiki or any form of energy healing as it supports and empowers your healing abilities.

I bring shimmer and sparkle into your life so that you can remember the joy and fun of having a body and being on the earth. I connect you with the energy that is required for any form of healing – and if you have always thought that the energy for healing comes only from above, where you believe your angels and guides are, think again. It comes also from the depth of Gaia, who loves you enough to share her deep wisdom and energy with you.

Dragons are earth angels who have watched over you from the first time you set foot on the planet. We create a portal for you to access the incredible energy of the earth and utilise it in your healing work. I am here to remind you that the earth is Divine, that there is no up above and down below. It is all one. What is above you is below you and it is all Source and all accessible when you tune in to the energy. I hold a very safe space for you to grow, explore and flourish on the earth and to find the place you call home, both inside of you and in your external reality.

Red Dragon

red_dragonThis dragon brings understanding, empathy and compassion into any situation where there has been anger and resentment. His power is huge, and he knows that no matter how much blood has been spilled on this earth the only way to heal and move forward is through love. Use this essence when your anger feels as if it can never be appeased. Red Dragon brings forgiveness and puts you back in your power again, showing you that you can never fight it right, you can only love it right. This essence helps support, strengthen and align your energy body so that you can feel calm, centred and clear.

I am here to help you any time you feel overwhelmed with anger and wish to return to a state of clarity. Anger blocks your ability to think clearly, and my gift is to help you get grounded and present again when the anger has knocked you off balance. I help you understand what it was that brought your anger to the surface and show you that what you thought was the cause was undoubtedly just the trigger of an old hurt. You may even find that the current situation is nothing you need to respond to. Once you have clarity, it is much easier to see all sides of the story and find compassion for everyone involved, particularly yourself. My purpose is to bring you back to your centre so that you can find your truth again: you are much bigger than the situation, and compassion will serve you much better than anger. I am grounding and loving and can clear the air in miraculous ways. I hold enough love to support you in any difficulty. I also have a little twinkle in my eye that reminds you to find the humour in any situation and not to take yourself too seriously.

Pink Dragon

pink_dragonThis dragon gently shimmers into your life when you need to be reminded that only love exists and that it is time to play and not be so very serious and adult all the time. She brings love in her wake and laughter. She appeals to little ones of all ages and knows about a happy childhood at any age. She awakens your magical inner child with joy, love and laughter. Use this essence when you feel sad, down and unloved.

I love you, and I have come at this time to hold a space of such love and joy that you cannot help but smile. My purpose is to help your little inner child giggle and bubble with joy and fun again. Feel my power – which is love – and know that your power is the same as mine, and it is immense! Nothing is more powerful than love, and nothing is more important than joy. I am here to remind you to play, enjoy life and find things to get excited about. I am the dragon of Ascension because my whole being is infused with love and joy. This is your natural state and the fastest way to raise your vibration. I help you keep laughing, and in that joyous laughter, together we lift the frequency of the planet.

Gold Dragon

gold_dragonThis dragon activates power true raw power that brooks no argument. He can and has moved mountains, and he reminds you that you can do the same. He is rich, abundant and wild and helps you access these qualities in yourself. Use this essence to reconnect with your ancient wisdom and your ability to see clearly. This dragon helps clear imbalances of the third eye, as gold is the complementary colour to royal blue, which relates to the third eye. His ability to see beyond the ordinary is a gift that he willingly shares with you. This essence helps you release judgement about what you have perceived as abuse of power and supports you in consciously and magically creating all that you desire.

I sweep into your life with fire in my tail and light in my eyes to remind you to claim your Divine power. Feel the life force beating in your heart and know that you have everything you need to live an extraordinary life. You are not a victim but a glorious, magnificent human, created in the image of the Divine, with all the same qualities. Never forget that your strength, courage and wisdom can achieve the seemingly impossible. I awaken in you a fearless, empowered light that has always been yours but that you may have forgotten for a time. You cannot pretend to be small with me around because my vastness and brilliance are reflected in you. Never forget that you have golden sparkles in your soul.

Green Dragon

green_dragonThis dragon brings in new beginnings and the energy of spring. He makes you feel safe when everything is changing and you are overwhelmed with anxiety. His healing love brings peace to your heart and to the planet. He knows about cycles and seasons and the benefits of change. He holds deep compassion for the planet and for humanity, who out of fear killed the dragons and forced them into hiding. This is his time. The healing has started now that he has awakened. This essence helps at a deep level to release the judgement of death. Humanity tends to judge and fear death more than anything else. With the help of this essence you are shown another perspective and can begin to see it clearly as just another step in your evolution and another new beginning.

Change is the only constant, and my green sparkles help you find peace with it, while my clear essence reminds you that every change exists only to bring you closer to the light. I am kind and loving and wrap you in my comforting energy when you feel scared. I remind you that all change exists for your highest good and that life and death are just aspects of the cycle of creation. Energy can never die, it can only change form. With my help you begin to see every change, including death, as a creative act of the universe and not something to fear. I represent spring, new growth, rebirth and fresh new perspectives.

Turquoise Dragon

turquoise_dragonThis dragon holds the energy of the new era on earth. She brings together the elements of air and water so that heart and mind can come into perfect balance. Her gentle yet powerful support comes as a wave of peace and harmony, relieving fear-based projections about the future of the planet as well as your own personal fears. In Chinese mythology the goddess of mercy and compassion, Quan Yin, rides on a turquoise dragon, and this essence helps you carry mercy and compassion into all your life experiences. It helps you open your higher heart chakra, the place from which you connect to the oneness of all life. This dragon is of the stars yet deeply grounded, and she shows you how to be the same. She is the embodiment of Aquarius and the one to reach for when you are ready to go global.

I bring peace and calm, ease and flow. I am a breath of cool air when emotions get heated, helping you let go of struggle and surrender into serenity. I support you with technology and fly in to clear up any kind of technical glitch. With my ancient wisdom I bring softness, love, kindness and compassion into any situation. With my links into the future I bring hope on my wings, clearing the path, lighting the way forward and welcoming you to a bright and shiny new day. I remind you to trust and to flow and to touch life lightly as I do.

Royal Blue Dragon

royal_blue_dragonThis dragon’s tail is the Milky Way. She is vast and mysterious and holds the knowledge of the stars within her being. She is ancient and wise and remembers your starry incarnations, reminding you of those lifetimes when you knew who you were and had not taken on your human smallness. Feel her shimmery power in your energy field and remember where you came from. This dragon helps you connect with your angelic support and is good for opening the third eye so that you can view life from a higher perspective.

I am a star dragon, carrying the light of the galaxies in my being. I hold all the memories of who you really are, even if you have buried them so deeply in your cells that you struggle to access them. Let me help you bring them to the forefront of your mind now, for when I appear in your reality I am asking you to stare into the cosmos and find the deepest truth of your being: you are stardust – a star that landed on earth.

Perhaps your arrival was light and filled with ease, but perhaps for you it felt as difficult as for an immigrant baby ripped from the warm comfort of its mother’s arms. If you have never felt safe on the planet, I am here to remind you that you brought the stars with you. You were not abandoned. You are the stars’ connection to earth, chosen to bring starlight to the planet because of all the light you hold. I am here to remind you where you came from, how vast you are and how infinite. Your light is eternal and precious, and I am so blessed to be by your side as you journey through life.

Lilac Dragon

lilac_dragonThis crystalline dragon is the lightest of all where light means the opposite of heavy as well as dark. She floats up high and nothing can weigh her down. She has come in on the lilac ray of magic and miracles and can go back into the dark past, dropping a crystal light bomb on ancient events and memories and removing them, not just from your own memory but from the collective.

This dragon can clean up history. She brings such clarity and light into your body that you can see clearly into the past and the future, and wherever you turn your gaze the light simply sweeps the darkness away. Once she has transmuted all those old, dark memories she helps clear your consciousness so that you can access your inner light self again and the ancient magic that has been hidden from you can be revealed. This dragon carries the light of Lemuria. She reminds you of the grace, purity and lightness of being that you hold within your cells from your Lemurian lifetimes so that you can access it all again now. This is magic with an instant, light and loving touch.

I exist to help you with transitions and transformation. I bring understanding into difficult situations and hold you while you transform your oldest, deepest patterns. I remind you that everything is on purpose and there is no such thing as a mistake. I help you climb out of the abyss of sadness and grief, and gently lift you out of old, stuck emotions to a place where you can find peace and lightness of spirit. My support for you is rock solid, and I will never let you fall. I remind you that there is magic everywhere in the world, including within you.

Black Dragon

black_dragonBlack Dragon represents death and rebirth. He relates to the phoenix, which is always reborn more beautiful and powerful than before. This dragon reminds you that the journey is an endless series of deaths and births and that is OK. He is black with silver sparkles, indicating that in the darkness there is always light. His gift is to help you find light in the darkness and remind you that there is a bigger picture. Endings are always beginnings

and every step along the way is for your highest good. Black Dragon helps you release judgements around death and darkness and what you have considered evil so that you can find love and compassion and know that the dark is just light in another form.

I am here to help you see in the dark and remind you that the light and the dark form one sacred circle. When you are in the midst of a dark night of the soul, I hold you for as long as you need me to be there. You do not have to climb the whole mountain ahead of you, for there is a tunnel to accelerate your journey towards the light and I will show you the way through it. Even if the darkness scares you, there is nothing to fear when I am around. I am deeply peaceful and quiet, and in the darkness and silence of my presence you can find all the answers you have been seeking.

White Dragon

white_dragonThis “RAINBOW” dragon is complementary to the Black Dragon. She holds the same energy of bringing light into the darkness and a reminder that night and day have equal value. She relates to the light of the moon and reflects to you who you really are, giving you the opportunity to stop judging what you see in the mirror and love it instead. She is wise and gentle, bringing clarity and lightness into heavy situations and supporting the process of grieving. This dragon is most helpful when it feels as if the road ahead is too dark to carry on. She brings relief when there seems no reason to continue. She is the light at the end of the tunnel. She is the rainbow of hope after difficulties. Love yourself enough to let her in and she will carry you.

Trust in me. I hold a pure rainbow of light for you, even when the darkness seems hard to bear. When you are lost in the tunnel I am there for you, reminding you that the tunnel only exists to get you back to the light more quickly. I stay by your side through the dark night and carry you safely into the fresh light of morning. I help you remember that each time you come through the dark into the light there is a new, higher level awaiting you.

It is my role to bring tranquillity and harmony where there has been turbulence and doubt, and at this time of shifting energies I help your body feel safe to move into lighter and higher frequencies. You are moving so fast now that your body needs some extra support, and I am glad to assist. Let me shine a radiant light of purity into everything that has felt difficult so that you remember the truth of your inner Divine light. May my rainbow light always remind you that life is sacred and you are truly precious.

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