I had an amazing time as a guest on Chrisoula’s show “Health & Healing” on Redshift Radio.. It was a new experience for me and I was made to feel completely at ease and held in a space of light and love. I first connected with Chrisoula when through a series of synchronicities I was guided to take some time out and decided to go on her wonderful, inspiring Greektreat, retreat break, in October to Santorini. It was an absolute pleasure to take part and meet fellow travellers and we had a great time. Laughter, stunning scenery, sunrises and sunsets, tasty Greek food, trips out and I took time out alone to muse and write. I saw a quote by William Blake painted on steps to up to a cafe. “Great things are done when men and mountains meet”. I definitely must add to this quote – and women! Chrisoula you are a true ‘anam cara’ (in Irish a friend of my soul).

– Marian Shalloe


Last time I went to Greece they were still using the drachma, and I’d only ever visited smaller islands on family holidays, mostly when I was too young to remember, so the chance to visit the country again after such a long gap, visiting the mainland, and under the guidance of a native was one not to be missed! After five years of Greek lessons with Chrisoula in October 2014 it was great to be able to put my skills into practise, it’s amazing how much it reinforces your language when you use it in a real life situation. Nafplio was our first stop, a lovely little town on the Peloponnese, about 2 hours by coach from Athens, and not somewhere I’d really heard about before. But what a surprise! A picturesque town, with narrow streets and big squares, excellent cafes and tavernas, excellent food… I would definitely recommend Nafplio as somewhere to visit, somewhere I’d never have found without Chrisoula. Then it was onto Athens, staying not in the centre but in Glyfada, one of the suburbs. Again, the food was excellent, it was great to see the famous sites that I’d read about, and also see Chrisoula’s home town. A thoroughly enjoyable trip that went much too fast, and seeing a small part of this lovely, friendly country with the guidance of a native has made me want to go back and see much more. Thank you very much Chrisoula.  

–Jennifer Hill, Staffordshire, UK

Having visited The Greek Islands for over 30 years I felt it was time I learned the language and a couple of years ago enrolled at a local college for evening classes. Although at uni I graduated in French and German (and therefore thought I had some language ability,) I did find that Greek was particularly hard to grasp and frankly gave up after a few weeks! Last year though I decided to give it another go and have been attending classes with Chrisoula ever since. She gives you the confidence and self belief that you can learn a new alphabet, however daunting it may seem at first, and that you will be able to read and understand the language within a matter of months. She is very friendly, highly supportive and knows just how to get the best out of you. And she is right ! Last holiday I was able to chat to the lady in the supermarket, order the evening meals in the restaurant for the family and never got lost once, now that I can read the road signs and ask for help ! I am really pleased I met Chrisoula and gave it another go. If you love Greece and want to be able to mix more with the locals then I would thoroughly recommend you try it out for yourself!”

– Lynn Boyes, Sandbach, Cheshire

Hi Chrisoula, Just a line to say thank you so much for inviting me along yesterday – I felt very welcome. I don’t find self-promotion easy, but in the atmosphere, and with the inspirational people I met yesterday I saw the possibility that I can start to make changes in that area. I was also struck by the realisation that a powerful presence doesn’t need lots of razzmatazz: people’s passions can be expressed just by the way they are. And you’ve also reminded me about the power of a vision board! Thank you – I’m looking forward to the next time we meet.”

– Michael Robbins, The Still Centre, Cheshire

“On 10th August 2014, I attended Nurturing Self Love, a day celebration organised by Chrisoula, at Heather Bank Farm in Cheshire. I wish to thank Chrisoula, Dawn, Lionel and all who attended on the day, it was a joy. The energy and space were full of love and light, the actual space itself had such a great high vibration energy and was so clear, it all just facilitated healing with little effort required. The energy was great.  Everywhere you looked there was something of beauty, something to focus on that assisted and supported you in feeling good.  Getting into a feeling good space and connecting to joy is always the way to go for me and brings us closer to who we really are.  This day really held and supported that energy.  Lovely to share with those who attended too, as like really does attract like. A day and space full of positive energy and certainly one to attend again should the opportunity present.”

– Kaitlyn G. Lyndon

Thank you, Chrisoula, for a great day and opportunity to share snippets of knowledge, insights and colour on your radio show. I would also like to thank you for your gracious hospitality and ideas that flowed after the show it gave me very excited feelings. What a shining light you have with the work you do. Lots of colour wishes,

– Lu Bowen, Coventry UK

“I’ve just spent a wonderful week in Greece with friends from my Greek class and accompanied by Chrisoula, who organised the whole thing. We flew to Athens, and then took the local bus to Nafplion where we spent 3 days. Nafplion is one of the best places I’ve ever been to in Greece, with narrow winding streets, Venetian houses, a beautiful square and three amazing fortresses. The accommodation was perfect, a quaint three-storey house in a quiet back street, but within walking distance of all the local attractions and restaurants. From there we travelled back to Athens, and then spent 4 nights in Glyfada on the Athenian Riviera, this time in a large modern hotel. One of the reasons for the visit was to practice our Greek, which was great fun. Chrisoula took us to lots of tavernas and bars, where she encouraged the staff to speak to us only in Greek; we used public transport all the time we were in Athens, and had some lovely conversations with local people. Athens was terrific – we did all the usual touristy things, wallowing in culture and enjoying the sunshine, but the whole experience was enhanced by being able to tap into Chrisoula’s knowledge and experience of the city. A truly memorable holiday.”

– Jenny Haines, October 2014