What is Colour Mirrors?

ChriSOULa specialises in the Colour Mirrors Energy System and runs Colour Mirrors Practitioners Workshops in the UK and internationally teaching the language and psychology of Colour. She offers 1-1 Colour Analysis Readings and Mentoring sessions for children, young people and adults to enhance emotional intelligence, confidence and loving relationships. Equally, she hosts heart circles where she teaches the philosophies of heart intelligence and shows how to use its tools to create deeper and stronger relationships whether in the family environment or in schools supporting teachers and carers.

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How can Colour help you?

Colour Mirrors is a system of colour which uses potent and powerful coloured oils and essences to help you understand your life, your patterns of behaviour and your relationships. Colour can bring clarity into every aspect of your life: relationships, jobs, careers, healing, health issues, energy blocks, gifts and potential, spiritual connection and personal growth.

Colour is a mirror to show you the truth of the light you really are.  

“Each of the beautiful bottles in the Colour Mirrors range has its own meaning, its own ‘note’ or vibration. As you look at the colours, you will find some that will call you, drawing you in. Others will intrigue you and some you may not like at all! Because you are unique, your ‘mirrors’ will be different to those of anyone else and what they can reveal to you will also be unique. Each time you select a Colour Mirrors bottle it can show you clearly and with great precision who you are and where you are at, offering insight and guidance for your life. Your individual response to each bottle reveals issues, blocks, past life patterning and hidden aspects of your psyche. Colour mirrors to you your infinite beingness, your greatness and your beauty.” — Korani, Author of “Golden Keys To Ascension”

The Colour Mirrors system consists of:

  • 36 dual-coloured oils, including a range of planetary bottles, to en-lighten you on your path and support you as you travel
  • 15 chakra bottles, including the ‘new’ higher vibrational colours to which our chakras are evolving
  • 33 Gaia essences including new Gold, Platinum, Coral and Silver rays which connect us with the “New Earth”
  • 38 colour essence bottles which provide instant support in any situation as reflections of our own higher guidance

Colour Mirrors is the creation of Melissie Jolly, a psychologist and colour therapist with many years of experience working with and teaching about colour and a profound ability to connect in with the deeper truths of life and make them available to us.

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Colour is light and light is life. This system, with its many hues and frequencies of colour and energy, mirrors the many facets of you. Using it, you are assisted to shift old, outdated beliefs, patterns or habits which no longer serve you. The coloured oils and essences are effective in helping you make changes because they have a direct effect on your energy body, bypassing the conscious mind and assisting you to dissolve and release blocks and resistance you have been holding. All the bottles carry a unique healing vibration which interacts with your energy field. As you connect with, hold or bathe in the coloured oils and essences you allow their energy signature to interact with your own, bringing about subtle – and sometimes profound – changes.

How Do We Use Colour Mirrors?

Colour Mirrors oils have a powerful impact, whether used in meditation, on your body or in a healing bath. The luscious nurturing oils soak deep into the skin to reach your body at a cellular level, imparting their messages of love, inspiration and empowerment. Many people find that even holding the bottles is a rich experience. Colour Mirrors essences bring instant support, whether you spritz them around your body and aura, use some in a bath and soak in their loving energy, or use to enhance meditation. Spray into your hands and breathe in the beautiful scents to make your experience a multi-sensory one. The oils and essences are not just useful and supportive, however, they are also high frequency vibrational energy tools to support us in our shift to expanded levels of awareness and higher consciousness.

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Colour Vision Readings with ChriSOULa

ChriSOULa offers insightful and open-hearted readings online connecting with people from anywhere in the world as well as by making private appointments in person in her colour sanctuary in Barthomley, Cheshire.

MINI Colour and Numerology Soul Reading

Investment: £115.00

Send your date of birth via an email to Chrisoula and she will analyse the colour energies found in your birth chart and offer you insights into your skills, potential and areas you may hold yourself back and enjoy revelations and affirmations about your potential, vision and talents/gifts. Advanced payment can be made by BACS or by an international transfer.

Your Soul Number & Personal Year Number REPORT (for 2018)

Investment: £148.00

This Personalised Report for the current year includes:

  • 1hr30 mins Your personal report analysis for this year (2018) based on your date of birth, colour and numerology analysis
  • 2 x Colour Mirrors Bottles: 1 x Dual Oil Coloured bottle and 1 x Spritzer (standard retail price at £30.00 per bottle + P&P depending on the destination) as outlined here to have a colour therapy bath treatment and as a self-help transformational tool.
  • 14-page “Love and Success Colours for 2018″ Complimentary PDF document

Email ChriSOULa your Date of Birth at

Advanced payment can be made by BACS or by an international transfer.

Here is an example below based on ChriSOULa’s DOB – She is having a CORAL Year this year!

Read ChriSOULa’s Blog Here

to help you find out how you can calculate your Personal Year Number and Colour for this year giving you insights about potential events and opportunities and challenges coming up in the year ahead of you (and you can equally help members of your family and friends to receive this guidance and clarity, if you wish).

FULL Colour and Numerology Vision Reading

Investment: £205.00

This longer and deeper colour analysis reading is based on your Selection of 9 x dual coloured bottles for insights into current issues. Choose the bottles you feel drawn to at this point in time when you click here and send them in the order you chose them in via an email to ChriSOULa, together with your Date of Birth.

When you are about to connect with and choose the 9 x bottles for your reading, please take on board the following guidance and recommendations:

  • create a nurturing space for you when you connect with the energies of the bottles online (no distractions, light a candle)
  • take a deep breath saying “inhale love, exhale gratitude” AND set your intention(s)
  • ask questions for guidance on specific aspects/areas of your life that you’d like to see transformation (e.g. career, love, money, health or joy), clarity and support. Send the questions in your email to ChriSOULa incl. the 9 x chosen bottles.

Readings are two hours long and take place online on the platform called Zoom or in person at ChriSOULa’s Sanctuary of Colour in Barthomley, Cheshire in England. When we agree the session is online, you need to download in advance the programme for free from

Chrisoula will arrange the specific time that is mutually convenient via an email:

Advanced payment can be made by BACS or by an international transfer.

*** BONUS 1 This package includes 1 complimentary x Colour Oil or Spritzer Bottle of your choice to empower you on your journey. 

*** BONUS 2 14-page “Love and Success Colours for 2018″ Complimentary PDF document

1-1 Mentoring with ChriSOULa Sirigou

Love Mastery

Learn how to release old wounds, trust your heart and make a new beginning in love. You will identity your cycles of self doubt and not being good enough and learn how to master them.

Authentic Golden You

Embrace a deeper aspect of yourself and the gold buried inside you to help you be more authentic, clear with your vision and confident in your own power.

Solid Foundations

Establishing solid practices to build foundations so the Wheel of Fortune keeps moving, in good health and attracting the prosperity you deserve in your life: Love, Money and Joy 

Other Colour Analysis options

  • Expand your heart and re-connect with your life purpose with a Soul Re-Alignment Reading also £88 is recommended.
  • For a quick insight into your mind, body and heart, the Ascension Star Reading for £55 is recommended. You will select 7 x Colour Mirrors bottles and place them on the points of the star, each one represents a specific area relating to your heart, mind and body
  • In-Person Colour Mirrors Card Reading for £44 (35-40mins) offering 10 different variations of card readings (see below Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards)

Colour Mirrors OracleCards


I had the privilege of a Colour Mirrors reading by Chrisoula. I was both excited and hugely impressed by the information it gave me about major decisions in my life. And I loved the way Chrisoula explained the meaning of the choosen bottles and the bigger picture of the reading, combining it with my date of birth. It has helped me trust I am on the right path making decisions that feel scary but are exactly right for me in this moment. I am so gratefull for the support you gave me Chrisoula with this reading and I am looking forward to using the bottles to support me on my journey. – Constance Schaap, Amsterdam, Holland
Chrisoula, Thanks for my colour reading, it’s amazing!! This is such a fabulous reading you have done for me and I’m so grateful, it has confirmed my deepest inner thoughts and beliefs and shown me who I am, where I’ve been and urges me on to be who I can become and go forwards to where I want to go – which is why it’s taken me so long to digest as it’s so amazingly meaningful – I’ve read it over and over.  Thank you so much, I love it! – Diana Grant, Bloom Sanctuary, Cheshire
Chrisoula is someone who is always uplifting and inspiring and is a gifted teacher due to the way she communicates and her eloquent use of language. She is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable talking about painful personal issues. I have been working with Chrisoula for two months using the Colour Mirrors System. The coloured bottles and spritzers are beautiful to look at and bathe in.  I now have 5 spritzers which I use in a variety of situations to either help me to relax, to support me through difficult situations or to eradicate negativity. As a result I am more confident in my abilities and believe more in myself. I have become more assertive, feel more able to establish and keep personal boundaries. I was fairly new to the self-love journey but can feel myself becoming more self-aware.  I feel more motivated and inspired to continue on my path of healing and self-development. Through working with Chrisoula and the Colour Mirrors Bottles I can see past my current situation to a bright and joyful future. – Rachel Simpson, Church Lawton, UK

The first time I experienced a colour therapy was in a Spa, where I was resting surrounded by scented steam and coloured lighting. It is believed that colours enhance the healing treatment. Most of us are attracted by different colours. Chrisoula kindly offered me a different kind of therapy with colours that considers such personal attraction. Chrisoula asked me to choose a selection of my favourites, and guided me in understanding their reflection towards an insight of my inner being and my surrounding. As we could not meet personally, we did this initially through emails, and then on the telephone. Her thoughtful reassurance and expertise allowed me a space to reflect in and around these colours in order to improve wellness. – Eliana Corbari, Bath, UK

LEARN MORE about the energy of colour on ChriSOULa’s monthly calls every second Monday  in the month. Find out more here how you can get on board as a holistic therapist/educator AND if you are someone who is on the path of personal development, growth and expansion of your consciousness.

Colourful Blessings,

ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse xxx