Energy forecast 2-9 September

Energy forecast for the week of September 2 – 9.⁠

Under the blessings of the Super New Moon in Virgo, September is the month where you’ll be asked to practise the art of  discernment. This is the perfect time to look within and tune into your inner knowing.⁠

I’m honoured to share with you the wisdom of Colour Mirrors and my insights from my soulful, divination work with the Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards and hold space for you to help you manifest your wishes, dreams and intentions through our connection with the Divine; Angels, Elementals and Dragons.

Here is some soulful guidance for you for the week ahead:

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Make a Wish!

Pick a card! LEFT or RIGHT.

Read through the card’s message you felt drawn to.

Happy SUPER NEW MOON blessings, dear hearts ?


LEFT CARD – PINK DRAGON “Inner Child” ????

Introduction: Colour Mirrors dragons have a different take on how Dragons are portrayed: they are dragons of light who represent your true, Divine, authentic power and help you access it.
General: The PINK Drag
on gently shimmers into your life when you need to be reminded that only love exists and that it is time to play and not be so very serious and adult all the time. She brings love in her wake and laughter. She appeals to little ones of all ages and knows about a happy childhood at any age. She awakens your magical inner child with joy, love and laughter. Use the PINK Dragon essence spritzer when you feel sad, down and unloved and when you know you’ve neglected your inner child. It is time to prioritise yourself and nourish your feminine energy. It is time to allow to receive – surrender to all the love, care and attention given to you.
Work: Allow an injection of playfulness and sense of humour to your work life. Pink is the colour of love and money. The more you take steps towards nourishing and loving yourself, the more you will attract with your energy the people to collaborate and co-create with. Tap into your feminine energy more and stop being so serious. Relax and the whole world will be relaxing with you.
Love: The above is also to be implemented in your love life. Add some romance, some space to nurture communication and tenderness with your partner. Wear pink, buy pink roses, get some pink colour in your life. Have dinner in the candlelight – spoil yourself and your loved one.
Question to ponder: What brings joy in your life? How can you bring more joy every day in your life? How can you create some space to PLAY – be more spontaneous, more creative, more chilled. Let the guard down and just be. September is a month for nurturing your health and wellbeing. Supported by Virgo, the goddess of Earth, and the Pink Dragon, you’ll have many opportunities for inner nourishment and expression of your love and affection towards yourself, your family, your children and friends.
Message from the Pink Dragon: I love you, and I have come at this time to hold a space of such love and joy that you cannot help but smile. My purpose is to help your little inner child giggle and bubble with joy and fun again. Feel my power – which is love – and know that your power is the same as mine, and it is immense! Nothing is more powerful than love, and nothing is more important than joy. I am here to remind you to play, enjoy life and find things to get excited about. I am the dragon of Ascension because my whole being is infused with love and joy. This is your natural state and the fastest way to raise your vibration. I help you keep laughing, and in that joyous laughter, together we lift the frequency of the planet. ????????

RIGHT CARD: Red Angel of Miracles and Prosperity ????

Introduction: Angels are beings of pure love, grace and benevolence. They are always with you, even when you forget to connect with them.
General: Red Angel reminds you that you are limitless and hold 
endless possibilities for miracles and prosperity. This essence reconnects you to your zest for life and brings a burst of energy and power. Use it whenever you need help with a practical aspect of your life such as your health or finances.
HEALTH: If in need of a physical boost to help elevate your energy levels, physical movement creates physical energy: go for walks, dance, wobble your bits – anything that creates movement in your body will begin to release negative stuck energies.
FAMILY/TRIBE/RELATIONSHIPS: The tribe to which we belong teaches us the biggest lessons on how to claim our power. To do so with conviction, they must reflect back to us, through their actions and words, where we give our power away.
It is time to clear the issue you have with a member of your family or your tribe as they have been trying to show you where your healing is needed at a cellular level. What is the button they’re pushing the hardest? How does it make you feel? Are you tired of this drama? Use the colour RED to help you draw a boundary that says you no longer want this in your life. Red also heals all issues of separation – not only romantic ones.
Message from the RED Angel: 
I am the angel of money and miracles, and I bring life and vitality into any aspect of your life that has been stuck or stagnant. As well as helping you stay earthed and grounded I energise your body, and if you have a sore back I provide support. When you feel floaty and cannot get up and go, I give you an energy boost and help focus your attention on what needs to happen first. I bring a little dose of fire energy to help you overcome procrastination and get you moving, and I support you in letting go of any negative patterns you use to sabotage yourself. When you decide to take action, I help you choose the right path and the right moment to move forward. 
Let me show you how to be fully in your body so that you can attract abundance because it is only when your light is anchored that you can draw the riches of the universe towards you. Stay open and remember to ask for my help because when I am around there is always the possibility of miracles. Use my essence to find a state of detached compassion so that whatever you do is empowered and aligned with the highest good. My message is: be here now. My scent is of Christmas and kindness and the joy of being on earth. ????????

pink_dragonRed Angel spritzer

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