50 Simple Ways To Practise Self Care

50 Simple Ways To Practise Self Care

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Self-care is essential for your mental health and well-being, and listening to what your body needs doesn’t make you selfish, it makes you strong. When we accept ourselves for who we are, when we accept both our strengths and weaknesses, we gain a confidence that makes an impression on the people around us.

Besides, how can you love others if you don’t love yourself first? Self-love is a beautiful thing and it’s contagious. However, I’ll be the first to admit that learning to love yourself isn’t always an easy thing.

Some days getting out of bed is a chore. Some days we let our crippling anxiety and depression get the best of us. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise that makes us feel mentally drained.

But it’s in these moments, when hard times shake us to our core and we feel defeated, that restoring your mind, body and soul is most important.

If you can, try to make “me time” a regular habit. Whether it’s turning your phone off for a few hours or giving yourself a nice bubble bath, we all need some extra self-love once in a while.

Some of the ways shared below were shared on this week’s Health and Healing Show to honour September as Self Care Awareness Month with Sue Ritchie and Debbie Hayes at the studio of Redshift Radio. You can listen again ChriSOULa’s conversations with Sue and Debbie here.

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50 Ways to Practise Self Care

1. Meditate in a quiet place

2. Have a mini declutter session

3. Read an enriching book; The award-winning book of Soulful Musings is packed with #selfcare tips and tools!

4. Take a long, warm bath

5. Burn your favorite candle

6. Go for a long walk

7. Get a massage

8. Have a dance party

9. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for

10. Journal to release your thoughts

11. Indulge in your favorite treat

12. Do something that makes you laugh

13. Get up early, make yourself breakfast, and enjoy your morning

14. Watch the sun rise

15. Create a vision board

16. Plan a weekend getaway and stay at an Airbnb

17. Go on a retreat and unplug

18. Slow down and be present

19. Take a nap

20. Stretch

21. Binge-watch your favorite Netflix show

22. Have a lunch date with a friend

23. Do something creative

24. Go on a road trip

25. Have a game/pizza night with friends

26. Go to a museum

27. Listen to your favorite podcast

28. Create a personal blog

29. Write a list of things you love about yourself

30. Try a new, healthy recipe

31. Do a brain dump

32. Have a Bob Ross paint party

33. Throw yourself a little party

34. Sing your heart out

35. Have an intense workout session

36. Have a staycation

37. Plan a roadtrip with friends

38. Do something for the first time, like trying out a new restaurant

39. Unplug for awhile

40. Plan a spa day

41. Create loving, positive affirmations for yourself and repeat them daily

42. Stop comparing yourself to others

43. Give yourself a manicure

44. Buy yourself some flowers

45. Go on a hike, get into nature

46. Surround yourself with people who inspire you

47. Cook your favorite meal

48. Stay well rested

49. Watch your favorite movie

50. Call someone you love

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Your 21-day Self Care Journal Planner

On the show one of ChriSOULa’s suggestions was to get a journal and start building your personal ways, rituals and practices that help create a nourishing, safe place for you. The trick is to stick with it for 21 days and experience how the transformation feels in your life. Consistency is definitely one of the keys to self-care. Accountability is another one. Be part of a supportive group either online or in real life, or have another friend to be part of this self care journey will be a massive help, especially if you are just about to embark on this self care journey.

Remember, you are not on your own. Come and join us on our free Wholistic Me community group on Facebook and receive the support, the encouragement and guidance on many different levels, step -by -step, moving closer to your “wholeness”.

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