Bathing in colour

Bathing in Colour

The Art of Purification, Rejuvenation, Clarity and Calm

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There is simply nothing
like soaking in a steamy,
aromatic bath to unwind
both body and mind at the
end of a long, hard day; it is
a moment to recline, repose,
lie back and close our eyes.
– Suzanne Duckett

Look out for ChriSOULa Sirigou’s “health and healing radio show” on RedShift Radio dedicated to the ancient art of bathing: Rediscover the ancient art of relaxation where she explains how her love of bathing brings her comfort and relaxation and why it’s an essential balm for modern life. As well as being the ultimate, no-questions-asked skive, for ChriSOULa a bath is a time to connect with herself. It is also a time to connect with others. Mums love a bath with their daughters, for example – enjoy a spot of spa-style beautifying or simply wallow in the comforting warmth of a relaxing soak.

ChriSOULa also elaborates the positive impact of colour bathing – under the vibrational and therapeutic properties of Colour energy and Colour therapy as she is an experienced and passionate Colour Therapy educator.

LISTEN IN to ChriSOULa explaining how Colour bathing calms, soothes, comforts, relaxes and supports the healthy flow of energy in connection with our energy centres called chakras. Each chakra’s cleansing, re-calibrating and balancing is achieved with the appropriate immersion in colour and essential oils.

On the show ChriSOULa offered her guests a 30-minute Free Initial Consultation.

To claim yours, contact ChriSOULa here.


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