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Bathing in colour

Bathing in Colour The Art of Purification, Rejuvenation, Clarity and Calm There is simply nothing like soaking in a steamy, aromatic bath to unwind both body and mind at the end of a long, hard day; it is a moment to recline, repose, lie back and close our eyes. – Suzanne Duckett Look out for […]

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Colour Chakras & Essential Oils

Colour Chakras & Essential Oils in Alchemy Using Colour Mirrors essences – a blend of colour energy and essential oils – to support our subtle energy body is one of my favourite ways to help empower Chakra balancing and enhance well-being holistically. I will give a brief overview of each chakra, tips on how to use […]

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How To Balance Your Chakras With Colour Bathing

How To Balance Your Chakras With Colour Bathing In spiritual practices all over the world, bath rituals serve as a form of rebirth. While we unify with the sacred waters we naturally allow detoxification, regeneration, and clarity. As we bathe, we’re taking a moment to reflect, set intention, and wash away old habits and patterns that […]

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