Oracle Card Reading 9/9

Oracle Card Reading 9/9 with The Golden Muse

This post complements this week’s Colour Mirrors Oracle Card reading by ChriSOULa on her Facebook page.

Blue sea


Blue Angel of Protection and Communication

— “You Are Safe”

I’m curious … how do you feel when the sky is blue? When connecting with the Blue Mediterranean sea!?

I feel abundance. I feel free. I feel everything is possible. I feel safe.


Lately you’ve been feeling unsafe and vulnerable. Remember that you are part of the all-ness, part of the energy that is creation — it is all one. Nothing exists that is not of the same source of energy. If we feel fear that someone or something with hurt us, we are saying that we fear creation itself.

There is nothing to fear, no one wants to hurt you — however, based on your inherited cellular programming, your fears will feel real and your co-creating powers can use those fears to manifest where you may be feeling vulnerable.

While you’re learning about your creative power and to manifest positive experiences, you are protected by the angelic realms. You will stay protected and safe until you have released those patterns from your cells and you have no further need to create fearful situations in your life.

Call on the Blue Angel to protect every aspect of your life and help you release fearful thoughts.


Blue Angel helps you relinquish control and speak freely. Feel its wings envelop you and know that it is safe to speak your truth. Whatever makes you feel separate from Source/Oneness can now be released. As this essence washes over you it clears “all the sinuses” and brings clarity to your breathing, your mind and your emotions. 

In summary:


  1. supports your voice and your ability to communicate
  2. helps in a practical way with hay fever or sinus infections. All the little stings and burns of life, he eases and calms for you
  3. brings peace to father or authority issues and any difficulties you may have with the masculine side
  4. rinses away any unhelpful beliefs you are clinging to



Gold “I AM” — Claim Your Authentic Power

Feeling drawn to this card/bottle means you are ready to release any beliefs which keep you small and limited and align instead with your ‘I AMness’, that greater part of you who is fearless, ancient and wise. 

This bottle is G12 one colour top and bottom, pale and clean-looking, soft and smooth. There is wholeness here, clarity and acceptance, honesty and truth.

This Golden Gaia bottle helps remind you that you are on this journey of remembering who you are: “I AM Spirit in A Body”. It is a reminder that you are an Alchemist.

Where are you playing small? This bottle highlights to you anywhere you are choosing limitation and judgement over freedom and love. She invites you to be part of the ever-expanding energy of awakening and consciousness on the earth.

What does ‘I AM’ mean to you? Does it mean “I am a victim”? “I am unworthy”? “I am unlovable”? “I am a slave to my addictions”? Or does it mean “I am free”, “I am Divine light”, “I am perfect just as I am”? Bottle G12 calls when you are ready to stop the game-playing and let go of the habits, patterns and addictions that have kept you running around in circles. It comes when you are ready to stop pretending to be limited. It carries a similar energy to the Colour Mirrors Gold Dragon essence – fearless, bold and authentic.



  1. supports you as you step off the wheel of self-perpetuated dramas, addictions and stories and shows you a new, lighter, vastly more empowered path to follow.
  2. when connecting with gold, you feel safe to expand and become a leader; it helps to remove all limitations
  3. If this bottle calls you, it is time. Time to stop hiding, time to stop the games. By taking the brave step into the golden light, you will ensure success and financial stability and more abundance that you can possibly imagine.
  4. Time to Claim Your Gold!


For more in depth analysis aligned with your journey and what steps to take next for your personal or professional health and success, book your one-to-one colour consultation with ChriSOULa online or in-person.

Either the Blue Angel essence spritzer or G12 Gold/Gold I AM bathing or massage oil essence are £35 each (+P&P) can be purchased directly from ChriSOULa. Send an email to or a PM on her Facebook page.

If you feel drawn to know more about the language and psychology of colour and would like to know how to bring its high vibrational energy in your everyday life, at home or at work, you can choose one of ChriSOULa’s Colour workshops or study to become a Colour Therapist and Certified Practitioner of the Colour Mirrors system.

Claim Your Gold, dear hearts!

ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse xxx

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