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I am ChriSOULa Sirigou, a teacher, broadcaster, emotional wellbeing educator and author. Super excited to share with you my new evolutionary path as the author of the award winning THE BOOK OF SOULFUL MUSINGS: Inspiring Conversations to live LIFE with Love Intention Flow Ease. On 8th September it received GOLD at JaneyLoves Platinum Awards in London.

Deeply grateful to all of you who helped support the success of our Crowdfunding Campaign that covered all relevant expenses in editing, designing in colour and printing the books that you invested in via the Crowdfunding.

Thank You so much for your help in bringing our book to life. 

The Book of Soulful Musings is available to BUY ONLINE here:

BoSM Wild circle photo Launch 11.11.11

Celebrating the official UK Launch of The Book of Soulful Musings with some of the book contributors and book lovers coming together on 11.11.11 at Blissland, Cheshire.


For the first time, inspiring conversations about LIFE and soul-expanding insights that have enlightened LIFE explorers since 2010 on The Health and Healing Show  and on The Golden Muse TV Show are collected in an inspirational and educational Self Care Toolkit, The Book of Soulful Musings (BoSM), a beautiful, cherishable, deeply-affecting book.

SYNOPSIS The Book of Soulful Musings: Inspiring Conversations to live LIFE with Love Intention Flow Ease

Organised into ten chapters, each one representing a powerful “key” in ChriSOULa’s own colourful, evolutionary journey, and introduced with a personal essay by ChriSOULa, The Golden Muse, herself – The Book of Soulful Musings features insightful selections from the most meaningful conversations between ChriSOULa Sirigou and some of today’s most heart-centred thought leaders and holistic health and healing educators.

Visionaries share their lessons in finding purpose and being in the flow of prosperity. Authors and teachers explain our complex relationship with the mind, the heart, the gut and the spirit and the healing powers of creativity, compassion and connection. And change makers explore faith, forgiveness and letting go.

Paired with uplifting poems and beautiful photographs, including many from ChriSOULa’s explorations and retreats in her motherland Greece, The Book of Soulful Musings promises to be a timeless keepsake that will help readers awaken to LIFE‘s wondrous possibilities in this colourful quest to learn to Love yourself more, trust your Intuition, be in the Flow of life, always Exploring, Expanding and Evolving.

40+ contributors said YES to the calling.

What an incredible journey it has been!

  • actively promoting and creating awareness about The Book of Soulful Musings via Social Media, newsletters, updates on Kickstarter, blog articles, online group meetings and presentations, Facebook Live calls, broadcasting Shows on ChriSOULa’s Health and Healing Radio show and on her GoldenMuseTV channel.
  • holding space whilst the book is being written, edited, designed in colour and published end of Summer 2o18
  • contributing your energy to an amazing LAUNCH and giving the book the exposure it deserves. We all benefit from its publication and promotional/advertising campaign.


After creating a big buzz on Thursday 19th April with the Book Pre-Launch day event and Radio Interviews on ChriSOULa’s Show, we continued celebrating on World Book Night on Monday 23 April on GoldenMuseTV Show with the majority of the Book Contributors joining us from across the UK and other countries in the World. This massively helped create more awareness and kept the momentum going to support the book’s Crowdfunding Campaign which was a SUCCESS! The Book of Soulful Musings was officially released on 11.11.2018 at Blissland in Cheshire. Book Launch Poster

Look our for there “Meet the Authors” book signing events in various places in the UK, near to where you are. Come connect with us and purchase a signed copy of the book as a gift to your precious self or a dear member of your family or a friend who will benefit from its transformational tools and powerful storytelling.

Wednesday 28th November, Nottingham Book Signing, Room Full of Butterflies Art Gallery, 6pm to 9pm.

Thursday 13th December, Honouring Soul Connections 8th Anniversary Celebrating 8 Years of Radio Broadcasting and Consciously Connecting Soul-hearted educators, authors and poets passionate about living life as a whole, holistically.

NOTTINGHAM BOOK SIGNING UPDATE Nottingham Book Signign Poster 28 Nov


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I am grateful for all your contributions, positive energy and help in the publication of this deeply transformational book which will lighten up so many hearts and will feed the minds and souls of our generation and the generations to come.

Let’s embrace everything that 2018, The Year of World Service, promises to bring to us on a personal and professional level and also collectively – deepening our self love and the abundance of possibilities us working together!

We are one!

Colourful Blessings,

ChriSOULa The Golden Muse xxx


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ChriSOULa Sirigou – The Golden Muse

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ChriSOULa has for 25 years been teaching the power of heartfelt communication through languages internationally, from teaching young people in private language schools in Greece, business people in France and adults in Further Education Colleges in cosmopolitan London, to empowering British A-Level students through 7-day work experience placement trips in France as a Secondary School Teacher of Modern Languages. She teaches the language and psychology of colour through Colour Mirrors practitioners training programmes for coaches and evolutionary teachers in the UK, Greece and The Netherlands, a colour system that teaches spiritual self-empowerment. ChriSOULa has also set up colour therapy for kids courses.

She is the co-author of “The Book of Inspiration” and currently in the process of writing her book “The Book of Soulful Musings”. ChriSOULa hosts a weekly live radio show called “The Health and Healing Show” on RedShift Radio and enjoys LIFE Inspiring Conversations on The Golden Muse TV Show. She is passionate to empower parents and entrepreneurs to learn how colour principles can help you become more conscious and more prosperous in LIFE.