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Connecting with LIFE Languages

Languages have been a massive part of my journey and have helped me interpret my unique essence through understanding and connecting with the language of my soul.

My heart bubbles with joy when I see you stepping onto the path of self discovery and learn from the LIFE languages as I guide you to expand and transform on a journey choosing from the Language of Colour and the Language of the Heart to the Language of Cultures.


New-colour_mirrors-Logo-_220px_web1Certified as a Practitioner and Teacher of the Colour Mirrors system I run Expansion Through Colour workshops and training courses in England and Greece introducing you to the language of colours and helping you to explore various aspects of life through the energy and psychology of colour.

As you begin to discover and connect with the language of your soul, you understand yourself more and your unique life purpose. Find out more …>>



heart iq logoAs a qualified Practitioner of Heart IQ™ (Heart Intelligence) and certified Relationships Coach, I teach you how to live life from the heart creating more depth and intimacy in the relationship with Yourself, your loved ones and others. Through extended weekly courses and heart circles, I guide you on your way to access greater levels of joy, clarity and connection in all areas of your life.



World Languages Love

Learn a language

Immerse yourself completely in the Greek culture or allow your Mind, Body and Spirit to re-connect and join my awakening LIFE Greektreats, a blend of retreating and exploring in Greece. I guide you on a journey of communication, travel and exploration and awakens your heart to the amazing beauty and true source of spiritual inspiration that this special place has to offer. Everything new you embark on is like learning a new language and enhances your LIFE – discovering a new culture, awakening parts of your inner world, inspiring you to make changes for the better and celebrating the joy of your new perspective, all this gives you the freedom to be your ever evolving, true self.