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Mining for Gold: Money as Divine Energy

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MON 4 July (part of the LIFE Holistic Video Calls)

19.00 – 19.40PM (UK Time)

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Money is Divine Energy or Life Force, gifted into our world to facilitate the easy passage of energies and resources from one place, person, or group, to another.

(Divine Wealth: Activating the Prosperity Portals: this 7-Week Video seminar is coming soon: 7th July – 18th August (Full Moon). Book Now for your Early Bird Discount!)

Money was designed to provide lubrication and easy flow to our exchanges, and to enable every person on the planet to live in the health, prosperity and creativity which is our natural state. Through many centuries, we have moved a long way from this understanding, but as the feminine consciousness re-awakens on our Planet, our essential spirit of nurturing and co-creation are coming back to life.

In this Free Videoseminar, Colour Energy frequencies will soften those places in your energy body that have densified in response to the lack consciousness into which all of us were born, with the misunderstanding around money which deepened through centuries lived in a matrix of fear. You will discover the key issues that have blocked the ease of your personal Money Flow as the deep, purifying energy of GOLD stimulates a clearance of the old Money Channels in preparation for the nourishing, abundant energies of Love, whose nature is to manifest in our lives as Abundance, Prosperity and Health.

Divine Wealth: Activating the Prosperity Portals: this 7-Week Videoseminar follows on 7th July – 18th August (Full Moon). Book Now for your Early Bird Discount!

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