National Heart Month

Come Dine Red With Me in aid of National Heart Month

Wednesday 11 February 2015, 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Barthomley, Cheshire


February is National Heart Month.

We also celebrate International Self Love Day on 13th and Valentine’s Day on 14th February.

You are invited to be part of the fun-loving initiative “Come Dine Red with Me” on Wednesday 11 February open to a group of maximum 8 participants 

Get Yourself Immersed in the energy of Colour Red

An experiential evening when …

Redfoods22[1]1. We Dine (and Drink!) RED

2. We Wear RED

I will be inviting you to bring along a red themed dish, for example, a rich casserole with red wine or a delicious strawberry mousse – the list is endless and a great opportunity to practise our cooking skills and raise money at the same time! Your offerings could be as simple as red grapes or strawberries.

Your contribution of £17 per person (£30.00 for two) goes towards a selection of red-coloured homemade dishes and drinks, the admin behind the organisation of a fundraiser with raffle prizes to raise money in support of National Heart Month.

Come Dine Red With Me Wed 11 Feb BOOK ONLINE HERE


Say YES to something NEW!

Connect with other people, Exchange personal experiences, Emerge yourself in a safe and joyful environment Experience what it feels like to immerse all your senses, body, mind and spirit in one colour - RED –

3. We Fundraise in support of National Heart Month

192d83e267c3462d3f23954069624016[1]Through the stages of “Dining Red” feeding our body with red-coloured food and  at the same “Wearing Red” (including making the whole decor of the room as red as possible e.g. red candles, red cushions …etc.) you get yourself immersed more and more in the vibrations of Colour Red, a colour chosen to honour National Heart Month and open a series of meet ups and Heart Circles of Colour.

Dates for your diary:

4 March Orange – Come Dine Orange With Me

22 APRIL Yellow – Come Dine Yellow With Me

MAY  Green – Come Dine Greek With Me

JUNE Blue – Come Dine Blue With Me

JULY VIOLET – Come Dine Violet With Me

I AM truly excited to embark on this colourful, joyful journey with You!

With Love and HOPE (Help Other People Evolve)


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