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“An intimate heart circle infused with integrity, authenticity, clarity and safety where real, wild women share their LIFE experiences, current challenges, desires and receive and give inspiration, guidance and grow. This sacred space is open to any woman who is ready to

… Love, accept and care for herself more

… Ignite a deeper relationship with her intuition, her inner golden guide

… Feel in the Flow of creativity and embrace the abundance of LIFE opportunities 

… Expand through colour energy, heart connection, authentic sharing and soulful healing.”

– Chrisoula Sirigou, The Golden Muse, Founder of The Wildwoman Circles

Wild Womens Sanctuary circle


A space held on the first and last THURSDAY OF THE MONTH for women who want to live courageously, ‘dare greatly’, connect, explore and share what it means to be a woman today. We are all about Celebrating LIFE and recognising what is working well for us, and how we can make the most of what we have, while exploring how we can expand, grow and truly embody what it is to be a woman amongst all of the challenges and desires that life brings.

The Wild Woman Sanctuary is described as “an intimate, experiential, sacred space” welcoming in its heart circle Real, Authentic, Wild Women. Each circle creates the opportunity to explore as a group how to express wildness in all areas of our lives including in our relationships, in our bodies, in our homes and in our workplaces etc. with the support and guidance of Colours chosen by Chrisoula and accompanied by

  • Insights into Colour honouring the natural cycles of LIFE with inspirational themes attached to support and celebrate increased self belief, self love and understanding  
  • Colour analysis ~ Colour meditations ~ Chakra balancing
  • Oracle Cards individual clarity readings
  • and Wildwoman Guest Speaker’s Spotlight.

426000_10150651667267305_683397304_8839856_346310543_n[1]Join Chrisoula, The Golden Muse, a Greek Wildwoman, for a fun, gritty, and real heart circle delving into the world of expansion and visibility. Hosted by our Celebrate LIFE Circle Events director, and renowned ‘wild woman’, Chrisoula Sirigou, a Specialist in Circle Dynamics, Heart IQ™ Mastery Coach and Certified Practitioner and Teacher of The Colour Mirrors System, Chrisoula takes you on a journey of transformation and empowerment through the teachings of her LIFE Languages: The Language of Light and Colour combining with the Language of the Heart bringing on the educational tools of Heart Intelligence™.


DATE: THUR 5 November, 12.00 to 14.oo (or until 16.oo with VIP Ticket – details below)

LOCATION: Olive Grove Conference Centre at Regents Business Park, Nantwich, Cheshire

DISCUSSION TOPIC: “Choosing Faith”

COLOUR(S) / THEME(S): Turquoise and Pale Gold

GUEST SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT: Sue Williams and her book “Believe You Can! Face Your Fears and Confidently Claim the Life You Want.




General Ticket: £20.00 BUY NOW

VIP Ticket: £36.00 BUY NOW

As part of the VIP ticket option, you are offered the opportunity to experience LIVE Radio Broadcasting with Chrisoula on her show with other guests at the studio of RedShift Radio from 2pm to 4pm. You can stay for the whole show or part of it but you need to indicate your availability to Chrisoula as soon as possible as places are limited.

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Went to Chrisoula’s Wild Women Event yesterday and talked and meditated with the colour yellow. We all wore yellow and I brought and talked about my yellow and golden crystals including Citrine, Golden Beryl, Yellow Calcite, Rutilated Quartz and Pyrite amongst others. The sun shone through the window as we gazed over beautiful fields and I met some beautiful people. We enjoyed drinking camomile tea and eating lemon treats, in keeping with the colour yellow. Thank you Chrisoula, I look forward to the next one that I plan to attend with the colour Turquoise xxx”Natasha Crompton, Intrinsic Therapies

The evening with Chrisoula felt more than a woman’s circle it felt like a sacred activation of the soul – a reconnection to myself and others walking the same pathway. I felt held, welcomed, seen and loved …the sharing was magical and the insights awakening. Chrisoula is a true wild woman of wisdom, inner strength, power and deep love. She walks her talk and was born to do this work; to connect, ignite, enlighten, manifest and make powerful magic happen!” — Samantha Winstanley, Art of The Angels

Wildwoman Colourful Themes and Inspirational Speakers

adjusted[1]DATE: 1/10/2015, 1.30pm -5.30pm RSVP HERE


COLOUR THEME(S): “WEAR IT PINK” Love Relationships and You with guest Liz Keaney.


15105[1]DATE: 14/10/2015 – 18/10/2015




RED Family: Claim Your Power – Base Chakra

Pink BlossomPINK Love and Money “Relationships and Abundance” What is ‘Real’ love? What does it mean to ‘BE’ in love versus ‘FALL’ in love? How big a role is self love in the whole game of love and relationships? A fun, gritty, and real evening delving into the world of love. How can Pink Colour support your journey of Unconditional Love and attract Abundance into your Life?

Read Chrisoula’s article about Pink and Women

ORANGE Sexuality and Play: Your Body Is The Gift – Sacral Chakra

CORAL Self-Acceptance “Manifest Your Dreams”

Whenever we request something new in our life, the universe always answers YES. But it finds it cannot deliver the dream into your reality because you still hold a pattern that says “I don’t deserve it because I am not good enough” or perhaps a pattern of “guilt in receiving too much”. Coral is a mix of pink and yellow. Pink is love and yellow is joy. Our discussion will be focussing on how you can become more visible in whatever area of your life. How you can manifest your dreams and open up to receiving them with the full knowledge that it is your divine birth right. How can Coral Colour empower you to become more VISIBLE and Manifest what you truly want in your life?

YELLOW Joy “Laugh and Play” Focus Your Intellect, Solar Plexus

Are you or your children stressed because there is a test or exam coming up? Are you facing decisions and feeling confused about the choices on offer? This mental stress has an impact on your stomach and often felt as “butterflies”. Earth is a heaven for the soul and it is time to remember that being here was supposed to be a joyful experience.

GOLD I AM – Claim Your Authentic Power

gold-mercury-woman[1]Where do you still give your power away?

Is it to addictions, habitual excuses, to other people, to fears? The biggest fear for humanity is to embrace authentic power – power based on love. Gold will help you dig deep into your cellular programming and bring to the conscious mind those patterns that still keep you small and in fear.

The short and deep meditations led by Chrisoula will be supported by the energies of:

  • The Gold Angel of Ascension, Expansion and Visibility and we shall be experiencing the empowering nature of …
  • The Gold Dragon who will move mountains for you reminding you that your power is limitless.

OLIVE Hope “New Beginnings”

Some of the areas of discussion that we focus on, sharing from the heart, in the sanctuary of nurturing self love:

  • What is required to make a healthy and bright new beginning in your life?

  • How can you embrace more your feminine essence?

  • Women bring more peace to the world.

  • How can OLIVE Colour empower you to claim your Feminine Nurturing and Creative Power and claim Your New Beginning?

TURQUOISE Emotional Freedom – Trust The Flow.

BLUE Communication: Peaceful Words – Throat Chakra


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