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Happy Full Moon in Pisces!

N.B. This update was already shared with the crowdfunding campaign supporters on Kickstarter.

How have you been!? We are approaching the end of August. Hope you have enjoyed your summer break relaxing and enjoying the sun with your families and friends. It has been quite a while since I last sent an update here with you. Fortunately we are also connected on Facebook and Twitter and you’ve been up to date with the creative process and progress of The BOOK of SOULFUL MUSINGS (BoSM). By the way … I can wholeheartedly say that the book is going to look AMAZING! Can’t wait to share it with you.

It has taken a little bit longer to get the book published than I initially anticipated for very good reasons. I believe that when you have the BoSM in your hands, you will hopefully realise that it was well worth waiting for. It is a multifaceted project and a few challenges have come up along the way. But, as Gareth Presch, CEO of World Health Innovation Summit, said in the COMMUNITY section of the BoSM, “there are challenges and there are also opportunities.”

It is Bank Holiday Weekend and yesterday Saturday evening I was waiting to receive the manuscript of the book in its entirety from the designer of the BoSM, Darie Nani, who experienced issues with his PC. Luckily, all is back in order as he got everything working again!

Over the last few weeks it has literally been non-stop. And it will continue to be in this way until I have the books sent to me from he printer’s… I will do anything I can to ensure the book is with you only a few days after the initial fulfilment period (end of August).

Having been engrossed in the editing and re-editing of each of the interview / transcript included in the book, I have found the actual writing of the BoSM such a cathartic experience.

I was relieved to receive feedback from the editor of the book, Susan Brookes-Morris, saying that she loved the introduction (to be honest I found it pretty challenging to write the introduction and epilogue of the book!). I am blessed to have Susan by my side. She has been incredible.

What is left to do now is one of the most important parts in the production of the book which is the proofreading. All being well, we intend to have the final revisions completed last week in August and, then, we are ready to move on to the next stage!

Yes! Onwards and Upwards!

Allow me to introduce you to Jo Welch. The 100+ photos that I have personally selected to use in the design of the BoSM are generously offered by a professional photographer, Jo Welch, who actually was our photographer at our wedding last year.

Here is little bit about Jo and her work:

“Jo’s photographs document beauty, emotion, texture, form, colour and momentary changes. Her work as a visual artist and passion for dance strongly inform her approach to photography and digital image making.  She loves playing with the impact of colour and composition.”

You can read more and connect with all the 30+ book contributors in the dedicated webpage here.

I’m leaving you with a poem by Sue Williams from her poetry book I Am Unique. Some of Sue‘s poems are featured in the BoSM.

I’ll be in touch very soon sharing more of the progress we’ve made and where we are with the printing and publishing process.

Until then, be gentle with yourself.

Colourful Blessings,


The Golden Muse

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