Colours for 2017

Colours 2017

Colours give us an insight into the coming year’s energies. Looking at potential events presented to you in 2017, ChriSOULa The Golden Muse offers you a colourful and playful exploration through the lens of Colour, Numerology and a little bit though the planetary astrology information. EVERYTHING in Numerology is in a cycle of 1 to 9. So we completed 2016 …


Colours and Personal Year Numbers 2017 Part 1

Click the image above to Watch/Listen Video Call (Part 1) and find out about Colours for 2017 and Your Personal Year Number in 2017 (see below how you can learn to calculate yours and for people you care and love).

Using the Colour Mirrors System, we analyse 2 0 1 7  starting with two numbers: Number 20 and Number 17.


No 20 is “The Awakening” Bottle (Magenta/Copper)

COPPER – links us with Earth, feeling the calling to be ethical, looking into ways to recycle and being sustainable …

MAGENTA - brings together two colours: Violet (spiritual) and Red (grounding, connecting us with the physical body, anything to do about survival.) As Magenta masters we are here to bring Heaven on Earth … 2017 presents to us a lot of opportunities …to bridge the gap between heaven and earth … between spirit and matter.

“The awakening is the soul awakening to its true self and understanding the essential truth that there is no separation. These colours say that we never left home in the first place. As we realise that the Creator is in everything we begin to understand that where we are in this moment is where heaven is. We are the Creator in a physical form and the copper connected to the magenta is where we begin to understand that we are bodies as souls – of heaven and of earth. There is no separation, and our physical forms are the link between heaven and earth. Souls and bodies are as one and we awaken when we see that truth clearly. What seems furthest removed from spirit becomes God’s perfection unfolding when we see it all as God, all perfect.”

No 17 “The Wish” Bottle (Coral/Royal Blue)

Be very aware of what you communicate (ROYAL BLUE) and what you vision (CORAL) The feminine side of us … she is the one who LOVES dreaming, playing, making vision boards, being creative and she looks into the future. The Royal Blue is the masculine, let’s make it happen, take action, let’s do/go on workshops … put a strategic plan in place and get organised.

In 17 Year you are called to manifest … However, Be very clear about your communication … what you think … feel, say … envision.

“This bottle relates to the star card in the Tarot which has always been the wish card. When you choose these colours you have somehow come to a place of grace and at this point you can wish with the full knowledge that your wishes will be fulfilled. This is a time for positive payback – all the good you have done is about to be returned tenfold. This bottle is always an indication of a change of status – a new way of describing yourself i.e. marriage, a new career, huge new possibilities.”

Always adding one digit at a time (2+0+1+7) we get to number 10.

Then we bring it down to a single figure (1+0) = 1

No 10 “The Wheel of Fortune” Bottle (Gold/Olive)

How does The SPIRITUAL LAW OF ATTRACTION work …? When you begin to put out energy into your wheel, in the process of manifestation …you can have all things … love, joy, security, freedom … whatever it is you want.

When you put the two bottles together, No 17 and No 10, you can see that you will be able to manifest fortunes in 2017!

“This number relates to Isis, the goddess who gave birth to the sun. The wheel has turned and now it is time for the wisdom, to which gold relates, to be in our conscious minds so that we might activate the feminine power within – the power and the light. Olive is the green of the heart mixed with the gold in the solar plexus – our power centre. When power connects to love it can never be abused and it will always be a soft, feminine power. This bottle relates to an Egyptian lifetime and asks you to remember who you were at that time. This power can be reactivated for you now as you stand before great changes in your life. You can do it. You have everything you need to make it work. Trust your heart.”


No 1 The Sun (Yellow / Yellow) The Colour of Joy

2017 is A NUMBER ONE YEAR and, therefore, A YELLOW YEAR.

So what does this mean …?

Let’s look at #KEY YELLOW ISSUES FOR 2017:

personal power




lightness of spirit

mental health



good food

physical fitness



betrayal (self)




“The first bottle vibrates to the energy of the sun – the light source and the life force of our world. It also resonates with the energy centre at the centre of our being, the solar plexus. This first bottle is an acknowledgement of our “I Am”ness – that feeling of total connectedness with our highest aspect. This is true power in the sense that there is an acknowledgement of oneness and the energy of the Divine in all of creation. Yellow is the colour of joy, intellect, brightness and light. This bottle will clear confusion and fear and bring back the joy. It has been found to lighten the mood of people with SAD or depression. Colour Mirrors system as a whole reflects our Ascension journey and as Ascension is a by-product of joy, it seems perfect to begin the system with a bottle which reflects that.” — taken from the Colour Mirrors official website


How do you calculate Personal Year Numbers?

EXAMPLE: Oprah Winfrey

She was born on 29th Jan (29.01). You add to that the current year 2017 (Not your year of birth!)

Looking at a colour and number which is specific to the energies for Oprah 2+9+0+1+2+0+1+7 = 22 (22 is the number that connects with written work … possibility to write a book …). Normally in numerology we don’t break down Master Numbers but here we’ll do so (2+2) = 4 She is having a 4 year… 4 is the Uranus bottle. She is an Aquarian and Uranus rules her star sign ….

In a 4 year You are either going to experience a Breakdown or a Breakthrough.

Look at the opportunities that come in and feel like a repetitive pattern … something that presents itself to you repetitively … you need to see it not as a block … but something you start breaking through a long standing pattern of behaviour or resistance …

Click the image here to Watch/Listen Video Call  (Part 1B) and find out from ChriSOULa about Personal Year Numbers analysing No 1, No 2, No3, No4 and No5 and the Colour that goes with it for 2017.

Look out for another Video Call and Blog post to complete the exploration of Personal Year Numbers (continuing with No 6, No7, No8 and No9) and accompanying Colour Insights for 2017. Fascinating! Feel free to share with your friends who are curious and interested in learning more and expanding more in 2017 and for the next 9 year cycle.

Colourful Blessings,

ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse xxx








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