Are you a multi-passionate person?

As a multi-passionate person, have you ever found yourself held back due to indecision or over-analysis when multiple ideas are presented to you?
After a prolonged time feeling into the idea of using Video and Zoom technology as a tool for the educational work I offer through my services as The Golden Muse, a little voice in my head kept saying to me … 
“Clarity comes from engagement, not from thought.” – Marie Forleo
“You’ve got to go out there and experiment, Chrisoula”
“Take inspired action, test and evaluate.” 

So I have given myself permission to explore my curiosity and what truly lights me up which is interaction, communication, connection and being creative. Delighted to say that I have set up a new online holistic community called LIVE HOLISTIC CALLS that you can join from anywhere in the world.


Watch the video here …

Being in alignment with my truth, with what inspires me and feeds my soul has been fundamental for me, my Wellbeing and evolution as a teacher, guide, broadcaster and educator. I am inviting you to honour your passions and come and share them on air on the LIFE Inspiring Conversations on the radio shows I host on RedShift Radio and on the NEW ONLINE HOLISTIC CALLS with soul-hearted people so you connect with, learn, give and be inspired from the comfort of your home.


Marie Forleo, Founder of B-School

Moira Bush, my Colour Mirrors teacher

Christian Pankhurst, my mentor and founder of the Heart IQ Academy

along with incredibly talented authors who have been part of my spiritual and creative journey so far … like Rebecca Campbell, David Hamilton, Louise Hay, Derek Mills, Melissie Jolly, Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, Elizabeth Gilbert and a few more (by the way, I love books!) …

I decided to follow my gut instinct and my passion to continue bringing people together and raising awareness about holistic wellbeing and conscious living by initiating and creating a NEW online holistic community.After feeling compelled to overcome my resistance, I dared to embrace new technology media thanks to business connections with other like-minded and multi-passionate people.

I am grateful to Naomi Gilmour (my web designer) of BranchingOut Online for her consistent efforts to demonstrate and educate through her work online and the encouragement I have received to get out there and put myself in front of the camera. And I did!

The video I created gives you details about the LIVE HOLISTIC CALLS.


People who are willing to change, transform, explore, evolve through self-understanding, self-awareness and equally be informed of alternatives to holistic wellbeing

Holistic practitioners, nutritionists, authors, educators from the UK and other countries in the world who are passionate about content rooted in integrity.

What I love best about the Health Panellists is they’re all about giving but more importantly they’re about supporting others.

That’s why the LIVE HOLISTIC CALLS will be truly inspirational and packed with practical advice on how to:

  • energise your body through nutrition, food, vitamins
  • lift your moods with essential oils
  • inspire creativity through colour healing
  • overcome anxiety, self doubt, fears
  • release and healing traumas
  • go through a “firewalk” – a big change/transformation in your life
  • connect more with your intuition and trust your inner guide
  • create more flow of energy through acupuncture, crystal healing and more

I love feeding my own curiosity while I am interacting creatively with LIFE and inspiring you to live with love, joy, prosperity and ease.

I can’t wait to connect with you soul-hearted people from all over the world online through this new educational platform.

Join us every Monday at 7pm UK time, 8pm Central Europe, 9pm Greece … .

Love and Colourful Wishes
Your Golden Muse xxx
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