New Moon in Aries Women’s Circle


Women have been working with the Moon forever. Now you can too. But be warned; it literally can be life-changing!

So are you ready to change your life? Are you committed? If so, watch this month’s New Moon Women’s Circle Podcast and, then, read on for inspirational ideas and resources shared on the call.

  • [1.01] Welcome from ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse introducing the energies of New Moon in Aries, Fire Energy
  • [10.08] Opening Meditation in Colour PINK: Love and Romance and feedback from circle participants
  • [29.50] Sue Ritchie, Author of Love Your Gut, shares one key way to help nourish our Inner Fire, WATER element
  • [35.00] Gill Barham, Author of The Heart of A Woman, shares one key way to support our Inner Fire, AIR element
  • [40.00] Focus on You – Invitation to join Earth Day Retreat in honour of the Divine Feminine (and Masculine) 22 April
  • [41.00] Crystals for Cleansing
  • [43.00] New content creation and products announcement “Golden Keys To Prosperity”
  • [46.00] Closing Meditation in Colour DEEP ORANGE / Fire Elemental: Feel renewed, reborn and energised
  • [57.00] Feedback and Gratitude

The New Moon in Aries is especially good for:

A quick summary:

You are called to answer your own singular, unique nature and its deeper desires. It reminds us about the responsibility we have to ourselves. Aries concept of PERSONAL INTEGRITY and WHOLENESS is critical theme right now with the New Moon conjoined Venus. An invitation to express the inner WILDNESS .. a flame within us to be kindled … With conscious love and careful tending to our Inner Fire we can allow it to Burn Bright!

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1. Taking action

– so where are you taking action in your life this month? What are you committing to? Remember the New Moon in Aries is a complete restart. What are you starting?

Pink Blossom2. Have some fun! PINK Angel Colour Meditation “Feel Loved and Accepted Just The Way You Are”

– Aries is the child sign of the zodiac – if you’ve been all work and no play lately, this is the time for you to get out there and start to remember how to enjoy yourself. List three things you will do to have more fun..

3. Focus on you – “EARTH DAY RETREAT” Saturday 22 April 2017 hosted by The Golden Muse at Blissland

– most of us give, give, give and that is a good thing, in a way – but we need to look after ourselves as well. List three things you can do to be kinder to yourself this month, to focus on yourself. Retreat, Release, Replenish and BE the message to take on board.

Fire Spray Bottle4. Be courageous – DEEP ORANGE Colour Meditation “Feed Your Inner Fire”

– what do you need to be bold and brave about? What are you scared of? Who is intimidating you that you need to stand up to? What would you do if you had the guts? Write it down and sort it out. On the call

5. Make a 12 month plan

– yes it’s April but it’s the start of the new astrological year and the energies are perfect for making a proper plan which you can stick to.

The beauty of working with the New Moon is that you don’t need to be an astrologer to plan, predict and create your life… no previous astrology knowledge is required.

RESOURCES & PEOPLE mentioned in New Moon in Aries Women’s Circle

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Bridgette Hamilton

Bridgette Hamilton

Bridgette has been a complementary therapist for 20 years. This has given her a deep understanding of our physiology, especially the role our nervous system plays in our behaviour and how we feel in our own skin. She also studied nutrition and diet at the same time and have kept a special interest in it ever since.

10 years ago she got a diploma in hypnotherapy, which rounded out my understanding of how we ‘tick’ even further. Interested in our relationship to food and particularly sugar, and the role it plays in our bodies. Over the last 10 years she has done a large amount of research into the fine balance in out bodies’ ecology, and how to regain that when it becomes out of balance, resulting in addictive urges with food, and especially sugar (processed carbohydrates are also in this category, and they are turned into simple sugars by the body).

“I love helping women uncover simple facts about themselves that empower them to make extremely powerful decisions concerning their food and subsequently their bodies. The simple fact is…we are NOT weak willed, greedy, de-motivated or somehow unable to ‘stick to a diet’…we are simply at the mercy of our body chemistry, and so therefore can gently regain control once we have this understanding about ourselves.

I believe that there is a very simple formula for enjoying  good health, by enjoying foods that enable the body to connect back to its’ own fat burning system. This has a wonderful ‘knock on’ effect of helping women (and men!) to feel wonderfully powerful, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too, leading them to enjoy a strong body and a life free from diets. It is, and always will be, a constant source of pleasure for me to see this understanding unfold for the women I help.”

Connect with Bridgette: The Park Hypnotherapy Centre T: 0115 9781006   m: 07813 462589

Bunmi Aboaba

Dr. Bunmi Aboaba

Bunmi will be one of our guest speakers on April’s NEW MOON circle (Monday 24th)

Find out about Bunmi and crystals on this article here…




constance schaap

Constance Schaap from the Netherlands

Constance is a certified Heart IQ (Heart Intelligence) Coach and is passionate about personal development.

Her life purpose is to help other women to feel the freedom to be authentic, follow their passion and use their talents to create a world of connection, love and harmony.



Gill Barham

Gill Barham, Author of “The Heart of A Woman”.

Gill has a nursing background; but has always embraced a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

She specialises in addressing the health mega-trends of the 21st century and is passionate about supporting others to spread this message worldwide, pledging to help save 1 million lives a year.

Connect with Gill on her website

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