Chakra Meditation for Kids

Chakra Meditation For Kids

Children love learning about and working with the chakras, because the chakras are body-based and are each associated with colours, nature elements, sounds, and visualizations.

In any form of meditation with children, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Children need to move, so let them! Incorporate some movement into part of the meditation.
  • Children’s physical (first chakra), emotional (second chakra), and ego (third chakra) awareness are still developing, so it’s important to keep them grounded. Begin with a strong foundation in the lower chakras before working with the upper chakras.
  • Children enjoy colours, sounds, nature, and visuals. Teens may be able to simply sit in silence, and begin to appreciate this, but most pre-teen children find it stifling. If the goal is for them to embrace meditation as a life-long tool, keep it fun!

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One of my Colour Therapy for Kids workshops is called The Rainbow Tree Guided Chakra Meditation and is suitable for kids aged 7+ and also for adults who want to feel like a kid! I tend to incorporate all of these principles, bringing together the psychology of colour and the use of essential oils as per spritzers in the Colour Mirrors system to help balance each chakra.

Working from the first chakra up to the crown in the classical mode, but shifting from visuals, to sounds, to imagining, to keep it interesting and free. The three lower chakras are done standing, and incorporate some movement, while from the heart up are done sitting down. The entire meditation is a little over 10 minutes, which is the upper limit for most pre-teen children, but you can adapt it yourself to make it longer or shorter. Don’t worry if children are fidgety in parts, that’s all part of the process.

Here’s how the energies of each chakra are cultivated in this meditation:

  • First/Root Chakra / RED / EARTH ELEMENT – Stand firmly on the ground, visualizing yourself as a tree, with strong roots reaching into the earth for stability.
  • Second/Sacral Chakra / ORANGE (COMPLIMENTARY COLOUR BLUE LINKED WITH WATER ELEMENT AND MOVEMENT) – Continue the tree visualization, but place the hands on the lower belly and sway, as if being blown by a gentle wind.
  • Third/Navel Chakra / YELLOW / FIRE ELEMENT – Place the hands over the navel, imagining the sun shining down, filling your belly with heat and light.
  • Fourth/Heart Chakra / GREEN / AIR ELEMENT – Transitioning to sitting down, place your hands over your chest, and visualize a beautiful flower blooming beneath them.
  • Fifth/Throat Chakra BLUE / SOUND – Hold the fingers of your hand over your throat, hum, and feel the vibration in your vocal cords.
  • Sixth/Third Eye Chakra / INDIGO BLUE – Return to the tree visualization, and imagine where you would most like to be a tree (a mountain, a cliff over the ocean, a rainforest, etc.) Imagine the sights and sounds around you.
  • Seventh/Crown Chakra / VIOLET – Briefly visualize light at the top of your head. Then refocus in your heart and navel to return to the middle body, and complete the meditation.

Hope you and the kids in your life enjoy!

For more guidance into chakra balancing through meditation and colour therapy, I offer online courses for parents as well as colour experience one day workshops and 2-day colour coaching workshops in Cheshire UK and worldwide. Just get in touch via email to find out more

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