The Number of Change

5 is a number of change

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 If you look at the sacred geometry of the number 5, you see the top is looking toward the future, and the bottom is facing toward the past. The lower portion of this number is also curved – which isn’t a stable base.

When you see the number 5, you might feel the foundations of your life shifting beneath your feet.

5 is the vibration that breaks up the status quo.

5 is revolutionary. It brings radical changes into your life whether you feel ready or not.

Your soul is ready for a change, even if your ego mind wants things to stay the same.

5 is all about fun!

Are you falling into a rut or routine?

5 is the number that reminds you that life is about enjoying the 5 senses!

Try something different. Meet new people. Have an adventure!

Speak your truth

5 is associated with the 5th chakra – which governs the throat.

5 is also a story-telling number.

Do you have a story that needs to be told? A truth that needs to be revealed? A creation that needs to be birthed?

Express your voice.  It’s time.  You have so much to share.

The Power of triple numbers 555

Whenever you see triple numbers e.g. 111, 333, 777 etc. they have exponential power and it’s a sign from the Universe that you are divinely guided and supported. 

Take a chance on yourself. It’s your time!

Ultimately, 555 angel number is a reminder for you to have fun, be yourself, and live adventurously.

555 Angel Number is preparing you for transformation

The Universe always gives you signs that change needs to happen. You might be thinking about changing jobs, leaving a relationship, moving to a new location, or having an adventure.

Yet, there is that voice in your head that tells you to keep things the way they are. Why change if things are “fine” the way they are?

And yet, your soul is urging you to try something new and take a chance on yourself.

When you see 555, your Angels and Spirit Guides are urging you to take the leap of faith.

If you don’t make changes consciously, the Universe is going to do it for you!

What colour can support your life-changing steps?


Listen to ChriSOULa sharing about May, the 5th month of the year that supports us seeing the bigger picture and seriously consider areas in our lives where change is required.

As already mentioned on this episode on the Health and Healing show, the 5th bottle in the vibrational energy system of Colour Mirrors is associated with colour Green and connected with the planet Mercury. Green is also the colour of the Heart Chakra and a bottle that is usually chosen by my clients when they are ready to embrace a big shift and transformation in their love life or with their business. Ideal when you need to calm your fears, cleanse and balance your Heart chakra reassuring your heart that all is well.

How can you work with the colour therapy bottles?

By indulging yourself in a nourishing and relaxing bath immersed in essential oils and the energy vibration of the particular colour/colours of your chosen bottle. Try it out! Here is some ideas how to best prepare your colour bath ritual experience.


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