How to awaken to the generosity of your spirit, your mind, your body, your being

The subject of GENEROSITY has come up a lot in the LIFE Inspiring Conversations on The Health & Healing Radio Shows over the last six years, in regular interactions on Facebook and Twitter and in my “LOVE YOUR LIGHT” Colour Therapy Consultations and Heart Intelligent Relationship Coaching that I offer privately in my office and in groups online. All fabulous fun!


Unconditionally generous

As I am writing this article, we are in Week 3 of the “Golden Keys To Prosperity”, 7-Week Online Video Class programme. The theme of Generosity is an integral part of it. We use the seven Golden Gaia oils from the Colour Mirrors System and explore and analyse the dual/combination colours and the seven themes attached to each bottle. They provide a colour-coded set of Keys that set us on the golden path to personal awakening and prosperous living. During the video class, we explore questions like the following and we come to see we no longer need to be in control or to impose conditions on our giving or receiving. We come to see that letting go of control is the only path to authentic truth and power:

Where is our generosity tempered by conditions?

Where do we put limits on what or how much we will give or receive?

What do we withhold from others and from ourselves?

Love? Money? Time? Knowledge? Our presence? Our true selves?

How do we do this? Why?

Below you’ll find a description of the third bottle, the third Golden Key in Week 3 looking at generosity and its keynotes: 

  • Expansion
  • True self-acceptance
  • Giving
  • Receiving
  • Dancing
  • Play
  • Fun
  • Joy
  • Abundance
  • Wealth
  • Bliss

bot62Message in a bottle –  Generosity G11 (Pale Coral / Pale Gold)

“The coral is unconditional self acceptance – I am perfect as I am – and the pale gold is our connection to our authentic Divine selves. This combination very powerfully reconnects us to who we really are, Divine Creations – magnificent humans able to joyously dance our reality into being. If you are perfect and perfectly aligned with your Divine self you can create anything, therefore this bottle is all about harvest, abundance, love, joy and generosity. If you can finally see yourself as a part of the Divine’s perfection there is nothing you do not deserve and you can therefore access and generously share all of it. The love that you hold for your precious self is so attractive that it can attract anything and anyone you focus on because you are in alignment with God’s truth for you. This bottle holds the “missing secret”. This is the key to manifesting joyously.” — The Colour Mirrors Energy System

How generous are you with yourself and others?

The coral and gold tones of Generosity shed light on our beliefs about giving. Generosity stops from us withholding. When we withhold we are in the opposite of faith. When we withhold from others, whether it be love, money or time, it is often because we fear there is not enough for us. In this way, we shut down the giving and receiving channels from fear of lack or just plain fear. 

Hard-wired beliefs to overcome …

Have you been told that to give to ourselves is selfishness? “Putting others first” is a well-worn mantra you may have been taken on at a very deep level. Yet if we refuse to give to ourselves, if we withhold from ourselves, our giving to others comes from a depleted cup says Korani in her book “The Language of Light”. What happens when all our giving is to others, when we have not yet learnt the art of receiving …? We set up an imbalance within … we eventually burn out or burning up with resentment and frustration. 

Are you caught up in the deceptive web of “not enough…?”

Ask yourself … why might I be reluctant to receive, when the universe is so willing and ready to give to me? Without genuine self-acceptance, you may consider yourself unworthy of the gifts available to you and be caught up in beliefs of not good enough; not loveable enough; not worthy; All these misconceptions arise very often in childhood. While working with bottle G11 and we are asked now to give and receive, wholly, unconditionally and divinely, our childish wounds are triggered and raised up to the surface to be seen, recognised, held, loved and released. Generosity asks to give up these fictitious beliefs and open to the truth. What do we gain from holding on to these stories? They serve us only to keep us bonded to the victim state, hostage to our worn-out myths. Generosity allows to give and receive in equal measure. In generosity we flow and dance with others. Generosity is the opposite of martyrdom, sacrifice and over-giving. Generosity is not selflessness, it is self-flu-ness, giving fully of ourselves and opening fully to receive.

Generosity opens up the gateway to true self-acceptance. When we claim this, we can claim our I AMness, all the time.

I’d like to complete the theme of generosity at this point (because there is so much to share in another article …) by bringing to your awareness a thought-provoking post written by one of my favourite writers, Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love” and “BIG MAGIC”:

…Generosity is about a spirit of living, not a calculus of: “How much do I have?” Generosity is way of being in the world — a way that says, “I have more than I need, and I will take the overflow of myself and share it with others.” Generosity is not only about money — in fact, it usually isn’t about money at all. Generosity is about ANYTHING that you give of yourself to your fellow man — your time, your love, your patience, your forgiveness, your acceptance, your food, your creativity, your expertise, your grace. To possess a generous spirit has nothing to do with your income. You either have a generous spirit, or you don’t. Some of the poorest people I’ve ever met have humbled me with their generosity. Money may come and go in people’s lives, but a spirit of generosity can last forever. If all we needed in order to be generous was a pile of money, then the mega-rich among us would be the most giving, loving, tender-hearted, magnanimous people on earth…and they aren’t. I mean, some of them are. But many of them are not. I’ve sat in rooms with millionaires who spoke about how hard it is for them to be generous, because they aren’t sure their charitable dollars are actually going “to the right place” — and therefore, they don’t give. They shared horror stories of badly run charities, and ungrateful recipients. In the end, they all seemed to agree that it’s better not to give at all. The only thing I heard behind their conversation were the voices of people who were looking for reasons not to give of themselves to the world…because, deep in their souls, they STILL didn’t believe they had enough to share.

Generosity is not about how much you have; generosity about how much you BELIEVE you have.

And your spirit of generosity — if you are lucky enough to have one — must be protected (even more than your stuff or your status must be protected.) A wise woman once said to me: “Don’t do anything with your beautiful soul that will lessen your ability to be generous.” Don’t deplete your heart, so that you have nothing left to share with others. Don’t degrade yourself, so that you become small and hard. Don’t expend so much energy on striving and hoarding that you forget to give.

Generosity asks, “What are we here for? To increase our stash and our empire and our dominance forever? Or to push our energies outward, toward the broken world?”

Generosity is my favorite virtue. Well, that and curiosity.

My favorite people in the world are the generous and the curious.

But if forced to choose between them, I choose The Generous.

Some brilliant food for thought and more to be explored online on Thursday evenings. Join us anytime as the programme is offered again – so if you miss part of it, the first couple of weeks, let’s say, then you can catch up either by watching the video recordings available in a secret group on Facebook and/or participate for part or the whole of the 7-week programme when it is offered again in the future – for free! How can it be even better than this!?

With colourful blessings,

ChriSOULa – The Golden Muse xxx

Golden Gaias

The 7 Golden Gaia Bottles, part of the 7-week online video class “Golden Keys To Prosperity” run by ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse

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