The Key To Your Power


Rumi Who Am I?

But what does it mean: I AM? Who Am I? What Am I here to do?

To offer our I AM to the universe is to know we are beyond identity, beyond name, beyond appearance and beyond seeming “reality”. By looking deeply at this, you are invited to ask yourselves … The Language of Light — Korani

  • What might we shed?
  • Could we now release fear? Doubt? Judgement? The stories that have run our lives? Identification with labels, beliefs about ourselves.
  • Could I AM be the key to setting ourselves free?

As you walk into your wholeness and completion of pure gold, you come to know and understand Who You Are. You are the creator, joyfully manifesting at every step. You are reconnected with yourself, reconnected with all, reconnected with the language of your soul, reconnected with the Language of Light.


Experiencing a colour therapy bath in the golden energy of this bottle is highly recommended. You can purchase any of the Golden Gaia bottles or any of the Colour Mirrors bottles directly from ChriSOULa by emailing

The golden I AM bottle in the Colour Mirrors System

This bottle is the alchemy of its component parts, the pink and the yellow that mix so fluidly to create gold. Also, one of the Golden Gaia bottles as part of the Golden Keys To Prosperity, 7-week Online Video Class, facilitated by ChriSOULa, The Golden Muse. Pink and Yellow are the colours of rebirth, renewal, re-creation and together they make up the gold of who we are now becoming.

Love’s pink tenderness is added to ego’s strident yellow, turning it, melting it, into our, heart-making gold. The ego is transcended.

I AM calls you to be nothing less that the light you know yourself to be. With power comes responsibility.

In the playful, abundant joy of generosity you played God.

In I AM, you are God, and you know it.

Keynotes of I AM:

  • Creation
  • Alchemy
  • Potential
  • Possibility
  • Identity
  • Power
  • Authenticity
  • Wisdom
  • Beingness
  • Wealth

I AM is the energy we emanate when we know our value and our preciousness and our worth and, in doing so, attract it back to ourselves. I AM is alignment with our soul’s purpose.


I AM is ho’oponopono

the ancient Hawaiian technique meaning “to set things right”. It says we are 100% responsible for everything in our reality – and that means everything – and we can therefore “clean” anything in our reality that does not serve us, that does not ring the truth of our divinity. We have the power to change that we are creating in every moment through our thoughts and feelings.

What does Golden “I AM” offer us?

Cleaning on a deep, cellular level. As we bathe in the golden glow of I AM we are literally cleaning out beliefs, thoughts and memories that no longer fit. Letting go of the stories and making space for the truth of our divinity to find its way into our bodies.

I AM gives us back the key to our power. Male and female unite in Divine harmony within us. Separation dissolves as we become one. I AM.

Golden Addictions

Gold is the colour that brings to the surface our addictions; our addictions to chaos, to control, to dramas and stories and battles and behaviours. Our addictive behaviours keep us feeling that we are actually in control of our lives. However, they end up controlling us. Chances are that we know about our most obvious addictions. With the Golden Key of I AM we allow to unlock the doors and portals of our psyche. Gold turns should into could, must into may. Gold liberates us from control. As we step out of the grip of our addictions, we allow the true colours of our beings to reveal themselves. We allow our I AM to shine forth.

We begin to live our I Amness. We begin to claim our I AM.

With love and colourful blessings,

ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse xxx

P.S. Join us on the 7-Week Online Video Class programme “The Golden Keys To Prosperity” where ChriSOULa explores and analyses 7 keys and themes that help activate, accelerate and amplify your faith, your connection with the male and female energies in you, accessing the truth about your self, your value, your worth and the precious golden power in you whilst unlocking the gateways to abundance of joy and prosperity in your life.

P.P.S. The course is accompanied and enhanced in many enriching ways by the book “The Language of Light” by Korani that you can order online and also by the 7 Golden Gaia coloured bottles in the system of Colour Mirrors that you can order via ChriSOULa and receive in the post wherever you are, helping you to activate and accelerate the golden journey to your self awakening and IAMness.

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