How YELLOW can support us with SAD and Depression?

Colour Therapy Yellow: The Joy Bringer

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How YELLOW can support us with SAD and Depression

As a colour psychology expert I am committed to creating possibilities for people to become aware of the potency and power of colour therapy in holistic health and well-being. Through the online community called Live Holistic Calls, I bring holistic educators together and open this platform to life-curious people who are looking for inspiration and a space where they can connect, share and receive support for their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Every month I invite you to explore one colour and become more clear about its attributes by brining in the wisdom of other disciplines and therapies like numerology, astrology, positive psychology, heart intelligence, flower essences, essential oils, nutrition/food, gut health, including chakra energy healing with colour and sound. You can feel into the essence of the calls and connect with us by choosing to watch replays of the recorded video calls here …>> and/or by registering in advance to join us LIVE on the next call. Find out how here …>>

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In this article Nicola Batt, as my guest blogger, shares her “yellow” journey with colour therapy and the results she has seen with overcoming health issues of  SAD and Depression. I feel real, personal experiences help us resonate so much more and also give us a deeper understanding of how colour energy psychology can offer support to get to the root of the problem in an non-intrusive way. Thank you Nicola for your continuous contribution to the Live Holistic Calls and for saying yes to sharing your inspirational story with yellow, the joy bringer. Over to you …

Nicola’s “yellow journey of her soul …”

“…In my late 20’s I was diagnosed with the condition Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is a winter depression due to the lack of sunlight and our daylight hours becoming shorter. When this ‘clicks in’ I feel unhappy, lethargic, lonely, have no energy or willpower to do anything, and really all I want to do is become a hermit and sleep! Depression creeps up until one day you realise that you no longer feel confident, lack energy to get on with the day and have no passion to create a meaningful life. One’s inner and outer smile is no longer beaming and the twinkle in the eyes has left! This isn’t very helpful with day-to-day living. I had heard about Light Therapy through a friend and I purchased a big light box which projects a similar wavelength to our daylight rays and I found this very helpful in giving me some more light. It helped but didn’t cure my SAD.

Colour Mirrors System

Then a few years ago, I came across Colour Therapy through a system called Colour Mirrors.  This system is a tool that has over 100 scented dual-coloured bottles and essences that help us analyse our issues and support us in healing them. Each colour has a vibration and meaning that when we feel into it, sense it, smell the scent, and let the colour into our cells by bathing in the bottle or spraying the essence around our body supports us in making changes.

The first bottle in the system is No 1. The Sun – I AM (Yellow/Yellow)

bot1TheSunYellow brings sunshine and wellbeing, warmth, energy, confidence and passion. It allows us to see our light within and lets us shine it out. It is our life force; our “I AMness” – our total connectedness to everything. It is linked to our solar plexus the centre of our being where we hold our power. It also reminds us that we are actually light bodies; spiritual beings having a human experience and our body is the vessel that enables us to live on and experience Earth. Contrary to this, yellow illuminates our fears too and I realised I held fears about winter weather – the storms which physically upset my body, the dark hours which can bring out negative thoughts and feelings, loneliness, heaviness, confusion and general fuzziness! Bringing in that much-needed light reflected this to me to enable me to make changes.

How does it work?

yellow_angelSo, on a practical level for several weeks through the winter I would work with the yellow bottle and spritzer. First of all, I had them with me on my desk and by my bed so that I was always reminded of the light. I would sleep with a bottle under my pillow too. Sometimes I would sit and hold the bottles, meditate with them, look deeply into them and feel if they brought me any insights. I would carry the spritzer in my handbag so it was handy if I had a “wobbly moment” away from home. After a while I decided it was time to get the yellow rays into my cells and over a period of about 3 weeks I added a little of the oil into my bath water so that I could soak up all the yellow goodness. Through this “yellow journey of my soul” I came to realise that I no longer felt depressed and heavy, and that life was becoming joyful and sunny again. If I had a momentary “dip” I would use the spritzer and immediately feel brighter.

Colour – a conscious or subconscious choice?

For me yellow is not a colour that compliments my skin so I hardly ever used to wear it. However, I consciously choose to do so and I find that wearing a scarf or shirt makes me feel brighter and more alive. Whenever I look down I can see the yellow and I can feel its energy and vibration on my skin and it reminds me of sunny days. Subconsciously, I often choose to wear purple/violet in the winter and this is the complimentary colour to yellow bringing a sense of polarity. The complimentary colour can show us that we’ve come full circle.

Nicola’s Yellow “Magic” tools

Nowadays, having worked with colour for several years, I can honestly say I no longer live with SAD or depression. If we are having a particularly stormy and dark winter and I feel a little unsettled I have my Yellow “magic” tools to hand and I know I can get through with ease and grace.”


Here is one about OLIVE – The Colour of Hope, Feminine Power and New Beginnings/Growth ..>>

So … How Can Colour Help You?

Colour Mirrors system is used globally by complementary, health and professional practitioners, spiritual teachers and colour therapists for personal and spiritual transformation. Colour Mirrors is a powerful tool that can be used to amplify any form of complementary therapy including Reiki, Reflexology, Counselling, Astrology, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Kinesiology. In business, Colour Mirrors can support the process of attracting clients, staff team building, marketing and corporate well-being. In education, teachers use colours to help build students’ concentration, memory, self-esteem and confidence. 

With Colour Mirrors you can access Colour Therapy in the form of various empowering products and services. Products include Oils and Essences made from natural materials, which can be used in meditation or as aura or room sprays. You can order products directly from the practitioner in your area. Services include Colour Readings, Soul Readings, Chakra Balancing, Introductory and Practitioner colour courses.

Look forward to seeing you on the call and support your LIFE journey with the art and science of colour.

Love. Inspiration. Flow. Expansion.

ChriSOULa Sirigou – The Golden Muse is a certified practitioner of Colour and teacher of the Colour Mirrors Practitioners’ courses in the UK and Greece. Equally, an experienced radio broadcaster of a weekly show “Health and Healing” on RedShift Radio. You can listen in LIVE online every Thursday 2pm-4pm UK time and you can also share your light and book your interview with Chrisoula by connecting on Facebook, Twitter or visit

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