Manifesting with colour

Do you see a rainbow as a sign of alignment that the Universe is giving you a message? If you do, it’s more than likely you are a person that allows your soul to be nourished by colour.

rainbow manifesting with colour

We live in an ‘ocean of motion’ according to Albert Einstein and many scientists confirming after him. Absolutely everything in this beautiful Universe is vibrating at a certain frequency and attracting the predominant energy of that offering. To put it very simply, if you FEEL joyful, you will attract joy. Many of the desires we have can correlate to a particular colour. For instance, as spiritual beings the chakras (or energy centres) within our etheric body range in colours and represent a different aspect to our entire body/mind/spirit complex.


Manifesting with Colour Red

  • Positive Aspects of Red: Go-getter, Assertive, Energetic, Giving, Physical Energy, Wealth, Passion and Appetite for Life

  • Negative (what it will heal) Aspects of Red: Angry, Aggressive, Tired/no life force, Lack of Money, Sacrifice, Pain, Struggle

  • The Root/Base Chakra is associated with red and the first spiritual principle

“Judge Nothing, Respect Everything.”

According to Melissie Jolly, the founder of the Colour Mirrors Energy System, the first spiritual principle is all to do with the judgements we hold and experience in our lives. We know that everything is a mirror and we attract what we judge. Our judgements allow us to see our subconscious patterns played out in the mirroring behaviours of people and events around us. Nothing exists outside of us. Nothing exists that is not for our highest good. Everything and everyone is a teacher.

Anger is an emotion that gets locked in our cells by judgement and it is one we will have to keep “doing over” if we do not let it go. We invite the same situations, events and people back into our lives again and again until we “get it”.

Where do judgements come from?

Our judgements are our tribal teaching and sit in our base chakra. Judging is what we do with people  “not like us”. We judge everything outside our tribe because judgement is based on fear so anything outside our house and our family and our safe space is the thing we fear and therefore the thing we judge and the thing we see as “other”, as separate from us.


Colour Mirrors Base Chakra Bottle C1 (Coral/Red)

Seeing the judgement mirrored to us from the reflection of our reality around us, is the key to understanding our base chakra issues.

Colour Mirrors Bottle C1 works specifically on where our body holds issues of anger, suppressed anger, lack of energy, base chakra issues such as survival fears. It is also likely to bring up the things we judge and it will help us clear them.

This principle of “Judge Nothing, Respect Everything” is discussed and analysed in more depth with participants at the Expansion Through Colour Day and Weekend Workshops and even further at Colour Practitioner’s Training Courses that are taught by ChriSOULa.

You can find out more about the energy and psychology of colour red on the Video Podcasts, hosted by Chrisoula Sirigou and recorded live online episodes dedicated to RED Passion and Power, on Facebook and YouTube channel.

Colourful Blessings,

ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse xxx

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