Mining for Gold

Mining for Gold … Mining for inner golden power.

In the world of Energy Psychology, the colour Gold is about deep transformation and shifting – taking base metal and turning it into precious metal. This is Alchemy – the process of turning lead to gold, base metal to precious metal. The process of extracting gold from the ore. In the same way, it indicates the process of tempering through which we go to lift our base selves to our spiritual selves, digging deep to find the “preciousness” of ourselves and, in doing so, step by step, we embrace our true value and our authentic self.

Gold tree of prosperity

Gold Tree of Prosperity

How is Colour Gold created?

3 fractions of Yellow and 1 fraction of Red.

Aromatherapy / Essential oils used: Ylang-Ylang, Sweet Orange

Complimentary Colour: Indigo

Psychology of Gold: Transformation, Alchemy, Value, I Am, Authentic Power, Wisdom

What are its positive aspects?

  • Gold links us to our “I AMness” and instantly hooks us up to unlimited energy and information
  • Gold connects with our Authentic Power
  • Gold relates to Wisdom as opposed to learned information.
  • Purpose, Abundance, Trust, Joy

What will Gold heal? (negative aspects)

  • Addictions
  • Eating Disorders
  • Low self esteem
  • Phobias
  • Abuse of Power
  • Confusion
  • Fear expressed as anger
  • Family disputes
  • Judgemental
  • Egotistical

Physically Gold relates to: 

Digestive area, skin, kidneys, nervous system and spinal issues

Past Lives in Gold

Gold relates to Egypt and solar civilisations, the Mayans and the Incas.

Mining for Gold

GoldenMusicNotesBackgroundPreviewGold is in and of the Earth. We are indeed mining for gold to discover its value and preciousness, as we each mine our own gold to discover the brilliance that lies within us.

Gold. God with an L for love in it. The colour that surrounds the solar plexus and the colour of the halos. This is where we find an absolute true connection to the source.

… all the time what we were looking for was not kept in the depths of the earth waiting to be mined, but in the depths of ourselves, waiting to be mined. And waiting, to be claimed as MINE. I am what I am is the only thing I really possess and when I have that totally integrated in my cells, that is all I ever will need, as then the gold inside will be perfectly mined.

… The gold is very hard to mine and it then has to be melted and treated before its value really appears. So often, to access the gold within, we also have to go through huge painful processes, but always at the end of the process we can claim more of our true value and live our lives from a point of true power.

Gold has got Pink added to yellow to bring love into fear and confusion. Love creates the potential of a golden age of abundance, prosperity and joy: experiencing Heaven on Earth.” – - Melissie Jolly, Founder of the Colour Mirrors System.

In the Golden Keys To Prosperity, a 7-week online video class programme, we spend a week with each Key, letting their messages speak to us, allowing them to unlock what is already within us and finding that they take us through gateways and portals to previously unexplored dimensions. We find that gold is an enabler, an accelerant, an activator. We discover that gold itself is a Key.

What is Gold?

Gold is sunshine, preciousness, value, worth, wealth and beauty

Gold is bright, lustrous, dazzling, glowing and sparkling

Gold is blissful, joyous, flourishing, prosperous, thriving and blessed

Gold is radiance

Gold is brilliance

Gold is alchemy

Gold clears and strengthens our aura

Gold assists us in manifesting abundantly and elevates our sense of personal power

Gold, like the golden stone citrine, cannot hold to negative vibrations. It simply disperses and dissolves them.

Gold is an amplifier. It magnifies wherever we already are, so if we are proclaiming ourselves as victims, our victimhood will be amplified. If we are ready to engage with our power, it will assist us in doing so. Wherever we are at, it meets us and mirrors us and shows us very clearly to ourselves. It also offers us new pathways, should we desire to take them.

Gold offers us to ourselves in its mirror. It reflects to us the truth of our light and divinity and it also holds up for us the places where we feel the need to control. Connecting with gold we become aware of authenticity, truth and power; we notice how and where we manifest in our lives. (From the book “The Language of Light” by Korani).

Holistic LIFE Calls

If you feel drawn to Colour Energy and the frequency of colour Gold, which is the frequency of wealth, join us on Monday evenings, 7PM UK time for Free Weekly Holistic Calls focussing each month on a different colour. In July Chrisoula, The Golden Muse, Colour Mirrors System certified practitioner and teacher, explores and analyses the beauty and depth of Gold and its meaning to create transformation and open up pathways to prosperous and joyous living.


G9 is the first Golden Key in the 7-week online Divine Wealth video class and the theme is “Faith”.

If you are looking to invest in a deeper cleansing, healing, shifting and activating the prosperity portals for you and the people in your family and community, join us on the  7-Week Online Video Class “Golden Keys To Prosperity”.

Find out more about what is covered and how to book your place either online or via BACS or International payment. You can join us anytime as all the recordings will be available to you to watch back and connect with the teachings and meditations and other inner awareness work through a secret Facebook page.

Colourful Blessings,

ChriSOULa — The Golden Muse xxx

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