An A-to-Z Guide to Greece

An A-to-Z Guide to Greece Podcast Show

New Podcasting Series and Online Community with ChriSOULa Sirigou

Guide to Greece with Chrisoula Sirigou

A social, educational and fun-loving broadcasting and gathering on-line, hosted by ChriSOULa Sirigou, The Golden Muse, a Greek native originally from Athens, a qualified and experienced teacher of languages and founder of EXPLORAMA.Our first series of An A-to-Z Guide to Greece Podcast Show will offer you opportunities to explore the Islands, the History, the People, the Mountains and the Greek spirit of Hospitality. Each episode transports you and feeds your senses with the beauty, culture and gastronomy of Greece. Through your connection with like-minded explorers, you can also share your experiences and express your interest in receiving Greek language lessons online.More information will become available on our Facebook page @Exploramaeu in advance is required in order to book your place. Those of you who will be joining in LIVE, you’re up for a real treat and some bonuses will be offered as a Thank You in the form of yummy recipes, informative blog articles and invitations to join other online Greek Socials. You need to stay tuned until the end of the first introductory episode for you to be qualified for these bonuses.In case you cannot join us live, the presentation will be recorded and will become available to listen / watch following the live session.

*** Note from your host ChriSOULa

chrisoula in rainbow circleLike another Odysseus, my passion for my homeland has grown year after year away from home. Expat living and teacher of languages, meant continuing passing on knowledge about the history and culture of my country. So, I turned to creating after school clubs at the secondary school I was teaching and offering to young teenage enthusiasts educational trips to Greece. Through my research about my country in order to pass this knowledge to my students of all ages, I came to realise and appreciate my homeland more. Later on, the idea of organising Greek Socials came along with Grecophiles tasting authentic Greek food and inspiring them to explore the real Greece … MY Greece!

Guide to Greece Explore the Soul of Greece
Introductory episode of An A-to-Z- Guide to Greece is available on Soundcloud (and on other platforms soon).
Next LIVE broadcasting with Grecophiles joining in
Saturday 6/3/2021 at 5pm UK
ChriSOULa and Explorama Greece team
A to Z Guide to Greece (image delphi)

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