What dolphins teach us?

What dolphins teach us …

One of the fundamental teachings that dolphins remind us of is how to be gentle, loving, supportive and playful, following their joy and flow at all times. Finding pleasure in being in the moment and in little things in LIFE is what can bring us joy, fun and play into our lives. It is one of the key ingredients to lighten up. In the run-up to Christmas, with pressure to plan ahead, perform and please, you may find that living in the moment does not come with ease


So here is a kind message from the dolphins that may help to remind you to appreciate the present moment and not to get stressed how to please others. Just be you is the greatest gift of all. Coming together to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and communicating feelings of gratitude with no expectations attached is what makes us feel light and joyful:

Dolphins remind us to live each moment joyfully, opening to the immense love available to us from every living thing. Dolphins are masters of communication and will show us how to communicate beyond the limitations of our senses if we open to receive their messages. They live together in loving union, harmony and oneness, teaching us to do the same. – message taken from Colour Mirrors essence “dolphin” 
Colour Mirrors SpritzersWhat is Colour Mirrors? 
Over the last two years I have been fortunate to work with Colour Mirrors, an educational system that provides tools and guidance through the vibrations and insights of colours. Are you open and ready to receive support and experience a real transformation and expansion in your life? You may choose to focus on a particular area that affects you, your relationships, your prosperity and your emotional, psychological, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Colour works in a holistic way and reveals information about yourself that you may already aware of but haven’t felt confident in believing in you. 
How does it work?
Each colour bottle you are attracted to and choose is a mirror of who you are and creates awareness of your positive aspects as well as any limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns linked with a particular stage in your life and as a result of a traumatic experience in your childhood, or as an adult that unconsciously decided to ignore or deny because it was too painful to handle. But in doing so you have given your power away, not consciously though. And this is what I mostly wish to help with to become aware how you can regain your power and trust your own abilities and unique gifts you have in you.

bot79For example - one of my clients came to see me with no prior knowledge about the colour mirrors system. After they ware asked to look at the bottles in front of them and taking a moment, they were drawn to colour Turquoise which teaches how to embrace our emotions and be more in the flow of life. Their immediate response was that they have been struggling with opening up and expressing feelings, a tendency of theirs to keep everything inside…and not letting others in. This can lead to a lack of communication with others, feeling isolated, frustrated, helpless … to the point of having a physical manifestation and experiencing panic or anxiety attacks, not being able to breathe, sleep deprivation, stomach disorders and other symptoms.

How do I help you? 
With my “translation” analysis techniques, you are offered guidance to help you understand yourself better, offering clarity into a situation by identifying and appreciating more your inner strengths, gifts and qualities. Equally, the colour bottles you are drawn to and the analysis of colours can help you identify and become more conscious of what holds you back in life, how you can sabotage yourself unconsciously and what blockages can be opened up and stagnated emotions can be released to get you free. As a result, these insights give you more confidence and empower you to make the next step towards a more joyous, creative, prosperous and peaceful life for yourself and with your family, relationships, career opportunities and dreams

What next?
I very much look forward to continuing my journeyin 2016 as a Teacher of the Language and Psychology of Colour and am really excited to offer:

If you are curious to know more and feel drawn to experience a Colour Mirrors reading analysis, I would like to encourage to say yes to your gut feeling and follow your intuition. Contact me via email to book your colour experiential session as a gift to you. And/Or you may purchase a gift voucher for a person you deeply care for.

In the run-up to Christmas, repeat this mantra: 
“Remember, you are a human being, not a human doing.”
Slow down and Be.

Love and Colourful Blessings
Chrisoula — The Golden Muse xxx

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