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7 of the Best Things to do in Athens – beyond climbing the Acropolis Beyond the well-known cultural attractions, here’s a round up of seven of the recommended “GreekTreats” to do in Athens, that will get you in touch with the modern side of the city. VISIT THE NEW ACROPOLIS MUSEUM Throw yourself completely into the […]

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Exploring Cyclades

EXPLORING CYCLADES WITH CHRISOULA SIRIGOU The Cyclades are a group of islands of varying sizes over the deep blue waters of the Aegean. Some of them are well-known, while others remain little known and scarcely figure on the tourist scene. In my opinion, an ideal destination for explorers of the most varied tastes. LOCATION A […]

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Tribute to The Sacred Triangle

It is very exciting to share with you our intention to pay tribute to graceful and healing sanctuaries built by the Ancient Greeks in selected, sacred spaces through the Athens GreekTreat™ Experience in the coastal capital of Greece, exploring the city of Gods and Goddesses and retreating with women explorers by the Aegean sea. Bliss! You are […]

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